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Janmashtami is celebrated to honor the birth of Lord Krishna, Lord Vishnu's 8th avatar on Earth. The birth of Lord Krishna signifies the victory of good over evil. On the day of Krishna Janmashtami, devotees of Lord Krishna will offer prayers, and various rituals inspired by the life of Baby Krishna will be carried out throughout the country.

When is Janmashtami celebrated ?

There is a belief in India that, Bhagavan Sri Krishna was born at midnight on Ashtami tithi (8thday) under RohiniNakshatra. The month of Lord Krishna's birth is Shravan according to Amanta calendar and Bhadrapad in Purnimantha calendar. This is related tothe August - September months on the English calendar and the correct date relies on the lunar calendar.

Facts of Krishna Jayanthi

  • 1) Krishna Janmashtami is observed on the anniversary of Lord Krishna's birth.
  • 2) This celebration is also known as Janmashtami, Gokulashtami, and Krishna Jayanti.
  • 3) This event takes place on the eighth day of Bhadon, as indicated by the Hindu calendar.
  • 4) Since Lord Krishna was born at midnight, the celebration is primarily observed at night.
  • 5) People go to temples on this day to ask Lord Krishna for his grace.

Significance of Janmashtami festival :

On the "8th day of Dark Fortnight" in the month of Bhadon (August-September), the glorious Lord Krishna was born. In the Hindu calendar, the month of Bhadon is lucky. Since Lord Krishna is said to have been born at midnight, believers believe that the event should also be celebrated at that time. To express their gratitude and devotion to the revered Lord Krishna, they observe a full-day fast.

The victory of good over evil is one of the celebrations of Krishna Jannmashtami’s most significant meanings. People are led to believe that good always triumphs over evil, regardless of how difficult things grow. Hindu parents frequently tell their children about Krishna's victory so that they may have faith in the triumph of good over evil.

"It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else's life with perfection."
-Lord Krishna

Things to learn during Krishna Jayanthi :

There are many lessons to be gained from Sri Krishna because we know that he served as Arjun's preacher in the Mahabharata. Some of these lessons include:

Pure Love

Sri Krishna represents unadulterated love. Everyone is familiar with the tale of Krishna and Radha. Krishna exhibited the virtue of selfless love by loving Radha with all of his heart and soul.

Everything happens for good

Krishna advocated the idea that everything that has happened and will happen will do so for the best.

We Should perform our duty without any desire for fruit

Krishna also exhorts us to carry out our duties with fidelity and integrity and to never worry about the outcome.

Change in the law of the universe

The statement "Bdlaw is Vishwa ka niyam hai" was made by Krishna. He sought to convey the idea that nothing is permanent, that time is constantly changing, and that you should become accustomed to changing circumstances.

You came blank handed and you go blank handed

Additionally, Krishna remarked that "tum khali hath hi aaye the aur khali hath hi jaogey". He sought to convey the idea that everyone is born without anything, and they likewise leave this world empty-handed. As a result, individuals should never be greedy.

For all Hindus, Krishna Janmashtami is a very significant holiday, and on that day, they also observe a fast. The following day after midnight, the followers break their fast. Additionally, they perform aarti and sing songs in praise of Lord Krishna, Lord Vishnu, and Krishna. Devotees also sing a few of the Lord's shlokas.