Short Cover Letter Sample

Short Cover Letter Sample


A cover letter is a one-page content. It must explain why your work is perfect for the journal. Cover letters can summarize your manuscript quickly for the journal editor. It must highlight the important findings of the research work. The cover letter must inform the scope, novelty, and research impact of the manuscript. HIGS will give you a clear format for a short cover letter sample for freshers. We give you a cover letter on the basis of the journal guidelines and according to your customized requirements.

How to structure a cover letter?

There is a general format for writing a cover letter. But it may vary based on the journal. Here, HIGS has given the general format of writing a cover letter for your journal. You can also download the free cover letter format from us. Just look over the format.


Corresponding author:

You should mention the corresponding author details i.e., who is writing the research manuscript. You should include the department name, university name, and the email ID of the author.

Date of submission:

You must mention the submission date, month, date, and year of paper submission to the particular journal.

Paper detail:

You must include the title of the paper, and the journal name (in which you are going to publish your paper). And mention why your research paper has to be published in that particular journal. What are the specifications of your paper and how does it match that journal?


You need to declare that your research paper is not submitted to any other journal.

Author details:

Again you need to mention the corresponding author’s name, department, university, and email ID.

Conflict of Interest:

A conflict of interest can occur when you and your sponsor have a financial, commercial, legal, or professional relationship with other organizations, or with the people working with them, that could influence your research. When you submit your paper to a journal, full disclosure is required.

Signature of the corresponding Author:

Close your cover letter with your (Author’s) signature.

Things to avoid while writing your cover letter

  • Don’t just copy your abstract of the research paper into your cover letter.
  • Do not use too much jargon or too many acronyms
  • Don’t make your language too complicated to read & understand.
  • Avoid using too much detailed content.
  • Don’t include so many pages in your cover letter.
  • Avoid making spelling, grammar, and other language issues in your cover letter.

Mr/Mrs. (name)
Research Scholar
Department of Research (department)
University of Research (university) (email)

Dear Editor:

I am pleased to submit an original research article entitled "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(title of the research)" for consideration for publication in xxxxxxxx (journal name).

We believe that this manuscript is appropriate for publication by (journal name), the journal scope is related to our paper.


(State why your paper is matching with that particular journal)


This manuscript has not been published and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

We have no conflicts of interest to disclose.


Please address all correspondence concerning this manuscript to me at (email)

Thank you for your consideration of this manuscript.



Mr. (name) & signature

Ready to submit?

Once you finish writing & editing everything, the next thing you need to do is write your eye-catching cover letter. We are here with our best document editors, and writers to nail your work in every possible aspect. You can approach us for the following reasons.

  • Customized cover letter
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Top “10” mistakes that you could make in your cover letter

Here, we have experienced the mistakes from our clients. We have listed some of them below. They are,

  • Exceeding one page
  • Excess information
  • Being so formal
  • Using a general greeting
  • Clumsy language
  • Sharing irrelevant information
  • Failing to proofread
  • Grammar errors
  • Regrettable fonts
  • Inappropriate greetings

Common facts about the cover letter

  • The cover letter is not part of your manuscript, it can affect how the journal editor recognizes your submission.
  • A cover letter customized to the journal, introduces your work smoothly and is free from spelling and grammatical errors.
  • It can help the journal editor view your submission on a positive note before he or she even looks over your manuscript.
  • “We hope our tips and model PDF files can help you to create professional, complete cover letters in a time-effective way”


What is the importance of writing a cover letter for the journal?

  • When writing your manuscript for journal publication, a well-written cover letter can help your paper step into the next stage of the paper submission process.
  • A good cover letter can help you market your manuscript to the journal editor team.
  • Your impressive cover letter will grab the positive attention of the editor's team.

Here are some reasons why drafting a good cover letter is so important and how you can make it impressive:

Introduces your article

A journal cover letter allow you to introduce your article. It must explain its relevance to the journal's scope and audience. It must give a summary of your key findings and how they contribute to the research field.

Demonstrates professionalism

A well-written cover letter establishes that you have taken the time and effort to craft a thoughtful submission.

Highlights your expertise

An impressive cover letter can showcase your expertise in the current field of research. You can also provide any relevant previous information or research experience.

Addresses potential concerns

If there are any potential concerns about your research regarding conflicts of interest or overlapping content with another publication, it is a medium to address them.

Establishes a professional relationship

A well-written professional cover letter will help you to maintain a positive professional relationship with editors. It can set the tone for future collaborations.

When do I hire a writer to write my Cover Letter?

There are certain stages when you need to hire a professional writer to write a cover letter. Here, we have mentioned some stages where you need to get help from HIGS to write a cover letter.

HIGS not only assists cover letter writing, but we also help you in paper writing, editing, and publishing. So, you can hire HIGS in the following conditions such as

  • If you are running out of time to write your submission date.
  • If you are unaware of the rules of a journal cover letter
  • When you don’t have an example of a short cover letter
  • If you are unable to write the cover letter due to the lack of knowledge.
  • You can get assistance for paper writing, editing, publication, and cover letter writing in one place.

Short note for writing a catchy cover letter:

  • Addressee's information and date of submission. Opening salutation.
  • Purpose statement and administrative information.
  • Summary of main research findings and implications.
  • Statements or information required by the journal.
  • Add a closing note and include your contact information.

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