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how to write a dissertation methodology?

Steps to writing a perfect methodology for dissertation:

Your methodology section must explain the entire process of your research especially data collection and analysis on the basis of logic and philosophy. This will be an unavoidable part of your thesis or research paper. Here, we explain to you the general steps of writing a methodology part of a dissertation.


How to write a dissertation methodology in simple 7 steps :

1. Give a clear outline of the research design

In this part, you must explain the entire methodology of your research. In this section, you must explain the methods you are going to take up throughout the research programme.

2. Define the philosophy of your research

You must explain why you selected this methodology and also you must explain the idea of your research. You must explain the future scope of your research.

3. Mention your research approach

At this point, state your research problem, and explain the method of approach you choose. You must describe how you have collected the data you have used.



4. Introduce the research methodology

You can start this part by introducing your overall approach to your research.

5. Specify some key points in the methodology part

You should specify some important key points in this methodology section. This will help readers to understand your research.

6. Get professional help from proof-readers and editors

You can get professional help to make sure that your research paper/thesis is filled with high quality. This will surely help you to reduce the plagiarism percentage.

7. Plan a proper writing structure

After all, planning is most important when start writing your thesis or a research paper. You must plan a proper outline for your thesis/research paper/proposal/review paper.

  • Generate citations for your research paper/thesis from the hands of experts.

Importance of a good methodology section of your paper or a thesis

The methodology is one of the important chapters that can be found in the thesis. Your methodology part must explain the step-by-step approach that will be useful for getting answers and results of a research paper and thesis. The thesis methodology will give you exact results. It is an essential and important part of the dissertation paper. Your reader must know the details of your research paper/thesis through this methodology section.

Do’s Don’ts
Your ideas and concept of your research work must be explained in a precise way. Never write any wrong statements as it reduced the value of your research paper.
You must explain all the research techniques and methodologies used in your research. Don’t write any unnecessary content to lengthen the paper.
You can collect as much as evidence to strengthen the research results. Never fail to proofread your paper. Because plagiarism can ruin your research paper anytime.

The basic structure of your research paper

Generally, you must state the following research aspects while writing your research paper.


Draw your research procedure


You must provide the rationality behind your chosen methodology


You must explain your research mechanism


You must explain your challenges & limitations

Your methodology part lacks clarity during the following conditions,

  • If the student is busy preparing for the other part of your research work.
  • If it lacks the available literature part of your chosen research topic.
  • Lack of understanding of the research methodology
  • Lack of knowledge about the language
  • Fail to follow the university/journal guidelines.
  • Lack of fluency in written language.

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how-to-write-a-methodology-for-a-dissertation proposal
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