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How to Publish a Research Paper in India


Are you searching for a long term query? “How To Publish A Research Paper In India For Free?”

HIGS is the highly professional and well-experienced research paper publishing company in India. We offer endless support in writing your research paper, publishing your papers, revision process and more.

Submitting your research paper in India is one of the main process while during your PhD research in India.You can submit your research paper in India for free or paid.There are so many journals in India offers publication process in both paid and free. At this point, if you hire some publication help to publish your papers then that will be the best option.


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Your publication process includes

Find your appropriate journal

You can find your suitable journal that could be well- suited for publishing your research. Match your research paper manuscript journal with the help of journal experts. Then collect detail about your selected journal as publication rate, free publication, impact factor, and more.

Prepare your paper for submission

You can find the publication process, and exact guidelines given by the journal from experts. Your paper must follow the journal guidelines, ethics, plagiarism, author rights, journal metrics and more. At this point, you must be academically well-knowledged, and talented on writing process. You must have the capability to write your paper in an error-free way. So hiring an expert to write your paper is a right choice.

Not publishing is when we are doing some research and not making it publicly available. It is like manufacturing a product and not launching it.

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We believe everyone deserves to have a doctorate in their field. Our expert team provides comprehensive services, including writing high-quality Research papers, Thesis/Dissertations, Proposals, Reviews, and Synopsis. We offer top-notch Editing, Journal publication support and Plagiarism checking to ensure your work meets the highest standards”.

Expert Publication Support - Our expert team provides publication support to ensure the successful publication of your research paper in India.

Journal Selection Assistance - We provide assistance in selecting the right journal for your research paper, ensuring maximum visibility and impact.

Quality Publication Services - We offer quality publication services, including editing, formatting, and proofreading, to ensure a polished and professional research paper.

Submit & revise

You can submit your research papers once you finish writing, editing, and proofreading. You can submit your paper under either in free publication or in paid publication. After finish submitting, you can access the submission process through the official website of the journal. Once you submit your paper, then your paper will undergo for screening process, and then it will pass on to the peer review process with the help of an expert in your field. Sometimes, the editor may suggest you to transfer the submission to a more suitable journal through the article transfer process.

Track your paper

Tracking your submitted paper is the best option that Indian journals have. You can track your publication status through the reference number. You can check whether your paper got accepted, rejected, pending, or anything. Once your paper is accepted from the journal, then your journal will provide the reference number, through that number you can track your publication status.

Share and promote

Once your article is published, then you can promote your article to achieve greater impact of your research. This promotion helps you to get cited more, and helps you to develop a stronger reputation, support your research and move forward in your career.

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What should I keep in mind before writing a paper?

You must keep the following rules before submitting a paper in the journal.

You should keep maintaining a correct files style and format to publish your paper in the chosen journal. You should consider,

  • File format
  • Length
  • Font
  • Headings
  • Layout and Spacing
  • Page and line numbers
  • Footnotes
  • Language
  • Abbreviation
  • Reference style
  • Equations
  • Nomenclature

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