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What is actually called a journal paper?

A journal paper is actually published by academics, researchers, and other subject matter experts and is known as an academic journal. Journals genuinely focus on a certain topic or branch of knowledge

What are all the journals available and how can I find them?

HIGS is involved in publishing your papers in world-class journals such as,

  • SCI
  • Scopus
  • Springer
  • Elsevier
  • Taylor and Francis
  • IEEE
  • Annexures 1 & 2
  • Q Journals

What is the format of the journal?

The majority of scientific journal-style papers are structured into the following sections,

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Experimental procedure
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • References

But, the format of the research paper may vary based on the journal you choose. Once you go through the format of the journal, then you can start writing your journal paper. But the common sections of the journal paper always fall within these sections.

To get help in publishing your research paper in a world-class journal, you can reach our team and get assistance in succeeding at the point of a research journey.

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We consider our scholars at the center part of everything we do. We make sure that we have given customized research work to our clients across the globe. We work on the basis of the subject area. We will give you guidance for both free & paid journals. You can reach us and get professional guidance for journal paper writing & journal paper publication.

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We follow some efficient steps and methodologies to publish your research papers.
  • Make a list of potential journals to submit to, including journals with an impact factor, based on your research topic.
  • Discover the journal's rules and we'll help you follow them with our editorial service.
  • We can help you organize your research work so that you may submit the paper on time.
  • Before submitting the complete article, editors will examine your intriguing cover letter and abstract.
  • Our journal paper writing experts can assist you in finding the ideal sources for your work.
  • Your paper's acceptance is greatly aided by a strong reference list and accurate citations.
  • Our research mentors and paper writers check the technical issues to help you get through the first publishing step.
  • If the editors return your work with the adjustments requested, we provide you with free, limitless edits of your paper before resubmitting it.

Our top writers offering professional journal paper writing services work on all the sections of the paper in a segregated manner. During the first stage of the writing process, we decide on the title of the paper and formulate the research statement. HIGS will help you in,

  • Create the framework for the research design.
  • Select the top literature sources
  • Choose the appropriate tools for data collecting
  • Complete the analysis, then come up with a conclusion.

Even the most seasoned writers may find it difficult to finish a research paper. To assist you in finishing your paper, it is helpful to know where to find the top customizing services. HIGS always makes sure that we provide only,


TOP “10” TIPS 2024

  • 1. Choose the correct journal
  • 2. Know when to submit
  • 3. Write with the help of a subject expert
  • 4. Explain why your work is important
  • 5. Write first, edit later
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There are plenty of advantages you will get from HIGS. We make sure that we provide high-quality work more than your expectation. You will get the following benefits such as,

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Yes, here with HIGS, you can do free and unlimited revisions. Our team is here to guide you in each and every part of your journal paper publication. Your paper will be edited, reviewed, and proofread only by the subject-matter experts.

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