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Research paper AI is now widely used among researchers. Nowadays, English has become a widely used language across the globe. There are many journals, and every journal prefers a specific variation such as British and American English. According to HIGS, we don’t believe in writing, or editing your paper with AI terms. We believe in native English-speaking experts to write your document. We develop the way for high-quality and compelling research documents for your research. Developing a manuscript or a thesis is difficult for people having English as their second language. So, to maintain the good quality of research documents, people may depend on writing the research paper with the help of AI tools.

HIGS won't depend on automated writing tools, we just believe in writing a research paper with the help of human writers. We have 250+ expert research paper writers across various subject areas. We also use tools, but we use it for checking your plagiarism percentages according to the university.

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Is it legal to write research papers with the help of AI?

Writing an AI-based research paper is acceptable, but you must strictly avoid copy-pasting. AI can be used to write your research paper, but your idea must be originally yours. Using AI-based plagiarism tools to check your plagiarism percentage is completely legal. So many universities recommend AI-based tools such as Turnitin to check your plagiarism percentage.

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Enhance your academic writing with our expert advice and help. They implement top-notch writing standards on your work to make it better.

What do we do at HIGS?

At HIGS, we do not depend on AI tools to write your paper. We are here at HIGS to write, edit, and proofread your research paper. We have more than 200 subject-matter experts to write your paper. We have experts from Mathematics, Science, Management, Engineering, Technology, Arts, Commerce, Finance, biotechnology, and more.

We are here with 10+ years of experience in writing your research paper, research proposal, literature reviews, thesis, and more. HIGS also teamed up with experienced hands of editors to edit all your scientific documents. We follow the latest and most innovative writing methodologies to write your research paper. In this blog, we have listed the differences we show you in writing a research paper AI vs Writing a research paper with the help of human writers.

What are all the promises we give you?

Smart organizing :

Condense research papers, articles, and books into concise summaries, identifying main points, supporting arguments, and key findings.

Clear presentation :

We help you to present the data in the form of tables, figures, and charts.

Formatting :

Our team will format the research paper according to the university rules.

Perfect grammar :

We are teamed up with excellent writers who are native English-speaking experts to write your paper. So, we ensure that your paper won’t have any grammar errors.

Saves time & effort :

HIGS is dedicated to providing timely help and easy workflow. We will meet your deadline and keep you updated regarding your work.

Plagiarism-free :

We are strictly managing our plagiarism policy. We strictly check the document with the help of highly standardized software such as Turnitin.

Round-the-clock assistance :

We are at HIGS to help you 24/7. You can reach us anytime from anywhere in the globe.

Pricing :

We are affordable and give more offers & discounts to our clients. We also provide a friend referral option for our clients.

Advanced methods of writing a research paper

We develop a research paper with some innovative methodologies. We undertake unique writing procedures to make the best project for your PhD degree. We have listed several points to show you how we develop a research project. They are,

  • Understand the assignment
  • Choose a correct research paper topic
  • Conduct preliminary research
  • Develop a thesis statement
  • Create a research paper outline
  • Write the first draft of the research paper
  • Write the introduction
  • Write a compelling body text

Why we don’t rely on AI tools to write research documents?

For more than a decade, we have been performing research with the help of human writers. We never depend on any AI tools to write scientific papers. We use only Turnitin plagiarism software to check the accurate plagiarism percentage of your research document. Also, HIGS is well known for the disadvantages of using AI tools for research paper writing. They are,

Plagiarism : AI-generated content can be plagiarized. This is because AI algorithms generate content based on existing research data. This will result in the production of previously published work without proper attribution. AI-generated content may also be similar to other published works, leading to accusations of plagiarism.

Lack of originality : AI tools don’t have originality because they depend on data and examples that already exist in them. Everything an AI tool writes will be a copied document from the other sources.

Lack of creativity : AI lacks creativity, it can’t come up with new ideas. It can only work with the data that has already been given.

Lack of critical thinking : AI doesn’t have critical thinking, it cannot understand the data that it has been given. It can only process the existing data and generate content based on the patterns.

Lack of ethics : This is because AI tools can’t understand the context of the data that has been given. It can only generate content based on patterns.

Lack of customization : AI tools cannot provide customized content for your research document. Your requirements will be considered because it will only work on existing patterns.

There are so many reasons why you shouldn’t choose AI tools for research document writing.

How does HIGS help in writing, editing, and proofreading research documents?

HIGS will be with you in developing content for research documents such as proposals, review papers, literature reviews, research papers, thesis, and more. We also stand with you in editing and proofreading your documents efficiently.

Our team will not use AI tools for writing, editing, and proofreading. We are completely independent and we will employ only native English-speaking writers to write your research document.

To write your PhD research document, you can dial 6382814563 and mail us at

Our writers are across various departments such as Engineering, Technology, Management, Science, Arts, Commerce, Finance, and more. HIGS does not completely depend on human writers, we are also dependent on Artificial intelligence tools to check Plagiarism. Many universities recommend Turnitin plagiarism check, so we use Turnitin to check the plagiarism percentage of the research document.

What are all the additional services we give you?

We are here to give you complete research assistance from the beginning to the end. We stand with you in PhD admission, topic selection, Guide selection, Proposal writing, Review writing, Literature review writing, Research paper writing, and Implementation assistance such as Matlab, Java, Python, Python Spyder, Python Anaconda, and more. We also help you in journal publications such as SCI, Scopus, Springer, IEEE, Elsevier, Annexure 1 & 2, UGC, Q- ranked journals, and more.

You can reach us for all sorts of research assistance from the beginning to the end of the research. You can connect with us by dialing 6382814563 and you can mail us through