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“Plagiarism is a morally wrong act. Plagiarism is the act of a writer submitting copied work with the intention to get credit.

Our working process

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    You can visit our page and place your order for plagiarism reducing
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    You can have a free technical discussion session with experts.
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    Know your price details. Check your offers.
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    Confirm your order
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    Send us your document
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    Forward your paper to our plagiarism team
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    Our team will polish your paper with the aim of reducing plagiarism below 10%.
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    We go for proofreading and grammar checking
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    We check for quality assessment
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    Work delivery

What HIGS will do to reduce your plagiarism percentage ?

Here We Have Given Our Top ‘4’ Methodologies We Undertake While Reducing Your Plagiarism Percentage. They Are,

  • 1. We keep track of sources
  • 2. Quote & paraphrase correctly
  • 3. Add correct citations
  • 4. We use a standard plagiarism tool

Our plagiarism services include content editing and proofreading.

  • Reduction of plagiarism to less than 10%
  • Nothing is added or taken away from the original context.
  • Instantaneously generated is a plagiarism report.
  • Knowledgeable guidance
  • Grammar and spelling check
  • We are offering free revisions.
  • Reporting that is understandable and concise
  • Delivery on schedule is essential.

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HIGS has initiated the Plagiarism Removal service with the aim of increasing the originality of academic content. Plagiarism Removal is working to increase the caliber of written research works and give legitimate research to academic strategies with a team of more than 250 professionals. PhD advisors are making a sincere effort to make sure that the research is original.


Upload Our expert uploads the content to a TURNITIN plagiarism detection tool to check for content duplication. The techniques are able to identify copied content on millions of websites instantly.
Break The Content The content is divided into smaller bits by the tool. By dividing the content, the tool can give accurate findings even when a sentence has just six words in common.
Search The Web The tool looks through millions of web pages looking for similar blocks of text before flagging the phrases and sentences as copied content.
Report To find citations and references, the tool presents the user with a list of sources whose content corresponds to those websites as part of its plagiarism report.

What are the “5” major steps we follow to reduce plagiarism?

  • 1. Rewrite plagiarised content
  • 2. Quote & cite that cannot be paraphrased
  • 3. Provide a plagiarism report
  • 4. Save your time & hassle
  • 5. Remove grammar errors

Here are Some Tips From HIGS on How to Write Without Plagiarising to Help You Avoid Breaking This Taboo.

Cite your source

When referencing a thought or phrase that is not your own, include a citation in your writing that specifies the complete name of the author, the publication date, and any other citation information mandated by the style manual you are using.

Include quotations

One of the simplest yet most apparent strategies to prevent plagiarism when utilizing someone else's words verbatim in your writing is to use quotation marks to indicate that the words aren't your own. In order for readers to know who the quote is from, a direct quote should also include the source.


When you rewrite a source's ideas or information into your own words without altering their meaning, you are said to be paraphrasing. But be careful because if it is improperly done, paraphrasing might become plagiarism.

Present your own data

Consider what you have to say about it rather than simply repeating what the source has to say. Consider what original viewpoint or point you may make in your writing that is completely your own. Remember that you must follow the rules to prevent plagiarism to support your statement.

Use a plagiarism check

Some words or phrases that you come across while researching a subject may remain with you so strongly that you unintentionally use them in your writing without citing them. If in doubt, use a plagiarism detection program online to find these problems before submitting your paper.

The best plagiarism-detecting service for you. With a few clicks, you can verify the legitimacy of a text. All common file formats are compatible with our plagiarism detection service.


  • Our team enables you to locate the copied texture's source
  • Helps you to test your plagiarism-reducing skills by providing a detailed report to you.
  • Helps you in staying within the regulatory & ethical limits
  • Provides accurate percentages of similarity.


This software evaluates a chosen piece of content against all of the online resources. Word for word, they go through the entire material. Even a phrase that has been copied is not dismissed. Any sentence or paragraph that is similar to another piece of writing is highlighted.

The tools are effective at displaying the duplicated portion's original source. This software indicates any copied text and changes it with shorter word forms. The common terminologies and acronyms are never marked as copied term. Anyone can use it according to their needs, from a school kid to a researcher”

Why is HIGS using TURNITIN software?

  • Comfortable with any format
  • User friendly
  • Secured data storage
  • Language is not a barrier
  • Multiple sets of content can be checked
  • Sophisticated technologies used