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SCI Indexed Journal

What is SCI Indexed journal?

The SCI-indexed journal stands for Science Citation Index. SCI is a multidisciplinary citation index. SCI actually encompasses 9000+ journals that covers 177 disciplines. It always extends its publication across, SCIE: Science Citation Index Extended, SSCI: Social Science Citation Index, Arts and Humanities Citation Index, EI: Engineering Citation Index.

Get SCI Indexed Journal and get Updated list. The Science Citation Index (SCI) is a quarterly journal. It publishes papers and articles. Here check the latest Impact factors of more than 28000 journals. Our report gives the entire details with publication charges. As the best research paper publication support in India, we are the team of PhD research paper publishing services under free or paid journals.


Publish your research with us in the SCI journal list - 2023

HIGS service and this web page will provide the basic details about how to publish your paper in SCI-indexed journal Here, we have given simple ‘4’ steps for your referral. Just look over this!

  1. * Our business coordinators will help you with technical discussion.

    * Our team will ask you to send the title of your paper.

    * Let us know your details through

  2. * We’ll forward your title and abstract to the journal’s chief editor

    * They’ll verify your abstract & title

    * We’ll suggest a suitable journal for you

  3. * Our team will suggest the fast & easy journal publication

    * We share the journal guidelines and publication procedures

  4. * Our team will respect your requirements and help you in writing your paper

    * Once you confirm your journal publication, then we create your username and password

Fast and lowest fee SCI journals

There are huge lists of fast-publishing SCI journal list. SCI journal list pdf is available for both fast and lowest fee SCI journals. At HIGS you can also get the list of SCI journals with impact factors. If you are searching for the query, on how to identify SCI indexed journals, then HIGS will be your finest point. We provide you with a clear explanation of how to identify the SCI-indexed journals. Here we have given departments and subject areas we cover under SCI-indexed journals. They include,

Get high-quality assistance for your SCI journal and get a download of your SCI journal list 2023. You can come to know fast publishing SCI journals in computer science, engineering, and more. We undergo SCI publication help both in paid SCI journals and free SCI indexed journals. We have more than thousands of SCI free journal list and SCI paid journal.


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  • Mathematics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer science
  • Electrical engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Transportation engineering
  • Biophysics engineering
  • Materials engineering
  • Microbiology
  • Chemistry
  • English literature
  • Nanotechnology
  • Data mining
  • Machine learning
  • Applied mathematics
  • Biotechnology
  • Arts and humanities
  • Architecture
  • And so on…

Our team will also help you in fast publishing web of Science journals and fast and easy publication SCI journals. As we provide the high-quality and timely help in SCI paper fast and easy publication, we have so many affordable features with us. You can also go through low cost SCI indexed journals. We help you to publish your manuscript in paid as well as free SCI journals in computer science, management, engineering, technology, electrical engineering, and more.

As the best SCI indexed journals in India, Higs software solutions will help you in publishing SCI paper in fast publishing journals. We are here to help you round the clock to assist you in SCI paper publication. Higs will guide you in the process of easy acceptance of SCI journals.

You can select your journals on the basis of fast reviews also. Our team of journal publication experts will let you know about what is SCI indexed journals, list of SCI journals with impact factor, sSCI list of journals for paper publication, rapid publication journals, SCIe journal list 2023. Our team only refers quick publication journals for paper publication.


1Could you please tell me the timeline for submission under Free SCI journal publication ?

Very sorry, because we are unable to provide the timeline detail for free publication. But we can give assurance for paper acceptance if it is written by us.

2 Will you do a paper resubmission for me if it is not written by you ?

Yes. We will. Our team will revise your work and we do a resubmission process until it gets accepted by the journal.

3Could you please tell me the price quote for the paper submission under SCI journal ?

Yes. But without knowing your requirements, we can’t tell you the exact price details.

4Can you reduce only the plagiarism percentage of my paper based on the journal rule ?

Yes. We can. We reduce the plagiarism percentage of your paper even if the paper is not written by us.

5If I approach you, will you provide me with the plagiarism report ?

Yes. We will. After checking your plagiarism percentage, you can download yourfree plagiarism report.


1Could you please list out the paid SCI journal article for me ?

Yes. We can but without knowing your domain area, we can’t tell the journal list.

2If my article gets rejected from the paid SCI journal publication, will you refund the amount ?

A refund is not possible without any valid reasons. Moreover, we do unlimited free revisions for your manuscript and we undergo the resubmission process.

3How do I send my article to you for paid SCI publication?

You can send the article via Email. HIGS can provide 100% confidentiality to you.

4 Will you provide me with some offers if I take paid journal publication ?

Yes. We will. HIGS is having more offers and discounts for our clients. You can avail if you choose us for your publication process.

5Will you provide me the time confirmation for paid SCI journal publication ?

Yes. We will provide 4 month timeline for your paper acceptance.

HIGS will publish your paper under SCI either in a free or paid manner. We also do journal revisions and resubmissions. Check your Price here.

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Top "3" reasons for manuscript rejection

top "3" reasons for manuscript rejection

  • Lack of novelty, and originality
  • Flaws in methodology
  • Inappropriate or incomplete statistics

What HIGS will do for your publication?

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SCI journal index

With us, you can find relevant and reputable journals for potential journal publication. It is your turn to publish your research based on an analysis of millions of citation connections. Get the best free and paid SCI journal publication for almost all departments. We undergo publication for scientific papers from Engineering, arts, science, management, commerce, law, medicine, and more. You can fill out the given form to check your instant price quote and send us your requirements. We will be there to help you in every case of publication in a fast and easy manner. We are also here for you to write your customized and high-quality SCI research paper.

What HIGS will do?


We promise that we give…

  • High-quality SCI research paper
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Our Worldwide Population in SCI Journal Publication

Team HIGS will clearly assess your research paper and we write & edit your research work if it lacks the quality level. We advise for the rewriting process and if it is okay for our client, then we proceed with it. We undergo paper writing for almost all the domains for our clients across the globe.

Percentage of completion

We welcome all our clients across all the research areas. Here we have given the list of our client’s project completion under important fields. HIGS have completed below mentioned percentage publications under respective domains such as Engineering, Technology, Medicine, Management, Arts, Literature, Science, Computer Science, Commerce, Life Science, And so on. Check out the updated details of us. We are not only here for SCI publication. We are also here for managing all your research works from the beginning to the end of your research.

Area of researchCompletion (%)
Life science90%

Free add-ons

Our team provides high-quality research work by providing free add-ons. We attract our clients by providing quality-filled research work, 100% satisfaction, unlimited revisions, clear technical discussion, affordability, and domain adherence.

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SCI journal impact factor

HIGS will give you a way to access the latest impact factors of SCI journal index. You can know 28000+ journals here. You can connect with our team and browse, search, and explore the journals indexed in SCI. Get your latest list of SCI Indexed journals 2023 now.

Our client will also prefer,

1- Will you do my paper writing process?

Yes, we will. We undergo the paper writing and rewriting process for all the journals.

2- Some of the journals may give journal revisions. Will you do that?

Yes. Our team will also do a journal revision process for our scholars to avoid rejection. We also undergo the resubmission process.

3- What is the publication charge for free journals?

We will give price details according to your requirements. Please contact our business coordinating team for better clarifications.

4- Will you give me the time confirmation for SCI journal publication?

It is based on your choice. We will give 60-90 days of paper acceptance for paid journals. And we can’t give time confirmations for free journals.

5- How can I find SCI journals?

That’s why we are here to help you. On the basis of your chosen domain, we will suggest journals for you. Otherwise, you can check your SCI-indexed journals through the given procedure.

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