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HIGS will be your ultimate choice for PhD IEEE research paper formatting. We are here with more than 50 document editors to format your paper in a prescribed format. Here we have given the basic formatting rules for an IEEE paper. We are proud to work on The premier publication for comprehensive research and review coverage of the technological advancements that impact society, providing review and survey articles. A common format for research papers in technical subjects, especially computer science, is the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) style.


What is the suggested format of an IEEE paper?

When submitting an article for publication in an IEEE journal, you have to abide by these rules. Among the important rules are:

  • Your work needs to be formatted in two columns, with a 4.22 mm (0.17") gap between each column. Every paragraph needs to be nested.
  • Every paragraph needs to be justified, both to the left and to the right.
  • Times New Roman or Times typeface should be used throughout the entire document.
  • Formatting the text in Times New Roman, 10 points, with two columns.
  • Placing a collection of keywords, an abstract, and a byline at the beginning of the research article
  • Any equations, tables, and figures should be positioned at the top or bottom of a column rather than in the center.
  • Using heading designs that are proper for each and every heading you use
  • Concluding with a comprehensive list of IEEE references
  • Failed to include page numbers

Heading Style

To make the title and other heading levels in your paper stand out from one another, IEEE suggests using particular heading styles. Each of them has built-in styles in the template. 24 point type is used for the paper title.

Level 1 text heading

It starts with a roman number and is centered, written in title case, small caps, and other formatting.

Level 2 text heading

It starts with a capital letter and ends with a period. They are written in title case, italicized, and positioned to the left.

Level 3 text heading

A number appears at the start, and then a closing parenthesis. They have sentence case formatting, are italicized, and are indented similarly to a standard paragraph. The heading is followed immediately by the section's text, separated by a colon.

Level 3 text heading

It starts with a lowercase letter and ends with a parenthesis. They are written in sentence case, italicized, and indented a little bit more than a typical paragraph. The colon in the headline is immediately followed by the content of the section.

Component heading

These are utilized for various parts of your report that are not part of the main body, like the references and acknowledgments. They are centered, written in title case, small caps, and lack numbering.

How to present an abstract in an IEEE

An abstract that summarizes the contents of your article must be included in IEEE paper format. It follows your name and affiliation at the beginning of the document.
The term "Abstract" appears first in the abstract, italicized, and is followed by an em dash. Right on the same line comes the abstract itself. Bold typeface is used throughout the entire section. Use our free IEEE paper format template to determine the appropriate format for your IEEE abstract and other sections of the article.

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Should IEEE papers have the page numbers?

No, a paper in IEEE format does not have page numbers. Page numbers are not required in the manuscript if you are submitting to an IEEE publication, but they will be inserted in the final version.

What is the reason for 99% of the paper rejection?

A research paper needs to be written with meticulous attention to detail, a methodical approach, and clear idea transmission. You can improve the caliber and significance of your research by avoiding these typical errors. Use these suggestions when you're writing to make sure your research paper is well-written, clear, and makes a significant contribution to your field of study. There are plenty of reasons that IEEE gives for the research paper rejection. They are,

  • Language errors
  • Poor grammar
  • Repetition of ideas
  • Weak introductions
  • Fail to edit & proofread
  • Ignoring recommended guidelines
  • Fail to check the plagiarism
  • Fail to include references
  • Choosing irrelevant journal
  • Fail to submit the paper within the timeline.
  • Insufficient planning & organization
  • Weak thesis statement
  • Neglecting a thorough literature review
  • Inadequate research methodology
  • Poor source selection & integration
  • Lack of critical analysis
  • Weak structure & coherence
How to find mistakes in a research paper?

The following are crucial and necessary checks for your manuscript to be accepted for publication: looking for logical and flow breaks, making sure fonts and formatting are consistent, removing spelling and grammar errors, reviewing your references and citations, and making sure your submission is complete. However, failing to notice, or misinterpreting these crucial criteria is a frequent writing error committed by some aspiring academics; this could be interpreted as a lack of effort or a failure to follow directions.

The typical range for an acceptable margin of error at the 95% confidence level is 4% to 8%. While achieving a small margin of error is crucial, obtaining a fully representative sample is the true trick of the trade.

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