Review Paper Format

Review Paper Format

07-10-2022 Review-Paper-Format

HIGS will give you a clear explanation of the review paper format. The chief motive of the review paper in your PhD is to briefly reviewthe wholeprogress of a particular research topic. In general, the paper explains the present state of research knowledge on the PhD research topic. It formulates a clearunderstanding of the research topic for the reader by conferring the findings presented in the recent PhD research paper.

Just have a look at this to know about how to write an effective review paper

1. Define the scope of the article.

  • You canmake an outline of your research topic
  • Keep a huge list of research topics that are and are not within the scope of your research.
  • You should always be ready to stop your readingany time when your reading goes outside of your research scope.

2. Consider your lab mates and colleaguesas invaluable resources.

  • Each one of your research sourceshas a particular area of expertise that’s possiblysomewhatdissimilar from your own sources.
  • Ask and discuss with your colleagues your collected resources. And confirm with your colleagues about the research papers they would give to a student to read.
  • You can also ask your colleaguesabout what are all the most important recent advances in the chosen researchfield.

3. Don’t stay on previous PhD review articles

  • Previous review articles that have been written on your sameresearch topic can become anunfortunate thing because that can suck up your time.
  • It may give you unnecessary insecurity about the involvementthat you’re trying to make in your research field.
  • But make your research work and familiarize yourself with their given content.
  • Make yourself comfortable with the recent review articles. This may seem clear before collecting relevant reviews on your research topic.

4. Hire some review paper writing expertswho can also help you inthe editing & proofreading process.

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Keep all of these in your mind before start writing your literature review part…

Narrow your research topic and select your research papers accordingly

Consider your area of research. Always think about what interests you and what interest other researchers in your research field. Talk more with the community people to find out the recent issues and periodicals in your research field.

Search for the latest literature

Try to define your source selection criteria whichare articles published within a specific date range, focusing on a specific geographic region, or using a specific methodology. Here you can use a keyword and you can search for a library database. You can use a reference list of recent articles and reviews that can lead to other useful papers.

Read out the selected article completely and evaluate them

You can evaluate and synthesize the research study and its findings and conclusions. You can point out the experts in the research field. You can denote the names that are frequently referenced. You can include theories, results, and methodologies of the latest research studies.

Organize the selected papers and develop a subtopic.

You can categorize your research paper on the basis of findings that are common, you can point out the important trends in the current research.

Develop a thesis or purpose statement accordingly

You can write a one or two-sentencestatement that summarizes the conclusion you have reached about the major improvement in the chosen research field. You can follow the latest trends to strengthen your research statement.

Start writing your paper

After all these, you can start writing your research paper. You can organize your paper structure on the basis of university/journal rules.Refer to more articles and follow up on the trends and implement them on your review paper without fail.

Review your work

Once you finish writing all your review paper parts, just pass them on to the review process. You must look over the sentences of each paragraph. You must review the entire work to find out and correct the grammatical errors, spelling errors, plagiarism and more.



You may conduct a basic level of research on your particular research area. And this basic level of research cannot solve any particular research problem. So conducting deep research on a particular research topic is much needed.

2. No proper statement

You must point out the research statement properly. So before writing a review, your research work must gather all the important points of your research. You must state all the important statement.

3. Poor formatting of the paper

There are so many challenges in writing your review paper. You must follow up the guideline properly. There should not be any unnecessary questions and terms. There should be supportive statements beside each and every structure of the picture.

4. Plagiarism checking

This is the most important step of review paper writing. You must remove all the duplicate content from the document. Always try to meet the given plagiarism percentage of the University. If not, you may have a chance to meet paper rejection.

5. Poor language

Your poor language in the review paper can ruin your entire paper. It may give you a chance of rejection. You need to rewrite your paper again and again.