How to grammar check in a word?

A guide for beginners

You most likely studied the fundamentals of grammar in school, like the majority of individuals. You've undoubtedly forgotten a lot of what you studied, just like many other people. Is it improper to use a preposition to terminate a sentence? Where do the apostrophe and comma go? So, doing PhD is actually tough, and taking risks of editing the document for grammar corrections is a risky thing.


Things you should know

To have grammar & spell check, you can request a live discussion session from our team of experts.

Why grammar checking is important for a thesis?

Making sure that writing is accurate and pertinent to the research topic. By hiring our team, we will run your papers that can be automatically scanned for information on clinical trial specifics, authorship details, ethical compliance, technological compliance, and more.

Go for a holistic language improvement

What are all the tips to check grammar?

Everyone makes mistakes, but the professional grammar-checking team at HIGS will help you in editing your language with utmost perfection.

Find your mistake. And learn how to rectify them and avoid them in the future.

“12” common rules for checking grammar

1. Write complete sentences 2. Use active voice 3. Make sure that your subject & verb agree 4. Use the correct verb tense
5. Link ideas with a conjunction or semicolon 6. Use apostrophes for possessive nouns & contractions 7. Use commas correctly 8. Keep your homophones straight
9. Use a serial comma when needed 10. Use end punctuation correctly. 11. Complete your sentence with a proper subject &verb 12. Use appropriate pronouns

Why grammar checking is important?

Grammar is a vital part of any language. Grammar is not about spelling & punctuation, it is all actually an integral part of a language. Grammar is much important to frame up the sentence. So any mistakes in the language may communicate the wrong terms.

Do you know?

There are 8 important things in grammar. They are nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunction, and interaction.


Typos undoubtedly undermine a manuscript's trustworthiness. The entire meaning of a statement might be altered by certain grammatical errors. Spending time carefully revising your work will help you avoid errors.


An item list often begins with a colon. There is a set way to use colons in lists. The colon must be avoided if the portion of the sentence that comes before it cannot be understood without the portion that follows.


Two directly connected sentences are typically separated by semicolons. However, improper use of semicolons must be avoided.


A sentence's entire meaning can be altered by the inclusion or absence of commas.


A sentence's entire meaning can be altered by the inclusion or absence of commas.

Overuse of exclamation marks

Exclamation marks lose some of their punch when used excessively. To avoid losing their significance and overwhelming the reader, they should be used sparingly.

Lengthy & complicated

Long phrases with many concepts and no punctuation are frequently challenging to understand. Sentences that are shorter and more concise can say everything more clearly.

What HIGS will do for you?

  • We assist you in identifying spelling errors and making corrections for the best word combinations.
  • We detect misused words
  • Our team provides excellent word suggestions and makes a strong recommendations for excellent paragraph formation.
  • We follow standard writing guidelines
  • Remove incorrect usage of punctuation
  • We do contextual spelling corrections
  • We undergo grammar checking along with plagiarism checking.
  • Provide accurate writing suggestions for our clients.
  • We correct typographical errors
  • helps you reduce long sentences into short sentences to make them easier to read
Remove all my errors, and give me a perfectly framed paper.

“7 top tips to improve your paper”

1. Read
2. Hire professional help
3. Listen to your mentors
4. Get a grammar manual
5. Rewrite it if needed
6. Revise multiple times
7. Get a suggestion report from experts

How to check grammar of my paper by my own?

In order to check grammar mistakes in your research paper or thesis, you need to be very strong in English and also in your subject area.

The English language is a great challenge for many people. Often, it seems like a great struggle to get the grammar right. Do you experience the same? Don't worry; all you need is expert help you with the same.

Expand your vocabulary

First and foremost, you need to have a very good vocabulary if you want to communicate well in both writing and speaking. Not only does having a large vocabulary include being able to utilize the words you already know appropriately, but it also implies having a decent vocabulary.

Expert in spelling

Simply picking up a new term is insufficient. You ought to be able to accurately spell the words. Unfortunately, spelling mistakes can cause the entire sentence to lose its sense. For instance, although "bear" and "bare" sound alike, their meanings are distinct.

Pay attention to apostrophes

Never undervalue the significance of punctuation. An apostrophe can completely alter the meaning of a statement.

Remember tense

While editing your entire paper or thesis, you can concentrate on tenses. Mistakes in tenses may lose of the entire meaning of the paper.