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Hi there, welcome to our site, we are your complete phd guidance spot, where you can expect a high quality work. Your work will be secured since we neither have tie-up with any university nor outsource your work. We don’t share your details with other clients. The person next to you might also be our client, but you may not know… we are that confidential. And our employees are full-time workers.

About Us

Some years ago, we became fascinated by some novel scientific innovations and theories. So, instead of hearing other’s theories, we just provoked with an idea of becoming “STAND DIFFERENT THAN REST” and we started our company in the year 2015.

Hence, the name HIGS - “the Best PhD Assistance and Guidance Company”

Success story

We believe everyone deserves to have a doctorate in their field. Just over some years ago, we just started our firm with only 5 employees . And later success knocked our door with plenty of clients. We just started spreading our horizons of knowledge across the globe.

Many of our satisfied clients started referring our company. And now we are a “BIG TEAM” with more than 50 employees.

How are people trusting us? Why it is so important right now? All because of our “QUALITY”!

  • Our vision

    To bring inspiration and innovation to every master’s degree students to do PhD. We trigger DOCTORATE dream!

  • Our mission

    We commit to achieving more novelty in every research work. Our advancement will give world-standardized highly professional research projects.

  • Our Values

    Novelty! Professionalism! Client satisfaction

Our come back during COVID 19

The novel coronavirus has changed our working style overnight. Our clients were connected to our team through video calls, live chats, video conferencing apps, and more. There was nothing abnormal about Work from home. We delivered our work ON TIME, we work with HIGH QUALITY, we offered ENDLESS RESEARCH ASSISTANCE.

best phd assistance company in india
  • Highly secured and sitting capacity entrance
  • 24/7 backup power supply
  • Highly managed and well-operated server room
  • Dedicated business coordination support with professionals
  • 50+ seating arrangements for employees and clients
  • State of art conference halls with video and audio conference facilities
  • Meet our team here!

    Business coordinating team

    24/7 available, hardworking, well-knowledge team. Each one possesses a doctorate from a varied educational background.

    Research consultants team

    Highly skilled and highly experienced faculty with 5+ years of experience. Experts in providing innovative research ideas.

    Research proposal writers

    Our team have immense experienced, highly qualified, narrative-skilled proposal developers for all domains.

    Research paper writers

    Research-oriented, skilled, doctoral fellows are here to write your research paper without error.

    Journal publishing consultant

    10+ years of experienced, highly qualified, consultants. Will give you up-to-date information about every journal.

    Journal publishing team

    Fast and easy journal paper publishing team. We suggest, let you select and we publish!

    Thesis writing team

    5+ years of experienced, native English-speaking professionals with immense knowledge.

    Language polishing team

    And finally, all set to finish up! These people will take care of grammar, plagiarism, flow, spelling, tone of words, and more

    Quality assessment team

    Let’s break the chain! Finally, these people will re-process your work for assessing a high level of quality.

    PhD consultant team

    Experts in providing highly innovative ideas and research plans for any domain and research topics.

    Why we are No:1 PhD assistance in India?

    • Satisfaction: We won’t get satisfaction until our client gets satisfied.
    • Commitment: we will get your job done without compromising any quality standards.
    • Help when you need it: We are here to help you; If you have questions and if you need research advice we are here for you
    • Research & developments: We use proven materials that work well with your research project.
    • WE ARE THE BEST because we work hard to enhance your project with world-standard qualities.
    about us higs

    Growth comparison of HIGS from 2015 to 2022

    Here, we compare HIGS’s growth between 2015 and 2022. Just look at our number of clients across many countries.


    Hard work and dedication really deserve awards and honours always, thus, HIGS occupies

    • 2015
      Started with only 5 employees
      We had only a few projects for the whole year.
      Received “best-published paper award”
      Presented over 50+ papers in SCI
    • 2016
      Our total number of clients were increased.
      Received research excellence award-2016
    • 2017
      We feel proud to say that we got Wisdom’s golden project of the year.
      We motivated 1000+ master’s students to do PhD and we helped them in that way.
    • 2018
      HIGS has extended its large wings across the globe.
      Our team became so busy in handling more than 100 projects for the year.
    • 2019
      We started receiving clients from US, Malaysia, turkey, and engaged with 60+ projects.
      We conducted National & international symposiums on various research topics to motivate Master’s students.
    • 2020
      Our team received “the best thesis of Covid 19" award
      Even during a pandemic, we helped to finish up nearly 150+ research projects.
    • 2021
      Now we are currently running with 350+ projects with the help of 50+ employees
      Published nearly 200+cresearch papers so far.