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SCI Indexed Journal

What is SCI ?

  • SCI stands for Science Citation Index.
  • It is a special database called a citation index that keeps track of how many times scientific articles are cited by other researchers.
  • SCI indexes and tracks citations from scientific journals across various disciplines.
  • The SCI-indexed journal stands for Science Citation Index. SCI is a multidisciplinary citation index. The Science Citation Index covers 9,000 journals in 177 disciplines.
  • In addition to SCI, it includes other indexes like SCIE (Science Citation Index Extended), SSCI (Social Science Citation Index), Arts and Humanities Citation Index, and EI (Engineering Citation Index).
  • These indexes provide extensive coverage of scientific, social science, humanities, and engineering research publications.

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I have written my research paper. Could you help to publish it in the SCI journal?

  • Absolutely, We will help you with the fast publication of your research paper in the SCI journal.
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What is the Format for SCI paper Publication ?

SCI Format

1. Title:

The title should be concise, informative, and accurately reflect the content of the paper.

2. Authors and affiliations:

The names of the authors, along with their institutional affiliations, are listed below the title. If there are multiple authors from different institutions, their affiliations are indicated using superscript numbers or symbols.

3. Abstract:

The abstract provides a brief summary of the paper's objectives, methods, results, and conclusions. It is usually limited to 150-250 words and should highlight the most important aspects of the research.

4. Introduction:

The introduction provides the background and context for the study, presents the research question or objective, and outlines the significance and motivation behind the research. It may also include a literature review to demonstrate the existing knowledge and identify gaps.

5. Materials and Methods:

This section describes the materials, experimental design, and methodology used in the study. It should be detailed enough to allow replication of the study by other researchers. Statistical analyses and data collection procedures are often included in this section.

6. Results:

The results section presents the findings of the study in a clear and concise manner. It may include text, tables, figures, and graphs to present the data. Raw data is generally not included in this section but can be provided as supplementary material.

7. Discussion:

The discussion section interprets and explains the results in the context of the research question and objectives. It may compare the findings to previous studies, address limitations, propose explanations for the results, and discuss their implications. Alternative interpretations and future research directions may also be mentioned.

8. Conclusion:

The conclusion section summarizes the main findings of the study, discusses their significance, and often suggests potential applications or further research needed.

9. Acknowledgements:

This section acknowledges individuals, institutions, or funding sources that contributed to the research but may not meet the criteria for authorship.

10. References:

The reference list provides the full citations of the sources cited within the paper. It follows a specific citation style (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago) specified by the journal.

11. Appendices (if applicable):

Additional supplementary material that supports the study but is not included in the main text can be included in the appendices. This can include detailed methodology, data tables, or additional figures.

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Could you provide the latest journal list in SCI for the year 2024 ?

  • Certainly, You can get the latest SCI Indexed Journals 2024 list that is suitable for your research topic and research domain.
  • Since there are several journals under various domains, it is very difficult to get the entire list. so, Let us know about your research domain and research topic.
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In which domains do you publish papers in SCI?

We publish papers in various domains such as

Computer science
Civil engineering
Mechanical engineering
Arts and Humanities
English literature
Electrical engineering
Information Technology
Communication Engineering
Environmental science
Education And more.

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How many days it would take to publish a paper in the SCI journal?

Usually it takes 120 to 150 days to publish a paper , depending on the quality of the research paper and the mode of publication you have selected(free or paid).For fast publication, you can prefer paid mode. If you have enough time and to save budget, you can prefer the free mode of publication.


The research paper I have completed needs to be edited , proofread and checked for plagiarism so that SCI will approve it for publication. Would you be able to assist me with that?

Certainly! Our language editing and proofreading services are designed to enhance the clarity and coherence of your manuscript. Our professional editors and experienced proofreaders will thoroughly review your paper, refining the language, grammar, and sentence structure to ensure a polished final product.


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Absolutely! We can help you to publish your paper in SCI under free publication. Our team provides ongoing support throughout the publication process, including assisting with revisions, responding to reviewer comments, and addressing any queries or concerns that may arise.

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What is the SCI journal impact factor?

The SCI journal impact factor is a metric that measures the average number of citations received by articles published in a particular journal within a specific time frame.It is commonly used as an indicator of the influence and prestige of a journal within its field.

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