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HIGS has the entire list of UGC Approved Journals List and UGC care list. Get the latest update of the UGC-approved journal 2023-2024 pdf. HIGS will also provide a UGC-approved journal in social science. We also assist in the fields of education, English & Tamil literature, commerce, and management. Publishing your paper in a UGC care list journal is the ultimate option. You may have huge confusion about which journals are UGC approved. How to check UGC-approved journals? UGC-approved journals list 2024, and more. Here at HIGS, we will give you an explanation of the UGC care list journal 2024.


Research paper publication in UGC care list journals is very easy only when your paper matches all the guidelines of the journal. Our team HIGS will highly reduce your struggle and provide a user-friendly publication process for you. We provide FREE or PAID UGC approved journals with low publication charges 2024. You can just search here with us. We will give you the UGC care list 2024 updated info. You will get more relevant results. Get the latest info from us. It has its own paid UGC approved journals, and low publication charges journals. We have entire details of UGC approved multidisciplinary journals with low publication charges, and UGC approved fast publishing journals. HIGS software solution always aims to offer high quality publication service in UGC approved journal list, UGC article publication, and more. We help you to find out how to check UGC approved journal and how to publish a research paper in UGC approved journal, free UGC approved journals, UGC approved paper publishing sites, and more.

Our publication process in the UGC journal list

Our team undergoes simple steps for the paper publication process by following journal guidelines. HIGS will help you in publishing your research paper in an efficient way. We always give promise for your paper acceptance and easy publication under various research streams. We also do the Writing, Editing & Proofreading of all your publication materials. We generally follow the below-given steps,

  1. Submit your research paper to us
    Submit your research paper to us along with your title, and manuscript.
  2. We assess your paper
    Our team will clearly assess your research work and we suggest a suitable journal for you.
  3. We review your work
    Our team will review your work with our in-house experienced team before submitting it to the UGC journal.
  4. Make paper ready to be published
    Our team will assess your research paper to check the quality level and guidelines.
  5. Rewrite
    If your paper doesn’t have the quality level, then we advise you for the rewriting process.
  6. Quality check
    Once after the rewriting, editing, and proofreading process, we undergo quality assessment.
  7. Paper submission
    After all the above steps, we submit your paper to the journal. We will share the published paper details with you.

HIGS software team will provide an end-to-end research assistance in publishing your research papers in UGC approved journals with low publication charges 2024. You can also publish your papers in ugc approved paid journals and low cost UGC approved journals 2024. We are in this research area since very long time, so we can cater to your entire publishing requirement under UGC approved multidisciplinary journals with low publication charges.

HIGS will help you by providing a list of free UGC-approved journals. You can check UGC-approved journals with low publication charges. You can get a list of paid UGC care journals, UGC-approved journals in 2024, low-cost UGC-approved journals, and more.

UGC care list paid journals 2024

HIGS not only help you in paid publication. We will also help you in UGC care free journals publication. We also give you clear details about low cost UGC care journals. We work with the aim of providing easy and fast publication in UGC approved journals. HIGS software solution review is mainly based on UGC approved journals for quick publication. Our team will provide 24/7 research support & publication assistance in UGC article publication and how to check UGC approved journal. We provide UGC approved chemistry journals with low publication charges and also for all domains.



UGC recognized journals

At HIGS, we provide seamlessly easy UGC publication with the aim of promoting high-quality research, and academic integrity through your research work. We promise you that we help you to publish your UGC research papers with 100% acceptance rate.You can download the entire UGC-care list of journals. You can also get the UGC approved international journal publication fee. We always make sure that we offer rapid journal publication in paid as well as unpaid journals. The list of UGC approved journals includes 38,652 journals, mostly cited in Scopus, Web of Science and ABDC lists. UGC approved journals cover almost all fields like Mathematics, Computer Science, Management, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and many more.

UGC care listed journals 2022

UGC always cover almost all domains and disciplines. We take utmost care of publishing your UGC care listed journals in social sciences, computer science, mechanical engineering, mathematics, and more. The UGC-care list includes journals from all disciplines indexed in globally accepted databases. UGC care list is dynamic. It will be updated quarterly. There are two groups in UGC care journals. They are, UGC-CARE list group I & UGC-CARE list group II.

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We believe everyone deserves to have a doctorate in their field. Our expert team provides comprehensive services, including writing high-quality Research papers, Thesis/Dissertations, Proposals, Reviews, and Synopsis. We offer top-notch Editing, Journal publication support and Plagiarism checking to ensure your work meets the highest standards”.

Journal Selection Guidance - We assist you in selecting the best UGC-indexed journals for your research.

UGC Journal Criteria - We help you meet the criteria for UGC-indexed journals, including quality standards and impact factor requirements.

Publication Support - We provide comprehensive support for your paper publication in UGC-indexed journals, from editing to formatting.

Our support in UGC care list 2024 publication


Publishing a research paper is a major moment in a researcher’s career. You must have a keen knowledge of publishing your research paper in a fast and easy way. If you don’t have knowledge about publishing your research paper, then publishing a research paper will be the toughest part. HIGS provides endless support for you in UGC journal publications.
HIGS will write, edit, and revise your paper based on the journal guidelines. Our team has separate experts for each and every domain to take care of your UGC paper. After all these, we promise for the paper’s acceptance You can get a UGC-approved journal list 2023- 2024 pdf, UGC-approved journals with free publication charges, fast publishing UGC care journals list, and more. We will also guide you on how to check if a journal is UGC-approved or not.

You can get UGC-approved English Literature journals, Mathematics, Engineering, Technology, Management, Medicine, Arts, Science, Law, Chemistry, and more. We will provide complete guidance about publishing a research paper in the UGC care journal, UGC-approved pharmacy journals, Computer science, Chemistry journals, Commerce, Psychology, Management with low publication charges, and more. You can contact our team at HIGS by dialing +916382814563 to get more details about the UGC list of predatory journals, UGC care list group 1 journals, and also know how to apply for the UGC care list, and more.

Our team knows the university guidelines, the format of UGC journals, the level of plagiarism accepted by UGC, and more. You can get details about the monthly publishing of UGC care journals, how to publish articles in UGC care list journals, UGC care group 2 journal lists, and more.

We will help you publish your papers in fast-publishing UGC care journals in 2023. You can access the UGC care journal finder to get the UGC care publication list and UGC peer-reviewed journals list in 2023.

We do 5 important things during the publication process

Get to know the following ‘5’ important process of HIGS before submitting your paper for publication

  • 1


    Choose the right journal for your research paper

  • 2


    Set realistic expectations about your project

  • 3


    We communicate with the journal committee

  • 4


    We do journal revisions & resubmission process

  • 5


    Beware of Predatory journals

We stand different from our competitors!

As the best team at HIGS, we offer the best services for our UGC care journals. You can learn the UGC journal paper format based on journal guidelines. We provide the latest list of published UGC care journals in 2024 and you can also download the UGC-approved journal list pdf. You can also know how to check whether the journal is UGC-approved. When you hire us you will get a fast UGC approval journal within a short duration. You can dial +916382814563 and mail us to to know more about the fast and easy journal publication.

UGC guidelines 2024- TOP GUIDELINES!


Top reasons for UGC paper rejection!

A message from experts!

There’re so many technical reasons, and editorial reasons, to reject your research paper. Here, we have given some common technical reasons for which the papers are getting rejected. They are,

  • Research paper doesn’t fall on the value of the journal.
  • Unclear hypothesis
  • Lack of supporting evidence
  • Poor analysis
  • Poor language usage
  • Wrong research methodology
  • Doubtful result
  • Violation of research ethics

How to check UGC-approved journals?

Here, we have given 4 simple steps to check UGC journals. Get a simplified procedure now!

Step 1

You need to find the ISSN number of the preferred journal of any domain.

Step 2

Open the home page of the UGC portal and type the ISSN number on the search bar and click on the search button.

Step 3

Your search results will give you the journal information such as name, country, submission link, indexing information, area of publication, and more.

Step 4

Now, you can check out the journal name that is categorized in groups I & II.

Looking to publish your research in UGC-approved journals? Our experienced team can guide you through the submission process and ensure that your paper meets all the required standards. Call us now at to learn more.

List of UGC-approved journals subject wise

Agriculture Arts Accounting Biological sciences
Biotechnology Business & management Computer science Chemistry
Commerce Economics Education English literature
Engineering Environmental sciences Hindi Library & information science
Mathematics Medical science Multi- disciplinary Nursing
Physics Psychology Physical education Science
Social sciences Statistics Humanities Urdu

Our amazing PhD research service offers an end-to-end research service for our clients. We help you with fast-moving publication support in world-class journals for research scholars. We guarantee 100% assurance of paper quality, fast acceptance, journal revisions, unlimited & free revisions, and more.

Frequently asked questions

Flaws in the research design and research question, improper language flow, methodology, plagiarism, and not following journal guidelines will lead the journal rejection.

Yes. We will. If the paper is written by us, we will give you 100% paper acceptance.

Yes. Our editor team is available here to edit your paper. We revise it and correct the flows based on the journal guidelines.

Yes. We will provide a plagiarism-free paper. We provide the Turnitin plagiarism report for you.

Yes. We will. But we assure you that your paper will get 100% paper acceptance. If it is rejected, then we undergo a free revision process.

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