Project Proposal Sample


Your project proposal sample for your PhD research should be a passionate statement of your goals and motivations, a clear statement of your comprehension of the body of literature, and a clear definition of at least one research topic that has the potential to yield novel or previously undiscovered information, together with your suggested methodology. It should include a summary of your research interests and the overall understanding of the subject.

PhD admission process requires submitting a research proposal unless you want to join an already-existing, publicly announced research project (you may find these projects in our Doctoral Researcher Database).

Steps to write your PhD project proposal

You need to create a research proposal while applying for a PhD. A strong PhD proposal describes your topic's importance and your research strategy.

Title page

The project title is usually around ten words long and indicates what you plan to study


It needs to have a beginning, middle, and end. It is a well-developed paragraph that needs to be precise in its phrasing and accessible to a broad readership.


Describe the topic of the study: Emphasize the significance of the research topic or field. Give a brief history of the subject.

Research methodology

Typically, the methodology section of your work opens with a summary or essay formatted in paragraphs that explain the validity, procedure, and reasoning behind your research.


In order to match the study's findings with your research question or questions, the results section summarizes and presents the findings.


An introduction, a middle paragraph, and a conclusion are the three sections that make up the discussion section. A "divide and conquer" strategy, in which each study goal is fully described in a paragraph, can be applied to intermediate paragraphs.


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What should not be included in the research proposal?

A research proposal should clearly and precisely state your hypothesis, question, and anticipated results. The research project you plan to carry out as part of your PhD program is outlined in a PhD proposal.

Ignore unnecessary wording

Don't use too general or ambiguous wording in your proposal. When describing your research question and methodology, ensure it is precise and clear.

Ignore ethical issues

You must ensure that there are no ethical issues, such as participant privacy and informed consent, that may exist throughout your research.


Avoid cutting and pasting text from other sources without giving due credit. Plagiarism is a severe transgression that is subject to disciplinary action.

Ignore proofreading

You must properly proofread your proposal to identify any formatting, spelling, or punctuation mistakes.


You can draft an effective research proposal that lays the groundwork for a strong dissertation or thesis by adhering to these guidelines. Wishing you success as you conduct your research!

Simple steps for PhD proposal format

  • a) Introduction: Clearly express the importance of the suggested study topic.
  • b) Background: Give a brief overview of the body of knowledge pertinent to the study.
  • c) Research Questions: Clearly state the questions you hope to resolve with your investigation.
  • d) Objectives: Specify your aims and the outcomes you hope to obtain from the study.
  • e) Methodology: List the instruments and research techniques you intend to employ.
  • f) Significance: Emphasize the possible influence and contribution of your study.
  • g) Timeline: Establish a reasonable timeline for finishing the various research phases.

How to write your document?

  • Clearly state your goals and research topic without adding extraneous detail.
  • Make sure your proposal follows a logical flow of ideas by organizing it clearly and succinctly.
  • Exhibit a thorough comprehension of the prior research.
  • Give a concise description of the research techniques and instruments you intend to use.
  • Confirm that the approach is feasible, taking time, money, and ethical considerations into account.
  • Clearly state how your research relates to the field.
  • Emphasize the importance and possible influence of your suggested research.
  • Create a reasonable schedule for finishing the various phases of your study.
  • Verify that the timetable you have in mind fits the general parameters of your project.
  • Make sure that each element of your proposal helps you to attain the research goals.
  • Stay clear of adding extraneous details that contradict the main idea of your research.
  • Discuss any ethical issues raised by your research.
  • Show that you are familiar with the moral standards that apply to your work.
  • Remain receptive to criticism and prepared to amend your plan in light of wise remarks.
  • To improve the caliber of your proposal, ask mentors or peers for advice.
  • Speak plainly; stay away from jargon and convoluted sentences.
  • Make sure readers with varying degrees of experience in your subject can easily understand your proposal.
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