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As we are the best literature review services in India, we help you to write professional literature review paper. A literature review is a broad summary of previous research about a particular research topic. Our team, as the best literature review writers in India, your paper will be written based on the scholarly articles, books, and other sources applicable to a specific part of research and research topic. The review should be detailed, described, summarized, objectively assessed and explained the previous research. Our team will also share some ideas about how to write literature review quickly and more.

Actually, a literature review is a survey of scholarly sources on a specific research topic. It offers a summary of the existing research knowledge, and allowing to and observes the appropriate theories, techniques and break in the ongoing research. Investigating information for a literature review occupies collecting, evaluating, and analyzing the data and the publications that relate to your research topics. There are some 5 steps involved in writing the literature review. They are as follows, Search for related literature review, Evaluate the research sources, Recognize the themes, debates and gaps, 4. Outline the review structure, Write your literature review.

Want to know about the guidelines for writing the literature review?

Step-by-step guide

From HIGS, we have given some of the tips to follow while writing the literature review. We have integrated some of the guidelines to be followed while writing the literature review. Initially, in order to write up the literature review Galvan guidelines are followed.

Review the guidelines

Review the APA guidelines and get an idea about the common guidelines to be followed while writing an article or a review paper. And also, give an attention for general rules for margins, spacing and font styles. And then refer for guidelines about title pages, abstract, body, text citations, quotations and more.

Overview the article

Refer the article which you have collected earlier and get an idea about the general purpose and about the content of the article. Be focused about abstract, introduction, and conclusion. While you refer the article, you may note down the notes of the referred contents and this may be much easier to organize your data while writing your literature review.

Identify the literature

Familiarize yourself by using the databases available in online sources. Use relevant databases and search for a literature using Google scholar and initially, you can start searching with general descriptions from a database and you have to experiment your searches with other databases.

Analyze the literature

Once you have identified and located the article for your research, it should be organized and grouped based on the importance of the sources.

Decide a research topic

If you select a topic initially, it will be very helpful for you to collect the literature for your relevant field. However, you can pick out the scholarly topic for your referral.

Group the articles into categories

Each and every article must be categorized properly. For example, you need to categorize like, topics and subtopics.

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Take notes Writing the review
  • Define your key terms properly
  • Select useful quotes that you want to include in your review.
  • Identify the gaps in the researcher and also identify the relationship among the studies.
  • Keep your review focused on your topic.
  • Evaluate your reference
  • Before, you begin to write, you must evaluate your reference list to make sure that is an up-to-date data. Typically, a review will cover past five year details. If you have chosen the data more than five year older, then you must provide the reason for selecting those data rather than the current one.
  • Identify the problematic area.
  • Review the importance of the topic
  • Differentiate the research findings and other source of information
  • Discuss other literature reviews on your topic
  • Avoid non-specific references
  • Cite all the relevant references in the review section of your thesis or a journal article.

Summarize the literature in a table

Actually, formulating the data in the form of table is a well organized and mostly acceptable one. So that you can create a table or do the entire summary chart for your literature. You have to go through the examples of the tables that may be relevant to your topic. Likely, you should tabulate the definitions of key terms and concepts, research methods, and the summary of research results.

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Actual literature review is a critical summary of other theorists and it contributes to your subject area. Writing the literature review is the tricky part in PhD thesis writing process or research paper writing.

What kind of difficulties you will face while writing a literature review?

While writing a literature review, you are needed to have a review of your literature that is similar to your research topic and it involves quite a few skills that you may not be aware about. A good literature review will identify the research gap in the literature of your research area and it gives a critical overview about your literature review.

literature revivew writing

Initially, to write your literature review, you must decide in which you are going to do the research. In this way, you have to follow the literature that you are looking for. Focus your research area, you must choose your resources. Based on all the university guidelines, it is important to review the literature in a well organized manner. All your example reference must be in the appropriate style which your university has proffered.

Systematic Literature Review Assignment Help at HIGS

A systematic literature review is actually a performance of a driven technique in that, it needs an understudies required to be exhibited in an effective summary of the recent writings. The chief point of the writing review is an organized question that should have been replied with the help of insight of the current systems. In the middle of the completion of a systematic literature review, one needs to complete the explicit conventions that have been associated and execute the tendency subsequently. At HIGS, we people offers the best literature review writing services utmost care.

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  • You need to have a sufficient knowledge about your current research.
  • You have to develop your theoretical framework and methodology.
  • You need to identify the gap in knowledge and unresolved problems.
  • You have to start it by writing your thesis report. And this is an important preliminary sentence that will inform your reader what the topic is and the overall viewpoint or argument you will be presenting.
  • - Like essays, a literature review should have an introduction, a body and a conclusion.
  • Explain the essential aspects of the current literature
  • Assess the existing state of the literature reviewed
  • Recognize important errors or gaps in prevailing knowledge
  • Summarize the areas for future study
  • Link your research to current knowledge.