Image Processing Research papers

What is image processing?

Image Processing Research Papers mainly focuses on signal-processing and it deals with the image processing, imaging systems, and image scanning, and more. This research paper is mainly deals with the use of digital computer to process digital images through an algorithm.

Image processing is the way of converting an image into a digital aspect and carry out certain functions on it. To get a highly enhanced image, or for extracting some useful information from it, image processing is highly useful.

Normally, the image processing method includes treating images as 2 equal symbols while using the set methodologies.

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Image processing or a digital image processing is the process of turning an image into a digital format and applying specific operations on it in order to extract some relevant information.

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In today’s world, image processing is one of the fastest-growing fields. Basically, image processing involves the following 3 steps. They are:

  • Importing an image with an optical scanner or digital photography
  • Analysis and image management that includes data compression and image enhancement and visual recognition patterns like satellite imagery.
  • Image processing involves the final stage when the result can be converted to an image or report on the basis of image analysis.

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Libraries involved in image processing

Here we have given some libraries that are highly involving in performing image processing in python. They are as follows:

  • OpenCV
  • SimpleITK
  • Pillow
  • Scikit-image
  • Matplotlib
  • Mahotas
  • SciPy

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Why do we need image processing?


Image processing is often regarded as improperly exploiting an image for achieving a level of perfection or to support a popular reality. However, image processing is accurately defined as a meaning of translation between a human viewing system and digital imaging devices.

Image processing is mainly involving in the following 3 steps. They are:

  • a)Importing an image with image detection tools
  • b)Exploring and manipulating an image
  • c)An outcome where it can be improved or reported
  • Here we have given some of the reasons why image processing is so important in computer applications.

  • Image improvement for human perception to improve subjective image quality.
  • Image improvement for machine perception aims to simplify the subsequent image analysis and recognition.
  • Image transformation for technical needs for changing image resolutions and aspect ratio for displaying on mobile devices.
  • It is highly involving in pure entertainment. It aims to get an artistic impression from the cool visual effect.

PhD in Image processing


A PhD in image processing is an in-depth research project on an academic topic that is focused and yet highly specialized.

Image processing will be creating a big impact on this digital world. This has its deep root in most of the research areas. Application areas:

  • Robotic vision
  • Cyber security
  • Medical Image Processing
  • Remote sensing
  • Pattern analysis
  • Digital forensics

Recent trendy research topics in image processing

  • Captured vehicle Image Surveillance
  • Landslide and radio monitoring
  • Pedestrian Detection and Distance prediction
  • Automatic disease symptoms detection
  • Deforestation analysis system
  • Lung/Breast/Brain tumor detection
  • EEG based autism spectrum disorder diagnosis
  • Low-resolution video surveillance
  • Analyzing Human behaviors in smart classroom

PhD in Image processing in Indian Universities

  • Allahabad University
  • Assam University
  • BITS, Pilani University
  • Christ University
  • Dravidan University
  • Central University of Rajasthan
  • Karnatak University
  • Gauhati university
  • Goa University
  • JMI University
  • Mangalore University
  • Awadhesh Pratap Singh University
image processing university

Disadvantages of Image processing

  • The initial cost can be high depends upon the system used
  • The chance of copyright risk is more
  • Battery consumption
  • Photo file management difficulties
  • High computer skills required
  • Too many functions
  • Display screen glare

Advantages of Image processing

  • The processing of the image is faster and most cost-effective
  • In digital image processing, instantly one can predict that the image is looking good or bad.
  • By changing the image format and resolution, the image can be utilized in a number of media.

Future scope of image processing

  • It is having a high level of demand in future image processing technology
  • In agricultural landscape
  • Biomedical and other healthcare applications
  • Disaster management