UGC Approved Journal List


journals indexed in databases of international recognition. These periodicals are classified as Group II on the UGC-CARE List. HIGS provides the UGC approved journal list 2023-2024. UGC actually covers almost all the research disciplines such as Engineering, technology, Arts, Humanities, Social Science, Marketing, Computer Science, Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, and more.

The UGC Approved Journals are the publication channels where you may publish your works. Your paper will only be accepted by the University Grant Commission if it is published in a journal that has been approved by them. It should be noted that any additional private journals that are not listed on the 2021 List will not be accepted.

How to check UGC care list journals?

There are so many PhD research topics available under Architecture discipline. We have listed several research topics for your referral. They are,

  • Step 1: Go to, the UGC CARE official website.
  • Step 2: Fill all the necessary information to register, then carefully choose a password.
  • Step 3: To access the website, enter your email address and password.
  • Step 4: As previously indicated, you can now search for the journals that are classified into Groups I and II.
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UGC-Care has divided whole list of journals into four main groups which are explained here


Publications from research journals across all fields that are included in Web of Science (Source Publication), Science Citation Index Expanded Source Publication, and Arts and Humanities Citation Index Source Publication indexes (Source List) within Scopus.


UGC Care List of Journals from the prior list that meet the requirements outlined in the analytic procedures.


Recommended journals by certified members of the UGC-CARE Council across all fields, as per the analytical methodologies.


Publications submitted by UGC-CARE Universities in all fields and tongues that meet the requirements of the analytical procedures.

Why does a researcher need to choose a UGC approved journal?

“To promote only quality research , academic integrity and publication ethics in all Universities”
  • 1. To stop publications in questionable, predatory, or subpar journals that reflect poorly and damage the reputation of Indian academia.
  • 2. To stop publications in questionable, predatory, or subpar journals that reflect poorly and damage the reputation of Indian academia.
  • 3. To keep up the UGC-CARE List of High-Quality Journals for all uses in academia.

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There are a total of 1456 journals included in this 2024 list, which is divided into 5 key subjects. The table below allows you to view the UGC Approved Journals 2024 by subject :

Subjects Total UGC Approved journals 2024
Science 456
Social Science 367
Art & Humanities 393
Multidisciplinary 86
Indian Languages 278

How to get your paper published in a UGC journal?

The steps for publishing a manuscript in a journal approved by the UGC are listed below. The processes listed below will also assist researchers who are wondering how to publish a research paper in Scopus, as the UGC group 2 journal list is also accepted for publication.

  • Look up a few reputable online journals related to the research topic.
  • Consult about those journals with a research mentor.
  • Check the journal's publication fees.
  • Improve the research paper content as per published paper on UGC journals, flow, result section, etc
  • Always submit a paper that is between 12 and 18 pages long
  • Try to include sub authors with strong profiles.
  • Authors having good institution profiles have a high chance of paper selection.
  • Once the work is accepted for journal review, you must wait for the reviewer's answer. Try reaching out to an editor if you want a reviewer to respond quickly.

What Makes UGC Indexed Journals So Highly Sought After?

  • Apart from other well-known indexing databases like Scopus, Web of Science, ISI, etc. UGC is one of the most well-known journal indexing databases in the world today.
  • Scholars are continuously searching for journals that have the capacity to publish their research to the greatest number of academics worldwide, allowing them to share their ground-breaking discoveries, thought-provoking conclusions, and innovative results.
    • It is necessary for researchers to conduct reliable research such as in,
      • Every result obtained is entirely original and authentic.
      • The research techniques utilized are extensive,
      • The scope for exploration that it offers,
      • Research topic you choose, etc.
  • Still, it is not a given that the best researchers will always be selected to publish their articles and papers in prestigious journals and publications that are indexed by databases like UGC.
  • This is where knowledge of the publication process and awareness of how the publication process in an international journal UGC typically works.
  • Because publishing in UGC journals ensures the following benefits, researchers, academics, scientists, scholars, students, educators, and many other professionals performing research work highly value UGC publications.
  • Enable researchers and scholars to share their ground-breaking discoveries with the global academic community,
  • Provide them the opportunity to obtain the vital money needed to either do more in-depth study or start investigating a completely new research topic or phenomenon.
  • Designing with rainwater in a contemporary city
  • Repurposing an adaptive river park
  • Modifying a building design to fit the local environment


Selecting the ideal UGC journal necessitates giving much effort and attention to details about things like,

  • The journal's background and importance to your field,
  • The journal's research and its audience,
  • You must consider the connection between your own study and the kind of work that the magazine usually publishes,
  • The process of publication followed by the journal,
  • the reputation of the writers whose research work is typically published, how well you fit within this reputation, etc.
  • One of the previously mentioned components that may confound you and make you wonder why it should be taken into account is the journal's publication process.
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