Are you overwhelmed with your PhD journal paper publication? Then you can pick up the curated list of excellent ideas for journal publication. Here we have given some of the main objectives you must undertake while publishing your research paper. They are,

  • Choosing the right journal to publish your research paper is the main objective.
  • Knowing all the journal guidelines to write your paper is the second most important step in publication.
  • Writing an error-free, professional paper is the next important step in research paper writing.
  • Hiring an expert for paper publication is one of the cleverest ideas you pick up.
  • Each chapter of your research paper must be presented in a prescribed format by your university, and you need to check your plagiarism percentage because it must match the given percentage level of your university.

How does HIGS help you in journal publication?

We have explored excellent possibilities for PhD research paper publication for new researchers. We at HIGS help you choose the right journal for manuscript publication under a free or paid journal. Choosing an appropriate journal will provide you with a way to connect your thoughts with a scientific community. HIGS plays a vital role in writing, editing, and proofreading your research paper in a suggested format. We help you by offering the following. They are,

Expert guidance

We at HIGS hold more than 150 journal experts from various educational backgrounds. We will help you in undertaking your entire research work. We will stand with you from the beginning of the research to the end. In order to get expert help, you can dial +91 6382814563 and you can mail us at

Writing & proofreading

Our team knows the procedure of writing the scientific document with all the suggested guidelines. We will write your document with 100% domain adherence and proofread it to remove all the errors in the research paper.

Plagiarism checking

We undergo Turnitin plagiarism checking, we will work on your paper to give you a plagiarism percentage below 10%. The HIGS team will also give you a free Turnitin plagiarism report.

Call +91 6382814563 and Mail us to Get Assistance in Journal Paper Publication.

Top Tips to consider while selecting the Journal for publication

  • Editorial quality
  • Peer review process
  • Journal Ethics
  • Editorial members
  • Journal reputation
  • Author rights/ copyright policies
  • Indexing status
  • Impact factor scores
  • Domain Match
  • Scope match And more.

Advantages of hiring HIGS

HIGS holds plenty of advantages for our clients once they hire HIGS for research paper publication. We have curated ideas for journal paper publication in world-reputed journals such as IEEE, UGC, Annexure 1 & 2, Q-ranked journals, SCI, Springer, Elsevier, and more. Here, we have given a list of journals. They are,

  • 24/7 research assistance
  • Subject-matter expert guidance
  • Instant communication with experts
  • Fastest work delivery
  • Free & paid journal publication help
  • A vast pool of research sources


In order to get your paper published in fast-accepting journals, and to get a 100% acceptance rate, you need to undertake the following ideas. They are,

  • You must think about your expected results to ensure whether your result output influences other researchers.
  • Make your manuscript publication-worthy.
  • Write a good cover letter.
  • Write an effective results section
  • Your plagiarism percentage must low
  • You must pay closer attention to citations

Tips to get 100% publication rate

Here, we have given the top ‘10’ tips to get an effective journal publication. They are,

  • 1- Choose the right journals
  • 2- Make sure that you have followed all the technical guidelines
  • 3- Lowest plagiarism level
  • 4- No grammatical errors
  • 5- 100% domain adherence
  • 6- Thorough proofreading done
  • 7- Clearly understand the submission process
  • 8- Clear formatting done
  • 9- Submission before the deadline
  • 10- Chapterwise writing

How do I apply for a journal publication?

Here, we have given some of the easiest steps for a journal publication. Our research paper publication undergoes the following. They are,

Step 1

The first and foremost thing is choosing a journal. This is one of the most significant steps we undergo. HIGS will help you in selecting an appropriate journal for your research paper.

You can connect with our experts to get complete details regarding journal publication. You can dial +91 6382814563 to talk with our journal publication team.

Step 2

Writing your paper is the second thing. We are teamed up with more than 200 writing experts to guide you in the writing process. We will rewrite your document if it has a low-quality level.

We will evaluate your paper to check whether it has met the required quality level. We take your suggestions and forward your work for rewriting.

Step 3

Our team will proofread your paper. A complete proofreading can remove so many errors of your research paper. We also have a separate proofreading and editing team to do your proofreading process.

We give you a proofreading process as a separate service. All your spelling, formatting, and grammar mistakes will be corrected with the help of our proofreaders.

Step 4

Plagiarism checking is the next important step in the paper publication process. At HIGS, we use Turnitin plagiarism checker to check the plagiarism percentage of your paper.

We are teamed up with experienced language polishers. They can check the plagiarism percentage of your paper with the help of Turnitin software. We will take care of the grammatical flow, synonyms, and content flow while modifying the plagiarism.

Step 5

Quality assessment is the final step, but it is the most effective step. In order to ensure the quality metrics, we will check your document for content flow, plagiarism percentage, sentence formatting, grammatical corrections, and more.

We have a separate team for assessing the quality level of your paper. We will forward it to our team and get the best document that completely matches your journal.


How to get help for publishing my paper in free journals?

Plenty of sources are available for publishing your papers in free and paid journals. HIGS helps you in publishing your papers in both free and paid journals. On the other hand, many options are available to publish your manuscripts in a relatively low-cost journal.

You can reach us and avail help based on your subject area. We help you in the paper publication process mostly for all the research areas, especially in Engineering, Technology, Medicine, Arts, Management, Marketing, Life science, Commerce, Business, and more.