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Research proposal writing

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A research proposal exhibits the complete plan of a research project. It demonstrates the specific areas of research, states the purpose, and scope, and outlines the goals and objectives of the project, the research methods that will be used, the expected results and the expected timeline of the project. It also estimates the financial requirements and limitations of the study. The proposal should also include a summary of the expected conclusions and recommendations. It should justify acceptance as contributing to the existing knowledge in the field of study. It should suggest the data necessary for solving the problem associated with the project and how data will be gathered, treated and interpreted. Finally, it should include a bibliography of relevant sources.



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What do we include in your research proposal?

One of the most important formats we need to take into account while writing your research proposal is “FORMAT OF RESEARCH PROPOSAL”. This perfect structure of research proposal is offered by our research experts at HIGS. Our typical format of a research proposal is as follows.


Our Working Process

  • Consultation

    We discuss your research goals, objectives, and requirements. This consultation helps us understand your unique needs.

  • Research and Planning

    Our experts conduct in-depth research to develop a strong foundation for your proposal. We plan the structure, methodology, and key elements.

  • Proposal Writing

    Our expert writers craft your proposal, ensuring it adheres to the highest standards of academic writing, clarity, and persuasiveness.

  • Editing and Proofreading

    Every proposal undergoes rigorous editing and proofreading to eliminate errors and ensure polished, professional content.

  • Client Feedback

    We value your input and encourage feedback at every stage of the process, making revisions as needed to meet your expectations.

  • Final Delivery

    Once you are satisfied with the proposal, we deliver the final document, ready for submission.


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  • 1. Title & Abstract
  • 2. Introduction & Background
  • 3. Research Question
  • 4. Literature review
  • 5. Methodology
  • 6. Timeline
  • 7. References & Appendix

Format of a research paper

1️ | Title & Abstract

The subject of the proposed study must be clear &concise. In this section, the main points must be outlined. The topic, goal, technique, and time frame must be included in the abstract portion.

2 | Introduction & background

The introduction part sets the clear tone for what follows in your research proposal. At this point, you must understand the central research problem. Clearly state the research problem and include more explanation about the purpose of the study.

3 | Research question

Your research question must state the specific issue or the problem of the research that you are going to focus on.The research question must not be too broad and too narrow.

4 | Literature review

Your literature review part of the research proposal must have a comprehensive review of that subject. It will provide an overview of current knowledge, allowing you to find out the relevant theories, methodologies, and gaps in the existing research.

5 | Methodology

You should clearly explainthe methodological approach. You can start introducing your methodology section by introducing the overall approach of your research. You can evaluate and justify the methodological choices you have made.

6 | Timeline

In this section, you must include the starting and ending dates of your project. Do not stuff too many events because it will make your timeline difficult to read. You can provide a range of time for the completion of the research work.

7 | References & Appendix

In this section, it must contain materials and references. It must be in a detailed manner. You can focus on the relevant and most recent reference part of your research proposal. Your appendix part must also have mathematical proofs, the questionnaire used in the research, and a detailed description of an apparatus used in the research.

Why Choose HIGS for Your Research Proposal Needs?

1 Expertise in Diverse Fields

Our team consists of experienced writers and researchers from various academic backgrounds, ensuring that we can assist you with research proposals in fields ranging from science and technology to humanities and social sciences.

2 Customized Solutions

We recognize that each research proposal is unique. Our approach is highly personalized, allowing us to tailor our services to match your specific research goals and objectives.

3 In-depth Research

Our researchers conduct thorough investigations to gather relevant literature, methodologies, and supporting data to strengthen your proposal's credibility.

4 Clear and Concise Writing

We take pride in our ability to communicate complex ideas clearly and concisely, ensuring that your research proposal is compelling and easy for reviewers to understand.

5 Adherence to Guidelines

Whether you are following institutional, governmental, or funding agency guidelines, we guarantee that your proposal will meet all requirements.

6Timely Delivery

We understand the importance of deadlines in the world of research. Rest assured, we will deliver your research proposal on time, allowing you to meet submission deadlines without stress.

What are all the qualities of a good research proposal?

  • A well-stated definition of the research problem
  • A clearly stated proposal to solve the problem
  • A clear understanding of the experimental design from previous studies
  • Completely read and understand the suggestions of the future research part of scientific articles.
  • Your proposal must include a concise statement of your intended research.


  • Deadline for the submission was not met.
  • Fail to keep up domain adherence
  • Unclear research proposal
  • The proposed method of the research study was unfit for the purpose of the research.
  • The quality of writing was poor.
  • Guidelines not followed
  • Incomplete research proposal
  • Proposal with weak methodology
  • Poorly written literature review
  • Proposal deadline not met
  • Proposal doesn’t meet priorities
  • The proposal doesn’t have an impact
  • The research idea is not good enough
  • Lack of research evidence
  • Plagiarism


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We fill up the gap in the prevailing body of research on their subject

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Underscoring prevailing research on their subject

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Adding new, original knowledge to the existing understanding of the subject.

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