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HIGS is one of the top 10 research paper writing services in India . Research paper writing is the most important and inevitable process in the research study. Our research paper writing service assures that the paper written by us can get published in high-ranking journals. We ensure that our research paper writers provide 100% unique and quality content for the research article that will increase your credibility in research. We have highly qualified and professional research paper writers online and subject experts who have years of experience in the research field. Hire us to get an incredible research paper from us at an affordable price with offers.HIGS offer free technical discussion with our technical team and transparent service to our clients. Our customised research paper writing service ensures

  • Experienced Writers
  • Error-free Writing
  • Plagiarism-free Content
  • High-Quality Guarantee
  • Guaranteed Unique Content
  • On-time Delivery
  • Free Technical Discussion
  • Unlimited revision
HIGS highly keeps privacy & dedicated to deliver your work on-time with a clear paper explanation. We assure the novelty of your paper. We provide 10% Discounts for referring friends or colleagues.

Research Paper includes

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodlogy
  • Result
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Reference
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HIGS Follow These "5 Steps" to Write Your Paper


Identify the Research Problem


Collect the Relevant Data


Analyze Relevant Data


Write the Research Paper


Proofread and Improve

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Are you in need of research paper writing services ? HIGS offers research assistance services from the beginning to the end of the PhD research. HIGS offers the best research paper writing service in India such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kerala, Chennai and more. We are here to provide the best research paper writing service with high quality that increases the chances of accepting papers for publication in journals. If you are new to the research field, we will provide you with proper guidelines in PhD research throughout your research journey. If you desperately need to hire a research paper writer, contact HIGS.Our experienced professional writers are ready to meet your requirements with their creative & innovative ideas in research paper writing.

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Get the first-class research paper writing service with HIGS. Since we have 150+ research paper writers in various disciplines, we provide world-class writing services of the best quality. Choose HIGS, the best Online research paper writing service in India offers excellent research paper writing at a reasonable price with more discounts and offers . Our research paper writers are professional experts who have years of experience in writing research papers. We ensure that our research paper writing is 100% domain based. We have provided domain-based research papers for various journals.

HIGS offered research paper writing services in various subjects such as Big data, Artificial intelligence, Greenhouse, Thermal engineering , Water resource, Telecommunication , Biosensors, Antenna, Wireless Communication, Marketing , Finance, Accounts, Organizational behavior , Structural Engineering , NLP , Computer Security, IoT , Image Processing, Cloud Computing , Signal Processing, Microwave in Electromagnetic , Control System, Power Systems , HRM, Concrete based, And more.

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HIGS ensures the following 8 sections in research paper writing:
The Research paper must include the following sections,
  1. We provide a title that indicates the scope of the study.
  2. We use appropriate keywords related to your research subject.
  3. The title indicates the purpose of the research.
  1. We provide an abstract that accurately summarizes your research paper.
  2. The abstract includes the analysis and findings of the research.
  3. It also briefly explains the research problems, methods and conclusions.
  4. We frame this section in 200-300 words, but it may vary according to the guidelines of the university.
  1. We include an overview of the topic.
  2. We describe the background of the research.
  3. We explain the goal and reasons for the research study.
  4. It should describe the methodology used.
  5. We finish this part in 400 words but differ on the basis of your university guidelines.

Literature review:
It includes a search for relevant sources
  1. We explain your familiarity with the topic and scholarly context.
  2. We show how your research work addresses a gap or contributes to a debate.
  3. We refer to your journal guidelines for the number of words before we start.

Research methodology:
  1. In this section, we mention the research design and methods used to conduct research.
  2. We describe the techniques used and how to get the result.
  3. We complete this section in 1500-2000 words. And varies based on your journal.
We frame the result section on the basis of the key findings of your study.
  1. In this section, We use the data, calculations, graphs and tables to clearly illustrate the results and findings more effectively.
  2. We implement this section using 1000 words. Can be changed as per journal norms.
Discussion or conclusion:
  1. In this section, we summarise your research findings.
  2. We discuss the limitations of the findings.
  3. We state the consequences.
  4. We use 1000-1500 words in this section according to the journal norms.
Reference or Bibliography:
  1. We list out the reference books/articles used as a source of information.
  2. Title of the article and the name of the author/editor.
  3. Editor and Place of Publication.
  4. Publisher Name and Year of Publication.
We write your reference part on the basis of your journal norms. A research paper also has an acknowledgement section either at the beginning or at the end of the paper based on the journal norms.

The Best PhD Research Paper Writing And Journal Publication:

HIGS provides all services related to PhD research studies. Publishing papers in reputed journals is an important step in a PhD. HIGS provides services for both free and paid publications in world-reputed journals. In case your paper is returned with comments for corrections, we will revise the paper as per the suggestions given by journal editors and resubmit it for publication. Our service ensures a 100% guarantee for publishing papers in high-ranked journals.We rewrite the rejected papers and do revisions, thus making the research papers eligible for publication. We offer research paper writing services for publishing in reputed journals such as

  1. Conference Paper
  2. Empirical paper
  3. Review Paper
  4. Scientific Paper
  5. SCI
  1. IEEE
  2. Springer
  3. Elsevier
  4. Annexure
  5. UGC
  6. Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4
research paper writing service in india
Why Do 90% of research papers Get rejected?

  • There are some mistakes that researchers make while writing research papers for the first time due to which the papers get rejected. They are as follows,
  • Fail to check if a similar paper is in the process of publication.
  • Fail to use appropriate scientific language.
  • Fail to perform calculations and submit reports.
  • The paper may be out of scope.
  • The subject may not suitable for the journal.
  • Failure to acknowledge the limitations of the study.
  • Unanswered questions about the research.
  • Poor language and grammar usage.
  • Lack of strong research statement.
  • Poor scientific content and incomplete data.
  • Too basic research and weak hypothesis
  • Poor methodology and poor references
  • Lack of proper documentation in the case report
  • Confirmed plagiarism in the content
  • Weak structuring of research paper
  • Lack of expert support.

What do HIGS Professional Research Paper Writers Do?

  • Our expert writers guide you to develop the current debates, as well as present ideas about your research topic and its research advancement.
  • They further support you to write a comprehensive research paper that presents your research in the given area and gives clarity to the readers in a clear interesting manner.
  • Our writers also help you in complying with the academic writing style suggested by the university. This increases the chances of approval of your research paper.
  • With the help of our writers, you can actually add value to your research paper during its development so a journal can give it a good weightage while evaluating your inputs.
  • With HIGS, you can synthesise the research in a given area very well in your review paper. We make your work truly impressive and effective.

Overall Work Flow of HIGS

You may get confused about our workflow. Here we have given clear details about our working strategies.

    Get Quote:

    Contact us to let us know your requirements and demands and get the best Price Quote.

    Place an Order:

    Place your valuable order and confirm with us for moving forward on your project.

    Start Processing:

    We study and do research on your research topic.

    Rough Draft:

    Our experienced writers will start work on your research paper and provide you with a rough draft of the research paper writing.

    Your Comments:

    You can check and give feedback and suggestions if any changes are needed.

    Main Work:

    After receiving your feedback and suggestions, we start to work on the Main draft.

    Plagiarism Check:

    We check Plagiarism by using Turnitin Software and do revisions in the main draft.

    Proofreading and Editing:

    We do editing and proofreading and provide you with an excellent research paper.

    Double Check Quality:

    After the writing process, our quality assessment team double-checks the Quality.

    On-time Delivery:

    Get your customised research paper, and get satisfied with our service.

Domains in which we frequently engaged with research paper writing

Artificial Intelligence
Image processing
Nano Robotics
Molecular biology
Energy systems
Embedded systems

Here, HIGS has listed some of our frequent projects for more domains and research topics, you can just verify the page added here.

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