How to Write an Introduction to a Research Paper?


Beginnings are difficult. Getting started on a research paper is no different. How to create an introduction for a research paper is a challenge for many students and professionals.


This brief document given here will explain the process of how to write a research paper introduction and demonstrate how to write a strong one.

What is an introduction to a research paper?

  • Research paper introductions put in a lot of effort.
  • The information from your research is compiled in an introduction.
  • You need to include what topic you will be covering throughout the research work
  • Explain the background of your topic
  • Why your research matters

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Why is a research paper's introduction so important?

Your research paper's introduction is vital, but also significant. It is essential. Your readers will struggle if you don't provide a clear introduction. When they begin reading your paper, they can become confused. So, a clear understanding is much needed for writing an introduction to a research paper.

What should be included in the introduction section of a research paper?

Introductions to research papers are always distinctive. After all, you need to include the following '6' sections in the introduction part. They are,
  • An overview of the topic
  • previous study
  • An explanation of your paper
  • Describe the procedure you followed
  • A thesis statement
  • An overview

1. An overview of the topic

  • Give a broad introduction to your research subject.
  • Narrow the overview.
  • Address any queries

2. Previous study

  • Review other conclusions on your topic in our introduction.
  • Include both traditional and contemporary scholars.
  • demonstrates your familiarity with earlier studies.
  • Introduce earlier discoveries

3. An explanation of your paper

  • Justify the research problem of your subject that needs to be addressed.
  • Relate it to contemporary problems.
  • Point out a flaw in earlier hypotheses or a hole in state-of-the-art research.
  • A strong justification will hold the attention of the reader and convince them to read the rest of your research paper.

4. Describe the procedure you followed

  • Recount your procedures.
  • Clearly state your objective and the issues you plan to tackle.
  • Tell us about your research process
  • Include a justification for your important decisions.

5. A thesis statement

  • Your thesis statement should come toward the end of your major introduction.
  • The concepts that will be the main themes of your entire study
  • Your entire research must be condensed in this statement.
  • The entire research statement must be simple and understandable.

6. An overview

  • An outline frequently follows an introduction.
  • Your layout should give a brief summary of what will be discussed in the following sections.
  • Consider a road map leading your reader to the conclusion of your essay.

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What are all the main tips for writing your research paper introduction?

There are '3' things you can do to make writing an excellent introduction to the research paper.

1. Write your introduction last

  • The information from your research is compiled in the introduction. You should write the body of your paper first.

2. Include a strong question

  • Your research question should be well-researched. Your research question must not be too broad and too narrow. It can be researchable. Must not be too easy and too difficult to answer.

3. Be concise

  • Make your sentences brief. Look for unclear syntax or grammar. Read your introduction aloud to identify any problematic language. Make care to proofread your paper as well before you are finished.

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What are all the mistakes to avoid while writing an introduction?

Stay aware of the format and methods for writing a research paper introduction.

  • It is very much useful to establish whether there are any subject-matter experts available to support your proposed area of research
  • It forms part of the assessment of your research application
  • The research proposal you submit to your university as part of your application is just the beginning of your research

What are all the advantages of a research proposal?

The research proposal is your great chance to explain the importance of your research project to organizations who might wish to fund or otherwise support your research. The executive summary of the research proposal is the most important section. It should provide the reader with an overview of the information.

What is the purpose of an introduction section?

The introduction section must answer the following question.

1. What am I writing about?
2. Why is it important?
3. What do I want the reader to know about it?

Before providing a summary of current research on your selected topic, an introduction should introduce the topic with a compelling start that captures the reader's attention. Keep your introduction brief; in-depth explorations of your subject are best left for the paper's body.

The information you share will differ depending on the discipline. As the introduction comes to a finish, you should start defining what you want the reader to know about your topic and study.

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The issue statement, your specific research question, hypotheses, or objectives may all be included in this. It also depends on your focus and breadth.

How long should an introduction be for a research paper?

Keep it brief. Avoid making your introduction too lengthy. 500 to 1000 words will be your goal, but the guidelines of the journal will sometimes vary

What is the basic format of the introduction?

Three key points must be included in the particular sequence. An attractive introduction must be inserted because it will draw the reader in. The background knowledge is pertinent and necessary for the reader. A thesis statement must tell the key argument or idea of the research.

What are all the checklists for writing a research paper introduction?