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Research Paper Writing Services

100% unique research paper writing services and research for Scopus, SCI, IEEE, and Springer journals by research paper writers online. HIGS is the service provider of research paper writing services- We offer IEEE paper writing services, UGC paper writing services, Scopus, SCI, IEEE Research paper writing services, and more. HIGS is one of the Top 10 research paper writing services in India. Get a fruitful research paper from us. Choose our custom research paper writing services. Place your order with a professional writer. Enjoy low prices, high quality, and get 24/7 support from experts. We provide 100% unique research article & research paper writing services for Scopus, SCI, Springer, Elsevier, IEEE and more journals by research paper writers online. We provide the following for our clients,

  • Professional writers
  • Plagiarism-free content
  • Choose your own writer
  • No hidden charges
  • Free technical discussion
  • Only original work
HIGS highly keeps privacy & dedicated to deliver your work on-time with a clear paper explanation. We assure the novelty of your paper. We provide 10% Discounts for referring friends or colleagues.

Research Paper includes

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodlogy
  • Result
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Reference
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HIGS Follow These "5 Steps" to Write Your Paper


Identify the Research Problem


Collect the Relevant Data


Analyze Relevant Data


Write the Research Paper


Proofread and Improve

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Customized research support

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Are you ready to pay someone to write your research paper ? The best PhD research paper writing service in India, HIGS offers A to Z research paper writing assistance from the beginning to the end. We collect all the relevant data, analyze it, and we implement it in your work. We put 100% effort, hard work, teamwork, dedication to make the best research work for all our clients. We promise that we never miss out on any quality standards. Thus, we are renowned as the #No 1 research paper writing service. Our team undergoes research paper writing tasks under any research stream. Most frequently we undergo big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, security, IoT, NLP, image processing, accounts, marketing, finance, human resource management, thermal engineering, structural engineering, concrete based papers, biosensors, wireless communications, and more.

Get the best research paper writing services in India with HIGS. We hold 150+ research paper writers under various research domains. We are here to hold all your stress and dreams by providing the best PhD research paper writing service. Hire the best online research paper writing service here at the best price. Our online research paper writers are extremely talented and vigorously trained in professional research paper writing. As the best research paper writing company in India, we are so affordable and you can check your price with the other company’s research paper writing cost in India. We are here to give you paid research paper writing in India with more offers and discounts. We provide 100% domain-based journal paper writing service for various journals.

HIGS, as the best research paper writing service in India, our team is currently engaged with plenty of research paper projects such as in Big data, Artificial intelligence, Greenhouse, Thermal engineering , Water resource, Telecommunication , Biosensors, Antenna, Wireless Communication, Marketing , Finance, Accounts, Organizational behavior , Structural Engineering , NLP , Computer Security, IoT , Image Processing, Cloud Computing , Signal Processing, Microwave in Electromagnetic , Control System, Power Systems , HRM, Concrete based, And more.

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HIGS will follow these simple 8 sections in your paper
  1. We select specific & contemporary research topics,
  2. We state the research problem in a journal format,
  3. We analyze the necessary and appropriate keywords.
  1. We analyze your journal guidelines and include the prescribed word count. Usually, it must have 200 words and it varies based on the journal.We clearly address the complete synopsis of the research work
Our team states the key issue in a given format For your abstract part, we,
  1. Present your topic with all keywords,
  2. Clearly frame your research question in one sentence,
  3. We include your correct research statement & research methodology in your abstract part.
  4. Include the results & findings in 3-4 sentences, it may differ based on your journal.
  1. We address your research topic clearly
  2. We clearly describe the background of the research
  3. Our team clearly states the method and approach of your research work.
  4. We clearly describe your research problem in your introduction part.
  5. We introduce your paper’s overview & structure
  6. Ideally, we implement all these above mentioned within 400 words but depending on your university or journal guidelines it varies.

Literature review:
  1. Our team will narrow your chosen research topic
  2. We will select plenty of papers based on your chosen research topic
  3. We search for more literature
  4. Organize the selected papers and identify the research gap
  5. We refer to your journal guidelines for word count before we start.

Research methodology:
In your research methodology part, we include,
  1. The type of research we did in your research work.
  2. We include the method of data collection which we carried out.
  3. We implement the methodologies we used in data analyzing
  4. And we include materials and tools used
  5. We finish your research methodology part within 1500 to 2000 words. And it highly varies based on your journal

We frame your results section on the basis of,
  1. The key findings of your study
  2. We include the details of data interpretation of your entire research work
  3. We include the statistical significance tests of your study
  4. We only use past tense throughout your result section with the help of grammatically well-trained writers. We implement all these standards within 1000 words in the result section based on your journal norms.

Discussion or conclusion:
  1. We Summarize and state your key findings and your understanding
  2. We discuss your consequences
  3. We clearly state your references
  4. We include 1000- 15000 words in this section.

Reference or Bibliography:
We write your reference part on the basis of your journal norms.Typically, the reference part will be having,
  1. The name of an author/editor
  2. Title of the article or books (This should be in Italics)
  3. Series title & number of an article or book
  4. Edition and place of publication
  5. Publisher name and year of publication
  6. Once you have found the answer to all these needs, then start writing your paper.

Why there are so many mistakes in 90% of your research paper?

  • Here, we have given some mistakes that researchers can make while writing research papers for the first time which can easily be made in a research paper. They are,
  • Fail to examine the literature for similar research
  • Fail to understand and use appropriate scientific language.
  • Fail to perform and report calculations
  • Fail to acknowledge the limitations of the study.
  • Unanswered research question
  • Language usage and grammar are poor
  • Lack of research before selecting a research statement
  • Lack of strong research statement
  • Failure to do appropriate corrections wherever necessary
  • Lack of strong and relevant data regarding your research topic
  • Fail to properly site sources
  • Weak structuring of the paper
  • Lack of expert help

The best PhD research paper writing and journal publication

Writing a research paper and making it published in a world-reputed journal is really a great endeavor. It also gives a major challenge for every PhD scholar. As the best PhD research assistance in India, our team can provide Highly standardized, fast, and easy journal publication support for our clients. We promise that we give endless research support and fortunately we give both research paper writing and publications in

  • SCI and SCIE journal
  • Scopus publication
  • Q1 journal publication
  • Taylor and Francis publication
  • Anna University Annexure 1 publication
  • UGC publication
  • And more for you
research paper writing service in india

Overall working flow of HIGS

You might be very confused about our workflow. Here we have given our entire working strategies.

    Study your topic

    Place your valuable order with us. Let us analyze and study your research topic clearly.

    Preliminary research

    We do preliminary research based on your research topic

    Draft preparation

    Submiting rough draft is our third step where we will deliver the rough copy of your work

    Send us queries

    Let us know your doubts. and we do answer up all your queries.

    Main work preparation

    We do more research and we prepare your main work with more dedication.

    Proofreading & editing

    Finally, after doing all your resarch parts, we do proofreading and editing with the help of domain experts.

    Quality check

    We submit our work to advisory board to evaluate whether your work has met all the quality standards or not.

    On-time delivery

    After all the processes, we deliver your work on-time without fail.

Domains we frequently engaged with

Image processing
Molecular biology
Cell theory

Here, HIGS has listed some of our frequent projects for more domains and research topics, you can just verify the page added here.

Having multiple questions to inquire about HIGS?

Let the HIGS team answer up all your queries!!! You may put in too many question marks while reading this page!! Still, confused? Then look into it!
Want to ask us anything? --- Let us know about your research queries. You may put into many research queries, just let us know, then we will work with you to fulfill all your research dreams.
Why HIGS? ---- If you are looking for research assistance, then hiring HIGS will be your ultimate choice. HIGS has a great team of research paper writers and editors and domain experts to write your research papers.
When to hire HIGS? ----HIGS will be with you from the time of getting PhD research paper writing to the end. We will be with you in every step of the research paper writing service, editing process, and also paper publication process as well. .
How will you contact HIGS? --- Our team will be available 24/7 to answer all your research queries. So no more delay and hesitation, just reach us and we will work on your research with a high level of satisfaction. And you can feel free to ask us any queries anytime. We will assist you through Email, WhatsApp, calls, and more.

Easy steps to follow our HIGS for PhD help



1. Can I Talk with your Technical Person?
Yes. You can. You can reach us anytime and talk with your domain expert. We will provide you with 24/7 research assistance.
2. Will you Provide a Rough Draft?
Yes. We will provide you with a rough draft of your work. And also we welcome all your feedback regarding our work. We clarify all your doubts and then we go for your main work.
3. Do you give Any Discounts?
Yes, you can. For that, you can refer someone and get a 10% discount.
4. Within How Many Days you Will Finish Writing My Paper?
Once we analyse your research work, then we will provide the exact timeline. Without knowing the research depth, we couldn’t tell you the timeline.
5. Will you give Publication Support for My Research Paper?
Yes. We will. We give fast and easy publication support in world-class journals such as SCI, IEEE, SCOPUS, Springer, Elsevier, Taylor and Francis, Annexure 1 & 2, UGC-approved journals, Q1 journals, and more.
6. Will you Work on My Paper If I have Any Corrections Once After you Delivered the Work to Me?
Yes. We will. We do free unlimited corrections until you get 100% satisfaction in our work.