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A PhD proposal is an outline of your proposed research project that is anticipated to explain a clear query and move toward to answering it. Here we have given the PhD research proposal sample for your referral. Your PhD research proposal for your PhD admission should give the entire details about your area of research.

Research proposal writing services in India

A PhD research proposal is a complete document presenting complete research work, normally in the kind of scientific terms and commonly comprises a demand for support and sponsorship for the research. PhD research proposals are assessed by the costs and potential crash of the proposed research and on the reliability of the proposed work for executing it out. PhD Research proposals commonly address multiple key points.

Confused about the kinds of PhD research proposals? Here you go

There are numerous forms of Research proposals are available, they are as follows.

Unwanted Proposals

Research proposals may be appealed and submitted in response to demand with particular necessities likely, a demand for the proposal or it may be an unwanted proposal, and it means that it is submitted without a prior request.


Other form of proposals named, “pre-proposals”, in this type, huge terms of abstract or a requesting letter is submitted for a review. It will be submitted previous to the submission of a complete proposal.

Continuation proposals

And the next type is continuation proposals. This is known as the funding proposal and a re-iterate of an original proposal and also it’s a renewal proposal. And this kind of proposal always seeks continuous sponsorship for a research work which would otherwise be terminated due to the lack of sponsorship.

Research proposal structure

PhD research proposals are commonly presented as a section of the early necessities of thesis writing or a research paper or a dissertation. This type of research proposal generally follows the normal format of a research paper with terms of following categories such as,

  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Discussion
  • Research methodology
  • Conclusion
  • Reference

These basic structures of a research proposal could vary relied on the research projects and relied on the research topics.

research proposal writing

Want to know how to write the research proposal outline

Here, we have given several common tips to be followed while writing the PhD

Abstract for the research proposal

The abstract is a short review of your entire research proposal; normally it ranges from 100 to 200 words. It should give the outline of the research proposal’s main headings and topics and the research question, academic framework, research plan, sample technique, instrumentation, and data and analysis techniques must be clearly pointed out. A good and professional abstract must give the content for the research proposal, whereas it must be readable, and concise.

General Introduction

In the section of the introduction, you should explain the cause of your research and the issue at the back of the research topic and the significance of the research.

  • Describe about the domain and field of study clearly.
  • Explain about the consequence of the research topic and future scope.

Literature review

A description about the previous researches and the hypothesis which has followed earlier must be included clearly. And comprise a little description regarding your recent studies.

  • Explain and summarize your current research and give the clear view about your research topic.
  • Explain about the various critical studies that have studied earlier in this field. And explain why the background studies are insufficient.
  • And denote the question in the terms of ‘Wh’ and explain what and how your research will assist you to resolve the research issue.


A description of the question you are investigating and list out the particular question you are looking at.

  • List out the particular questions that you are explaining.
  • Describe the hypothesis, claim, and the concept of the research.

Method and design

Provide a short description about how you will gather the data for your research. And explain about the complete procedure that you are going through for your entire research.

  • Explain the process of data collection and explain how you are collecting the data.
  • Explain clearly in what way the method of data collection is useful for the entire research.
  • Give the details about the participants of the data collection.
  • Explain about the controls you are using in your research
  • Describe the factors of your research

Significance and conclusion

In this part, you can discuss generally. And discuss about the former research procedure and explain in what way your research will help for the future studies.


Include all the reference.

The best research proposal writing service in India

If you are doing for academic research, you should present your research proposal in a professional fashion. A research proposal must elucidate the objective of your research and also it must highlight the entire research procedures and technique. Your methods and procedures must be imperative and must make your proposal imperative for the approval. Go through several kinds of research proposal template to improve your project.

Importance of research proposals in PhD research The proposal has to aid you with the recognition of the following
  • Most of the PhD students whoever goes for a PhD research do not completely understand the concept of a research proposal. A highly professional research proposal not only gives the success of your PhD research but also give a great impression for the thesis jury.
  • Generally, the research proposal must have all the details about the research.
  • The research proposal must give a logical and short outline of the intended and aimed research problem.
  • A research proposal is a file of caring usually ten to fifteen pages that gives details about a proposed research work. A reason to write the research proposal is that it can keep the researcher’s time in the long run.
  • • Proposals should be useful and convincing writing for the reason that they need to induce the reader and researcher to do something.
  • The student’s proposed area of research and the uniqueness of that research work.
  • Sufficient properties for the project.
  • The student’s capability to put up and communicate a reasoned part of writing.
  • First page –Topic of the research; research person's name; name of institution or an organization where the researcher belongs to, name of the supervisor, co-supervisor, date, etc
  • During the selection of the title, the subsequent points should be taken care of
  • Reflect the topic of the research, be self-explanatory, be brief in your language and your language should be effortless and unmistakable and it must be detailed to the challenging domain.

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  • The difficulty of the research: Give a concise statement
  • Background of your research: Create a common ground of understanding.
  • Literature review: Enter into the intellectual discussion.
  • Aim: Preliminary arguments.
  • Methods and design of research: How the research will be conducted and the procedure of your research.
  • Conclusion
A research project or thesis must take at least two semesters to complete and the research proposal should talk about the difficulty of the research, objectives, research methodology, research procedures, and a time schedule. And it must contain about 2-5 pages.
  • Background of the study
  • Research Statement.
  • Aim of the investigation.
  • Importance of the investigation.
  • Limitation of the research.
  • Explanation of the research terms.
  • Literature Review.
  • Methodology.
The proposal must contain 3 pages and each and every field has a diverse plan for the research proposal. You should follow the plan that is regular for your field of research and that your faculty members also prefer.

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