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HIGS will stand with you as the best research paper writing service and review paper writing service in India. The reason of review paper writing is to briefly review the novel progressions in a particular research topic. So you will need a professional review article writing service to craft your paper. Overall, the review paper writing should encompass a short summary of the present state of facts about the research topic. It provides a better understanding of the topic for the reader by conferring the findings given in the PhD research papers.

A review paper is not a form "term paper"; it is not just a description of some reference. As an alternative, a review paper creates the consequences from numerous primary literature papers to generate a logical argument about a topic or focused description of a research field.

Examples of scientific review papers

There are numerous scientific review papers examples can be seen online; they can be referred in the following,

  • Scientific American Literature
  • Science in the "Perspectives" and "Reviews" section
  • Nature in the "News and Views" section
  • Compilations of reviews such as:
    • Current observation in Cell Biology
    • Current belief in Genetics & Development
    • Annual Review of Plant Physiology & Plant Molecular Biology
    • Annual Review of Physiology
    • Trends in Ecology & Evolution
  • About all scientific journals has a unique review article.

Overview of the review paper

Your review paper should contain four essential parts.

  • Introduction
  • The structure of the review paper
  • Conclusions and future directions
  • Literature cited

Organizing the review paper

In your review paper, you should always use topic headings. Your topic headings should not read the body of the paper.

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What goes into each section? Here you catch it out!

Section of the paper What it should contain?
Introduction & background Write up your introduction part briefly and deeply with regard to your research topic. In your introduction part, you must have all the background information.
Body of the review paper You should provide the experimental evidence for your current research. Describe the important results of recent researches relevant to your research topics. Explain how the previous research results will shape your current research and how it assists you to formulate your research in an effective manner. Mention the type of experiment you did and no need to explain your experiment step by step. Present your paper with tables, figures to express your own data in a unique way. And mention about the key data taken directly from other research papers.
  • Briefly summarize your major points
  • Point out the importance of the results
  • Discuss the questions that remain in the research topic and domain.
  • Keep your conclusion brief and clear.
Reference Your guide will offer you a minimum number of references that you must include in your review paper under the reference section. Notably, 7-10 references are needed.

What are all the types of review papers

Narrative or Traditional literature reviews

Narrative or Traditional type of review paper is a summarizing the body of literature about the research topic. The literature review is organized from the applicable databases. The criterion for the literature review selection for a description review is not always made open for all the readers. The review paper is actually very helpful in meeting and synthesizing the literature placed. The principle motive of a narrative review is to provide the author and reader a comprehensive summary of the topic and to emphasize the important areas of the research, narrative reviews will aid you in the identification of gaps in the research and aid you to process and define the research queries. Where a narrative approach varies from a systematic approach is in the notation of search method criteria for the selection, this can leave narrative reviews open for all the suggestions of bias.

Scoping reviews

A scoping review is a type of literature review where it is quite similar to a systematic literature review. The main variation is that there are no limitations on the material resource. The reason for the scoping review is to get all the materials about the research topic. When undertaking a scoping review it is most important to systematize the research strategies to make sure that you can duplicate your researches and to focus on any mistakes that appear in the consequences.

When analyzing and sorting the results, again you can apply various measures used in a systematic review so that your research results are sorted by means of key terms.

Systematic Quantitative literature review

Picking up the systematic quantitative literature review

The Pickering method is a thorough guide for the systematic literature review processing and it has videos and examples of:

  • How to set up a methodical and quantitative literature review
  • How to formulate a review criteria category
  • How to trace criteria data with spreadsheet
  • How to take on analysis process of the literature
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Cochrane reviews

Cochrane Reviews are a type of systematic reviews that involves primary research in human health care and health policy, and these types of reviews are globally recognized and aimed for the highest standard in evidence based health care. They examine the effects of involvements for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. They also review the accurateness of a diagnostic test for a specified condition in an exact patient group and setting.

When analyzing and sorting the results, again you can apply various measures used in a systematic review so that your research results are sorted by means of key terms.

Tips for the review of scientific research paper

  • Don’t recognize a research paper if it does not belongs to your research field. When you recognize a research paper out of your research field, the majority of your conclusion will not be good and correct. In addition, you will use a longer time to recognize and review. Accepting a review paper out of your possibility will direct to holdup in the review progression.
  • Choose the topic and outline the review
  • Clearly get the journal publication guidelines in order to review the articles.
  • Get and use a reference management program, for example end note, papers and more
  • Start reading and start writing and present some accurate and useful data.
  • Edit, rewrite it carefully
  • Get feedback and finally submit your article.

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People usually ask for…

  • Step 1: Explain about a research topic.
  • Step 2: Search and Research for the Literature review.
  • Step 3: get Notes while Reading.
  • Step 4: Prefer the Type of Review You Wish to proceed.
  • Step 5: Keep the review focused, but make it broad.
  • Step 6: Be serious and reliable.
  • Step 7: Find a logical structure.
  • Introduce your research topic.
  • Explain the significance of your research topics
  • Disclose your thesis to the reader.
The review article must be presented in the form of an unbiased summary of the present understanding of the research topic, so the peer reviewer will assess the selection of studies that are cited by the paper. As the review article includes a large amount of comprehensive information and among this, its structure and flow are also important.

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