What Is Python - IDLE?

Python IDLE is an integrated development environment (IDE) that serves as a comprehensive tool for Python programming. Python IDLE offers a feature-rich text editor to create, modify and execute Python scripts from within this program. IDLE can be used to execute a single statement just like Python Shell.


What Does IDLE mean?

IDLE stands for Integrated Development and Learning Environment. It is an integrated development environment (IDE) for Python. The Python installer for Windows contains the IDLE module by default.

What is The Role of IDLE in Python?

IDLE plays a crucial role in facilitating the creation, modification, and execution of Python scripts. It provides a user-friendly interface for beginners and advanced programmers, making Python development accessible to all skill levels.

What Are The Features Of Python IDLE?

Python IDLE incorporates the following features:

  • It is implemented using 100% pure Python and utilizes the tkinter GUI toolkit.
  • It is cross-platform, providing consistent functionality across Windows, Unix, and macOS.
  • The IDE includes a Python shell window with colorizing capabilities for code input, output, and error messages.
  • It offers a multi-window text editor with advanced features like multiple undo, syntax highlighting, smart indent, call tips, and auto-completion.
  • IDLE provides search functionality within any window, as well as the ability to replace text within editor windows and search through multiple files (grep).
  • sA built-in debugger with persistent breakpoints, step-by-step execution, and the ability to view global and local namespaces is available.
  • sThe IDE also offers configuration options, various dialogs, and integrated browsers for enhanced convenience during development.

What is Python IDLE used for?

Python IDLE serves as a comprehensive integrated development environment (IDE) that enables users to write and execute Python programs. It includes a built-in file editor that allows you to create and execute Python code directly within the program. The file editor is equipped with useful features such as code completion and automatic indentation, which enhance your coding efficiency and workflow.

IDLE serves multiple purposes, including the execution of individual Python statements similar to the Python Shell and the creation, editing, and execution of Python scripts. It provides a robust text editor with extensive features like syntax highlighting, autocompletion, and smart indent for creating Python scripts. Additionally, IDLE offers a debugger with useful functionalities such as stepping through code and setting breakpoints

How To Install And Use IDLE?

By default, IDLE is not included in Python distributions for Linux. However, it can be installed using the package managers specific to the Linux distribution.

To install IDLE on Ubuntu, execute the following command in the terminal:

$ sudo apt-get install idle

To launch the IDLE interactive shell, simply locate the IDLE icon in the start menu and double-click on it.


Upon opening IDLE, you will have access to a platform where you can write and execute Python scripts, as demonstrated below.


Similar to Python Shell, you can execute Python statements directly within IDLE, as illustrated below.


To execute a Python script in IDLE, you can create a new file by selecting "File" -> "New File" from the menu.


Enter multiple statements in the newly created file and save it with the .py extension by selecting "File" -> "Save". As an example, you can save the following code as hello.py


Now, press the F5 key to run the script in the editor window. The IDLE shell will display the output generated by the script.

idle- in-python


In IDLE, you can choose specific lines or portions of code that you want to execute.
Press the F9 key to run the selected code in IDLE.
Choose "Run Selection" from the "Run" menu to execute the chosen code.

What Are The Advantages Of Python IDLE?

Python IDLE offers several advantages for Python programmers,

Interactive Shell

Python IDLE provides an interactive shell, allowing users to test and run small sections of Python code quickly without the need for a complete program. This facilitates experimentation and quick prototyping.

Feature-Rich Code Editor

IDLE's code editor provides helpful features like syntax highlighting and code completion. These tools boost productivity by catching syntax errors and offering suggestions while writing Python programs.

Built-in Debugger

Python IDLE includes a built-in debugger that allows programmers to step through their code, track variables and identify and fix issues efficiently. The debugger aids in understanding program flow and resolving errors effectively.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Python IDLE is designed to work seamlessly on Linux, macOS, and Windows operating systems, providing a consistent experience for Python development across different platforms.

Bundled with Python

Python IDLE comes bundled with the standard Python installation, eliminating the need for separate installations or configurations. Users can start coding in Python immediately after installing Python.

Open-Source and Free

Python IDLE is an open-source software, available for free to users. It can be used without any restrictions for both commercial and non-commercial purposes, making it accessible to all Python developers.

“Python IDLE provides a convenient and beginner-friendly environment for Python programming with essential features for writing, testing, and debugging code.”

How Can You Improve Your Workflow In Idle Software?

Utilize keyboard shortcuts Take advantage of IDLE's keyboard shortcuts to save time and increase efficiency. For example, press F5 to run your code, Ctrl+S to save files, Ctrl+Z to undo actions and Ctrl+F to search for text within files.

  • Customize settings

    Adjust IDLE's settings to suit your preferences and improve productivity. Customize the font size, colour scheme, enable line numbers, and configure auto-indentation options to enhance your coding experience.

  • Harness code snippets and templates

    Take advantage of IDLE's ability to create and store code snippets and templates. This allows you to quickly insert commonly used code segments and templates, saving time and promoting consistency in your projects.

  • Utilize the debugger

    Utilize IDLE's built-in debugger to step through your code, examine variables, and identify and fix issues efficiently. This can streamline the debugging process and help you resolve coding problems more effectively.

  • Explore third-party plugins and tools

    Extend the capabilities of IDLE by exploring and utilizing third-party plugins and tools. These can enhance version control integration, provide syntax highlighting for additional programming languages, and offer additional features to improve your workflow.

  • Use comments and docstrings

    Improve code clarity and maintainability by incorporating comments and docstrings into your code. This help to provide explanations, make your code more understandable and save time in the long run when updating or maintaining your code.

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What is idle Python?

Python IDLE provides the capacity to form and edit these files with ease. We help you to install Python idle software, we explain idle in Python, and more.

What does idle stand for python?

Python idle provides the ability to create and edit these files with ease. It gives various useful Python idle features that you will get in professional IDEs such as basic syntax highlighting, code completion, and auto-indentation.

IDLE full form in Python

IDLE stands for Integrated Development and Learning Environment. The full form of the Python IDLE shell is the Integrated Development and Learning Environment shell.

How to use Idle?

Selecting Run on the top menu option and then Run Module, or hitting the hotkey F5 is the method to run code in an IDLE editor. You can connect with our team to learn how to install idle, Python idle, and more.

How to download Python idle?

To download the Python IDLE, you can download the latest version of Python from python.org. Here, we have given the top “5” steps to download Python idle. They are,

  • Go to python.org
  • Click Downloads
  • Click download Python
  • Click the downloaded package to run the installer
  • Follow the installation instructions

What is Idle Python used for?

Python IDLE is a tool for writing, testing, and debugging Python code.

How to run code in Python idle?

  • You should open the python IDE
  • In the shell window, type your code
  • Press Enter to execute the code
  • Open the script file in IDLE
  • Click Run > Run Module
  • The script will be executed, and the output will be displayed in the shell window.
  • You can access the up and down arrow keys to scroll through the history of commands you have entered.
  • You can use the Tab key to complete commands and variable names.
  • You can use the F1 key to get help on a specific command or function.
  • You can use the Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut to interrupt a running program.

What is idle coding in programming?

It is a development environment for writing Python programs. IDLE can be custom-tailored with the help of options in the Format, Edit, and Options menu. Programmers can also modify the font size, face, and indentation width.

How to clear & customize Python idle shell?

To customize Python idle shell, In the Python interpreter or terminal exit Python by pressing Ctrl + Z on Windows or Ctrl + D on macOS. To customize the Python idle shell,

  • Open the Python IDLE shell
  • Click on Options in the menu bar
  • Select Configure IDLE
  • The Settings window will appear