Presenting a paper at a conference is a great opportunity for increasing your professional stature in your field and gaining valuable feedback from a community of scholars. Although conference papers have a broad identical framework to journal papers, there are only a limited number of pages because of the conventions of the conference. Papers published at the conference proceedings are usually distributed in electronic volumes. While writing a conference paper you need to consider the structure and flow of your conference paper. At HIGS we guide you perfectly on how to write a conference paper and give you an example of a conference paper.

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What is a Conference paper?

A conference paper is an academic paper that is presented at a conference. Conference papers are brief, authentic documents with a limited number of pages which express the research investigation and its findings. Any paper presented at a conference may be published as part of the conference proceedings. The rejected paper will not be selected for the conference.

As a part of the conference, the written document is also presented orally during the conference. The data covered in the conference paper should be in coherence with the oral presentation given by the researcher. The format of a conference paper may vary at a particular conference. Prior to the presentation, either the paper’s abstract or full manuscript should be submitted to the conference committee for the review process and subsequent approval for presentation.

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Format Of A Conference Paper

Unlike a research paper, the format of a conference paper varies for each conference. Most of the time, the conference organising committees will set specific guidelines for researchers to follow in their submissions. These guidelines will include the preferred file type, font type and size, spacing, page number usage, page limitation, the length of the abstract, the reference format, and more. A conference paper should proceed logically from abstract to conclusions.

Structure Of Conference Paper

HIGS ensure the following sections in a conference paper

  • 1.Title
  • 2.Abstract
  • 3.Introduction
  • 4.Objective
  • 5.Research Methodology
  • 6.Result/Findings
  • 7.Discussion of Findings
  • 8.Recommendations
  • 9.Implications
  • 10.Conclusions
  • 11.Acknowledgements
  • 12.References
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    Importance Of Conference Papers

    • Conference papers determine the participation of the researcher in the conference.
    • A conference paper reflects the subject knowledge, research skills, and grip over data research.
    • Conference paper can serve as a stepping stone for introducing you as a well-renowned researcher among the academic fraternity.
    • Conference papers can be an effective way to try out new ideas, and introduce your work to a community of scholars.
    • A conference paper can also find its way into high-impact journals or magazines when drafted and presented perfectly.
    • Conference papers serve as citations and references for other academic papers.
    • The conference paper is usually about findings and ideas for how to improve the knowledge rather than giving accurate solutions.
    • The participants get valuable information from other researcher’s views and are able to know different angles of problem-solving.
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