Scopus Indexed Journals Help

What is Scopus?

  • SCOPUS is Elsevier's abstract and citation database.
  • It was introduced in 2004 Scopus includes 36,377 titles from 11,678 publishers.
  • It has both Paid & Free Scopus indexed journals


I have already written my research paper. Can you publish it?

  • Yes. you can hire us.
  • Scopus has monthly published Scopus-indexed journals in 2023 & 2024.
  • So you can get it published in any of the journals that suit your title of the paper.


"9" Steps of Scopus Publishing Service

HIGS always follows a very easy and simple publication process for SCOPUS journals. You can always take a simplified working process from us to write & publish your Scopus research paper. Get to know the simple "9" steps of Scopus publication.



We suggest the journal


Suggest the free/paid journal list


Let you know the journal guidelines


Analysing the quality level of the paper


Correcting/rewriting your paper


Upload your paper


Revision process


Follow the acceptance from the publisher


Acceptance & promotion

HIGS will be your ultimate option for the Scopus publication assistance. We can help you both in the FREE or PAID publication in Scopus indexed journals in a fast and easy way. We help you in Scopus search, Scopus journal ranking, Scopus journal list 2023 and 2024, Scopus publication cost, and more.

Can I approach you for proofreading and publication of my research paper?

  • Yes. Sure you can.
  • Proofreading is an important thing that is needed for successful publication.


What benefits will I get if am hiring you to write and publish it?

  • You will get absolutely an error-free document.
  • Your plagiarism percentage will be reduced as per journal norms.


You are advised to contact an expert to write your research paper.
Because experienced hands will know the tricks of writing a winning research paper.



I have written my paper but I think it has more plagiarism. So can you please reduce the plagiarism percentage and resubmit it again?

  • Yeah. We can. Plagiarism can ruin your paper publishing career.
  • We work on your plagiarism & give you a perfect paper that meets your university requirements.



If I approached you for my research paper writing & publication, then what is the probability of paper acceptance & rejection?

  • We can assure you with a 100% paper acceptance guarantee in journals whether it is yearly or monthly published Scopus-indexed journals.
  • We give the correct deadline for only paid paper publication.
  • We can't give a deadline for free journal publication.


Can you please tell me the exact time taken to publish my paper in Scopus?

  • Yes. But it depends on the quality of your work.
  • It may require some proofreading or rewriting process sometimes.
  • So, without analyzing the quality of your paper, we can't tell you the timeline.


We help you in FREE or PAID Scopus Publication Service


We suggest 3 Scopus journals based on your subject


We provide your login details


You can track your own publication process


Get high transparency


Journal revision will be carried out by the Journal editor


We resubmit your research paper


If the paper is rejected from 3 journals, we resubmit it again in different journals.


There is NO TIME CONFIRMATION for your journal acceptance.

We suggest the subject-based journal to you


Get your payment details


We provide login details


You can track your submission process


Journal Editor will do the journal revision process.


We undergo a resubmission process


You can expect your journal acceptance within 3-4 months of time


You can track your submission process


Will you give me assistance in writing my other language papers & publishing them?

  • Unfortunately, we don’t have other language writers. We have only native English-speaking experts.

How many days will it take to publish my research paper?

  • The only timeframe for paid journal publication is between 120 - 150 days.
  • We are unable to provide a specific date for the publication of your free journal paper, but we can ensure that it will be accepted.

I want to publish my paper in a free Scopus journal. Can you help me?

  • Yes. Why not? We help you with fast publication in free journals.
  • You can send us your requirements. We can analyze your paper then we suggest the appropriate journal to you.


Can you tell me what are all the departments Scopus actually covers?

  • Yes. But we can help you with the exact journals name list only if you tell us your department or title name.

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We believe everyone deserves to have a doctorate in their field. Our expert team provides comprehensive services, including writing high-quality Research papers, Thesis/Dissertations, Proposals, Reviews, and Synopsis. We offer top-notch Editing, Journal publication support and Plagiarism checking to ensure your work meets the highest standards”.

Scopus Journal Selection - We help you select the best Scopus-indexed journals for your research paper.

Manuscript Preparation - We offer professional editing and formatting services to meet the guidelines for Scopus-indexed journals.

Scopus Publication Support - We provide end-to-end support for publishing papers in Scopus-indexed journals under free or paid publication.

What if my paper returns for a journal revision, will you charge me extra?

  • No. We have a separate section for journal revision. And we are here to provide unlimited free journal revisions for your research paper.

I am just tired of trying my paper to be published in Scopus. But it kept on rejecting. Please help me with a fast publication.

  • Well! Don’t worry! HIGS is here for you to help you with the rapid publication in Scopus.
  • We completely implement all the possibilities in your paper for publishing.

What if I found mistakes in my published paper? Will you help me with that?

  • Finding a mistake in a previous publication can be daunting. Sorry, after publication it is not possible to correct the mistakes from our end.

Can you give me the recent Scopus journal list for 2024?

  • Yes. But there are so many journals. If you share your domain or topic name with us then we can give you the list of free/paid Scopus journals & Scopus login details.



Will you help with fast journal publication in free journals?

  • Yes! Free Scopus journals also have fast publication. But there is no confirmation.

We have done Scopus Publication under…



Total scopus paper written



No. of free publications



No. of paid publications

Can I publish my papers in international journals? How to publish in Scopus journals?

  • Yes. We can. You can share your requirements, your budget details, topic details, and more about your project with us. Then we can do the needful.

Is it possible to publish my paper in two different journals?

  • No, you cannot simultaneously submit the same work to multiple journals.
  • This practice, concurrent submission or simultaneous submission, is seen as immoral.

I am currently doing my master’s degree. I want to publish my research paper in the Computer science domain. Will you help me?

  • Actually, HIGS will serve only doctorate clients. But only for publication, we can help you in reputable journals.


I have independently published my paper, but unfortunately, it got rejected by two different journals. Now can you help me in revising and resubmission process?

  • Yes. Sure we can. We are here to publish your paper in a world-class journal. Before that, our research paper writers and editors are here to revise and edit it. We will do revision & resubmission.

What is the name of the Plagiarism tool you are using to check the plagiarism percentage of my paper? Because my journal needs a Turnitin plagiarism report.

  • We are using Turnitin.
  • Yes. We can give you the free plagiarism report with the least plagiarism percentage as per your University.


  • Get applied in 3 journals initially
  • Get free & unlimited revisions
  • Get Free technical discussions
  • Get plagiarism check in Turnitin


  • Get your exact timeline for acceptance
  • 100% acceptance assurance
  • Get plagiarism check in Turnitin
  • Get free & unlimited revisions
Searching for reliable Scopus-indexed journal publication support? Our services ensure high-quality publication with a quick turnaround time. Contact us at and let us help you achieve your publishing goals.

Can you help me with the academic paper published in peer-reviewed journals?

  • Yes. We can.
  • You can tell us more about your project, including your requirements, budget, and topic.
  • Then we can take appropriate action toward the submission to peer-reviewed journals.

Can you help me with only journal suggestions?

  • Yes. we can. We are all here to help you with suggestions and publishing help. Get free chat from experts.

Can you help me in reviewing my research paper before submitting it to the journal?

  • Yes. We can. We have a separate team to review my paper. And we make sure that it doesn’t have any mistakes in it.

Can you help me in submitting my research paper to a top-rated international journal in the least possible time?

  • Yes. But whether it is international or national journals, anyhow we will give deadlines about 120-150 days of time. But it is a maximum time. We make sure that we will publish it within this timeline.

Whoops! there is a chance of 90% of rejection from Scopus journals. If you make these mistakes!

  • Unclear research question
  • Going off-topic
  • Misformatting the paper
  • Using difficult terms
  • Paper may too wordy
  • Fail to reduce the plagiarism percentage
  • Poor abstract
  • Ineffective keywords
  • Disordered terms
  • Unexpanded keywords
  • Invalid meta data
  • Not properly proofreading
  • Poor language
  • Not aware of the journal guidelines

You can download the entire journal guidelines now!

And what’s more?? Want to meet the rejection again??? Or want to publish your paper?

Okay! Stresses apart!

You can get the fast publishing of Scopus Indexed Journals in paid or free journals with a high acceptance rate. Our team will help you to publish your paid or free Scopus-indexed journals for easy publication. We will also guide you on how to publish a paper in Scopus. We help you calculate the Scopus paper publishing price and offers list.

HIGS will give you a free technical discussion now! Hire our experts!

Low-cost Scopus Indexed Journals

If you keep searching for low-cost journals in Scopus, then we will give you the list of journals with low publication charges that come under the free and paid category. We provide the best Scopus publication services for all sorts of paper publications across various subject areas such as Engineering, Arts, Management, Science, Technology, Medicine, and more. You can also download the Scopus journal list 2023 pdf here. You can get the list of easy Scopus journals to publish your paper in a fast & easy way. You can check the list of free Scopus-indexed journals in India for all research areas. Get the list of easy publication journals now.

Do you want to publish your papers in Quick publishing of Scopus-indexed journals?

If yes, then HIGS will be your top choice. We have a huge Scopus journal monthly publication lists for all subject areas. You can give us your requirements, then we provide the best publication assistance in your favorite journal.

Know your publication fee for Scopus journal:

You can publish your paper in a Scopus journal with a low publication charge. We help you download the best & cheapest Scopus-indexed journals instantly.

What is a Scopus Indexed journal?

Scopus Indexed journal is a journal that is part of the Scopus database. It is a citation database for researchers across many research fields. At HIGS, we help you to know which Scopus Journal is easiest to publish. We show you plenty of examples of Scopus journals. You can get the Scopus journal format and complete guidelines about the publication process. You can dial +916382814563 and mail us to .

How do I find Scopus-indexed journals?
  • Go to the Scopus website
  • Click on the "Sources" link in the top menu
  • In the search box provided, enter the journal’s name.
  • If the journal is indexed in Scopus, it will appear in the search results.