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List of UGC Approved Journal

UGC approved journal list in 2020

UGC approved journals are available in a database and our team will offer the list of UGC approved journal list 2019-2020 and also UGC approved journal with low cost. UGC approved journal list 2020 contains 38,652 journals totally that are cited in Scopus, Web of Science and ICI. Almost, UGC approved journals contains almost all the domains such as UGC approved journal list in mathematics, UGC journal list in Computer science, UGC journal for management, UGC journal for mechanical engineering, UGC journal for electrical engineering and more. The journals enclosed in a chosen indexing as well as abstracting services are also added to the UGC approved Journals list of 2020. We promote the great options to publish your paper in the UGC approved journals at low price. UGC has free/paid journals of 2020. UGC promote almost all domains journals with the proper publication guidelines offered by the journal committee.

Outline of UGC approved journals search

step 1

Get into the web page

Connect via

step 2

You will be notified with the categories

Categories will be named as Group A, Group B, Group C, Group D.

step 3

Select the proper group

Select the selection option

step 4

Enter the journal name

You will be notified with the result of the given journal

Fast and easy UGC approved journal in 2020

The UGC list of Journals is a dynamic list which is revised from time to time. Firstly, the list entails only journals included in Scopus, Web of Science, and Indian Citation Index. The journal list was extended to comprise recommendations from the educational society. The UGC web portal was opened two times annually for universities in 2020.

UGC approved journals with low publication charges

Time for UGC Publication

UGC with Scopus – 10 to 15 days

UGC with SCI – 50 to 60 days

Only UGC Approved – 3 to 5 Days

UGC Price


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What We Need For UGC Publication?

  • Plagiarism should be <10
  • Paper should be Novelty
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How to check the UGC approved journals

  • Recently UGC journal list have been replaced as UGC care list from the time of June 2019.
  • Initially aspirants can check out the information in the above given web address, but now it is replaced by the new web address of
  • Select the appropriate category based on your requirements.
  • Go to the home page and select search UGC care list option. And you have to register yourself. And create your own password and submit.
  • As we mentioned earlier, select the category. For the group B, C, And D only you can search the journals and click the search option.
  • Select the selection criteria and go with the search option.
  • Enter the journal name, title, ISSN or a subject field and go with the search option.
  • You will be notified with the journal details whether it is indexed or not.
UGC approved journal list 2019-2020 UGC approved journal publication in India

Finally, the committee of UGC journal has removed poor quality, predatory, questionable journals from the UGC journal list between 25th May 2017 and 19th September 2017. And now, UGC has prepared the new list of approved journal list in the year of 2019-2020. This is a continuing process of UGC and the Committee is completely responsible for screening all the journals suggested by the universities and also those listed in the ICI.

UGC is highly careful towards the new journal list of 2019-2020. Based on careful investigation and careful study process, during the time of 2nd May, 2019, in India approximately 4,305 journals were removed from the current UGC-Approved List for the reason of poor quality and incorrect or inadequate data and also false claims. It is due to the reason of insufficient data for instance information of editorial panel, indexing information, year of its initiation, occurrence and promptness of its publication plan, etc.

UGC journal publication site details

Aspires can go to the official web page to reach the official site of UGC and get into the publication process. The websites will give you the complete postal addresses, e-mail addresses of chief editor and editors. Certain journals recommended by universities that may not be available in the website because of the inadequate information provided by the journals, that journal list may be dropped from the approved list as of now.

UGC approved international journal publication

The UGC-approved List of Journals is important for recruitment process, support and career progression in many universities but it is highly considered in many institutions for the higher education. As such, it is the responsibility of UGC committee to curate its list of approved journals and to make sure that it entails only high-quality journals.

How HIGS will guide you in the UGC journal publication?

UGC approved journal list

Free UGC journal list new

However, from this current year onwards, every new suggestions of journal given by the respected universities will be reviewed under the administration of UGC Standing Committee on Notification of Journals to determine that only good-quality journals, with correct publication information, will be indexed in the UGC-approved List.

The UGC will involve in the clarification of about 4,305 journals which have been removed on 2nd May, 2019 were UGC-approved journals till that date. The entire journals may be taken for re-inclusion when they complete this basic criterion and are re-recommended by the colleges.

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UGC care list

The published or else recognized articles on 2nd May 2019 by the applicant for recruitment or in promotions may be considered and given points consequently by the respected universities. The educational community will realize that in its endeavor to curate the list of UGC approved journals, UGC will augment the journals with high-quality, peer-reviewed journals. Such a dynamic list of UGC will be beneficial to all.

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