PhD in Mathematics


PhD mathematics is a doctoral degree program of a minimum of ‘3’ years of duration. This will take a maximum time of ‘6’ years and deals with various mathematics concepts such as the study of space, structure, change, and quantity.

The eligibility criteria for PhD in Mathematics depends on the chosen university. Every university possesses unique and different criteria for PhD courses. But they will be common and differ by one or two criteria. To let you know these criteria, we have listed below. They are,

  • Candidates must complete their master's degree in mathematics, physical science, or related field.
  • Candidates must have obtained a minimum of 60% aggregate score in class 12.
  • Candidates must appear for the relevant entrance exams such as UGC and NET.

Latest PhD research topics in Mathematics

There are numerous topics available for PhD in Mathematics. Here we have listed some of the latest PhD research topics in Mathematics. They are,

  • 1. Algebra
  • 2. Algebraic geometry
  • 3. Applied Mathematics
  • 4. Combinatorics
  • 5. Commutative algebra
  • 6. Differential equations
  • 7. Geometry & topology
  • 8. Graph theory
  • 9. Higher Derivations
  • 10. Mathematical Biology
  • 11. Mathematical finance
  • 12. Matroid theory
  • 13. Number theory
  • 14. Numerical analysis
  • 15. Predictive models
  • 16. Quantum mechanics
  • 17. Random matrix theory
  • 18. Representation theory
  • 19. Set theory & logic
  • 20. Several complex variables
  • 21. Statistical forecasting
  • 22. Statistical math
  • 23. String theory
  • 24. Topology & Geometry And More

How can HIGS help you with a PhD in Mathematics?

We are teamed up with experts in the field of Mathematics. Each of our team members is well qualified and has a minimum of 5+ years of experience. Our team possesses 12 experts to guide you in your PhD research in Mathematics. Our experts are PhD experts in Mathematics and all of our team members are master's degree holders.

Our team has guided more than 500 projects to date. You can reach us to pick up the research topic, get university admission, write proposals, review papers, research papers, do implementation process, for journal publication, write a thesis, for all sorts of research document editing process, PhD viva process, Guideship process, and more.


  • Algebraic topology
  • Complex networks
  • Medical imaging
  • Data Analytics
  • Differential geometry
  • Integer partitions
  • Machine Learning
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Cryptography and more
To get in touch with our PhD experts in Mathematics, you can dial 6382814563 and you can send a mail to We will be with you from the beginning of the research to the end.

Our ongoing projects

Maths is a vast subject area. Here, picking up an easy & contemporary topic is a daunting task. Some of the PhD topics in Mathematics we are currently performing include,

  • Computational optimization
  • Control theory
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Graph theory
  • Matroid theory
  • Numerical analysis
  • Quantum mechanics
  • Random matrix theory
  • Statistical forecasting
  • String theory

Is doing PhD in Mathematics difficult?

PhD in Mathematics is one of the toughest PhD programs. It sometimes makes you wonder whether you will be able to finish. To get it done, you should concentrate on the entire part of your PhD program. However writing your papers, doing publications, and checking plagiarism as a single person is difficult. So, to do effective PhD research in Mathematics, you must hire help from our experts.

What can you do with a PhD in Mathematics?

With a PhD in Mathematics, you can work in education, government, corporate, and private corporations. You can work as a post-doctoral research associate, a math professor, a research scientist, a director of research analytics, an asset manager, and more.

What are all the qualifications our experts possess?
  • They are masters in Basic Arithmetics such as basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • Our team of Mathematicians has skills in developing Mathematical principles, understanding relationships between existing principles, and solving real-world problems.
  • They can expand Mathematical knowledge by developing new principles.
  • They recognize previously unknown relationships between known Mathematical principles.
  • They can develop computational methods & computer codes
  • They can compare inferences derived from models with observations and experiments.

Why do we need to contact HIGS for PhD research?

HIGS is a top-notch research service provider for your PhD degree. We are here with endless research services with the prime motive of providing world-class services for our clients. We are here with services such as,

Syllabus for PhD in Mathematics

The syllabus for PhD in Mathematics is subjective in Nature and depends on the particular institute. PhD in Mathematics subjects syllabus composed of both theoretical & practical subjects. Research scholars can find a complete PhD in Mathematics syllabus from HIGS. You can contact our team to learn more about the syllabus of PhD in Mathematics.

What is the scope of PhD in Mathematics?

The scope of PhD mathematics is huge and has many opportunities in private and government sectors. After the PhD mathematics degree programs, candidates are offered successful & ample job opportunities in the academic and corporate sectors, depending on the experience of the graduate.

Benefits of studying PhD in Mathematics

PhD in Mathematics is a highly prestigious degree. It offers a wide range of career opportunities for scholars. The employment opportunities are strong in the PhD degree. You can also get government jobs in banks, colleges, investment banking, Indian civil service, Commerce industry, Inventory management, Business industry, Research & development firms, synopagencies, and Inventory management.

Various PhD degrees in Mathematics

PhD in mathematics is divided into many categories based on the research areas. Here, we come up with a list of unique PhD degrees that give you a great scope in the future. They are,

  • PhD in Advanced science
  • PhD in Applied Mathematics
  • PhD in Computer Science & Mathematics
  • PhD in Discrete Mathematics
  • PhD in Geometry & Mathematical Physics
  • PhD in Mathematical analysis & modeling
  • PhD in Pure Mathematics
  • PhD in Integrated applied mathematics
  • PhD in Applied informatics & Applied Mathematics
  • PhD in computational & applied mathematics
  • PhD in Informatics & Computational Science
  • PhD in Mathematical Engineering
  • PhD in Mathematical modeling
  • PhD in Mathematical science
  • PhD in Mathematical Statistics
  • PhD in Maths & Physics
  • PhD in Numerical simulations
  • PhD in Mathematics & Applications
  • PhD in Mathematics & Applied Sciences
  • PhD in Mathematics in natural, social & life sciences
  • PhD in Mathematics in Operational Research
  • PhD in Applied Mathematics for economics

What are all the most common research areas in Mathematics?

There are several research areas present in the field of Mathematics. But here we have mentioned some of the most frequent research areas in which research is being done currently. They are,

  • Algebraic geometry
  • Commutative Algebra
  • Complex analysis & operator theory
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Differential equations
  • Functional analysis & Operator theory
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Homological algebra
  • Computational acoustics & Electromagnetics
  • Image processing
  • Mathematical biology
  • Number theory & arithmetic geometry
  • Operator algebra
  • Representation theory
  • Set Theory & Logic
  • Several complex variables
  • Topology & Geometry
  • Tribology
  • Numerical analysis and Scientific computing
  • And More

Recent research areas in statistics & probability theory

Here, we have given some of the areas of Statistics in which research is being done recently by HIGS.

  • Bayesian Nonparametric Methods
  • Data Mining in Finance
  • Econometric Modelling
  • Entropy Estimation and Applications
  • Environmental Statistics
  • Estimation in Restricted Parameter Space
  • Game Theory
  • Machine Learning and Statistical Pattern Recognition
  • Markov chain Monte Carlo
  • Stochastic Partial Differential Equations
  • Optimal Experimental Design
  • Ranking and Selection Problems
  • Regression Modeling
  • Robust Estimation in Nonlinear Models
  • Rough Paths and Regularity Structures
  • Spatial statistics
  • Statistical Signal Processing
  • Theory of Stochastic Orders and Aging and Applications
  • Step-Stress Modeling
  • Dynamical and Physical systems And More
HIGS is not only here to help you with your PhD in Mathematics. We are teamed up with more than 200 research experts from various subject areas. You can connect with us for all sorts of PhD research assistance for any research area. You can get in touch with us by dialing 6382814563 and you can mail us through