FAQ About Our PhD Assistance

FAQ About Our PhD Assistance

University Registration

Can you get admission to my preferred University? Or else you will choose the University?

No, it's based on your requirements and we will analyze the choice of your University and your domain.

How you will select the University? Can you suggest me any good University for my PhD?

HIGS can't tell the suggested University names without knowing your domains and other research needs. So once we know all the details regards to the chosen domain and other needs, we can suggest the best University

Guide Selection

Could you help me with the guide selection?

Yes! We people will help you in guide selection based on your research domain and University.

Will you help me in getting a guide in my location?

Yes. But, we will try to get you a guide in your location based on availability.

Topic Selection

What are all the domains you cover?

As we mentioned on our website, we are teamed up with professionals of more than 100+ subject matter experts. So we can cover almost all the domains.

Will you help me in selecting my research topic?

Why not? We will be with you in complete PhD assistance, so we will guide you in the topic selection part as well.

Literature Review

How will you carry out my literature review part?

At HIGS, we have a separate subject matter experts with high level of experience. They will analyze your research topic and find out the relevant research gaps in it.

How will you carry out my literature review part?

At HIGS, we have a separate subject matter experts with high level of experience. They will analyze your research topic and find out the relevant research gaps in it.

Implementation Process

What are all the implementation steps you people carrying out?

Our team is taking part in carrying out JAVA, Python, NS2, Matlab, simulink, and more implementation process.

Will you people arrange any demo sessions for me?

Yes, our team will arrange a demo session for you based on your convenient time.

Research Methodology

What are all the research methodologies you people carrying out?

We carry out various research methodologies for our clients. It is based on the topic you have selected and also the depth of your research.

Do you have specific domain experts to carry out my research work?

Yes. HIGS especially teamed up with the domain experts almost for all the domains to carry out your research work.

Research Paper Writing?

If I make some changes after you edited it, is the quality of HIGS is still valid?

If you have made some changes after our editing process, HIGS can't give quality assurance. If you are not sure about the quality level and other standards, you can reach us for reediting.

What if I want to make some minor changes in my paper after you have edited it?

If you want to make some minor changes in your research paper, then send us a revised document of your paper and we can re-edit it.

Journal Paper Publication

Can you provide me any journal publication lists and charges?

Sorry! We can't tell you the appropriate prices and publication lists. Once you submit the abstract and title to us, then only we can suggest the appropriate journals to our clients under all domains.

Can you suggest me any journals?

As we have mentioned above, you have to send us a journal topic or entire paper. We will go through your entire paper or we will analyze your suitable journal.

Thesis Writing, Editing and Proofreading

Are you provided with separate proofreading experts?

Yes, our team has subject matter experts with extreme knowledge and experience.

Will you help me with thesis writing as well as the editing process?

Yes! Our team will provide excellent PhD thesis writing help for you and also if you want to edit your thesis, our editor team will take care of it.

How long time you will take to edit my thesis?

Sorry! We can commit you with the time without analyzing the requirement of your work. Let us know the credentials, and then we will let you know the time line.

What about plagiarism?

Each and every research work is given by us are 100% original and we can make sure that we can give 100% assurance for plagiarism-free content.

Do you have Native-English speaking experts to edit my work?

Yes. We have an entire team of thesis writing, editing, proofreading experts from Native-English speaking backgrounds.

Will you consider my requirements while editing my work?

Yes. We will consider all your requirements while editing your research work.

Price and Discount Details

Do I get a free-trial regarding my research work?

Yes, HIGS will arrange some free-trial sessions for our clients.

How much do you charge?

Actually, our team is economically priced with affordable price tags. But it may get varied based on the services you choose.

What is the method of payment? Will I have to make a payment upfront?

Yes, we will request you to pay some amount upfront. Then you can use the available features of HIGS.

Do you charge any amounts for the revision process? Or is there any hidden charges?

No, actually our payment methods are so transparent and we won't charge any hidden amount from our clients.

Will you provide me any offers and discounts during any occasional season?

We won't provide any occasional discounts, but if you are a regular client of HIGS, we will provide some discount offers for you. And we have an option of client referral, and then you can avail some exciting offers.

What will the price for my entire project that is from University registration to the viva process?

Sorry, without knowing your requirements we can't give the price quotes. To know more about each and every service and price quote you can go through our services and supports page.

Duration of Work

Can you meet tight deadlines?

Yes, we can. But your project must have minimum works to be implemented. And also it is based on the availability of writers and research assistance.

Can you provide me the standard work duration?

We can't give the working duration without knowing the requirements and depth of your work. On our website we have left the options to provide the urgency date, so we will try to work based on your chosen deadline.

Do you have any option to select my own deadline in an order form?

Yes. All the forms have an option to select your own deadline. For example, you can refer

Quality Measures

How can we work together with the physical absence between us?

We assign separate project coordinators to every research work. So we will be available during our working time through online Modes .

How can I believe that my information is safe with you?

Our team will safeguard your information with a separate password and username. And our team will not share any kind of information with third-party persons.

What will be your first promise if I place an order?

"High quality, confidentiality, and on-time delivery"- these are our highest commitments.

Consultation Process

Will you provide any consultation process for my PhD?

Our team will provide A to Z consultation service for your PhD and will provide innovative research ideas with the help of subject matter experts.

Technical Discussion

Do you have a technical expert team available for my domain?

For all the domains we have a technical expert. We have more than 50 domain experts. You can talk with them anytime.