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Paper Preparation Guidelines


IEEE is a non-profit community founded in 1884 by a group of individuals to serve the professionals of engineering, computing, and technology information. They have over 423,000 members from 160 countries and more. IEEE plays a key role in publishing quality works that help in the exchanging knowledge among researchers. The time period for publishing the paper will be within 4 months


SPRINGER is a publishing company founded in 1842 by Julius Springer, a German publisher. Today this is one of the most popular publishers in the world. It is fully dedicated to the advancement of science. Through innovative information, Springer provides good quality content to academics, scientific institutions, and R&D departments. Within 4 months, we will help you to publish your paper.


ELSEVIER is a global Dutch publishing sector established in 1880. They provide information related to scientific, legal, technical, and medical fields to numerous scientist, students, and researchers. Annually, they have published over 430,000 articles. Their goal is to expand the knowledge boundaries. The time period required for publishing is 4 month.


The Science Citation Index (SCI) was created by Eugene Garfield as a citation index and was produced by Institute for Scientific Information (ISI). Officially, it was launched in 1964 and now Clarivate Analytics owns it. This is one of the world’s leading science and technology journals. It takes around 1 to 2 months to publish your paper.


The ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), founded in 1947, is the international scientific and educational computer society. Since the beginning, the chief aim of the ACM is to make important content accessible to researchers and scholars. It consists of full-text articles and bibliographic literature of computing and information technology.


In 2004, Scopus was launched by Elsevier as an abstract and citation database. It encompasses open access journals, scientific articles, book series, peer-reviewed journals, and conference proceedings. Across the globe, experts share their knowledge about scientific, technical, medical, and social sciences fields. We just take 1 to 2 months to publish your paper.