Human Resource Management research topics


Do you want to pick up the latest PhD research topic for Human Resource Management? If yes, then HIGS will be the best option for you. We are teamed up with Management research experts to fulfill all your research topics. The main areas of research papers on HR resources management are personnel selection, personnel management, and HR data. Because it affects practically every part of our lives, it is undoubtedly the most popular academic issue.

Studying human resources is a fascinating topic. Important topics are covered in this material, including staff management, structuring teams effectively, analyzing industry best practices, and more. For students, coming up with intriguing HR study subjects that are distinct and provide the opportunity for in-depth investigation and analysis can be quite difficult.

The core areas of HR data, analytics, employee management, and personnel selection are covered in HR resources management.

The subjects and topics mostly address the fundamentals of the HR teams assembling, what motivates them to succeed, and how important and relevant HRs are to a business's long-term survival.

Topics for Human Resource Management 2024

There are plenty of research topics available in the field of architecture. Here we have listed several research topics for Architecture. They are,

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Employee retention
  • Human resource development
  • Employee resource groups
  • Business performance management
  • Employee relations
  • Skill development among employees
  • Employee benefit management
  • Employee experience is vital
  • Employee job satisfaction
  • ESG Compliance
  • International business management
  • People analytics
  • Predictive analytics for HR
  • Reskilling & upskilling
  • Investment professional
  • Managing diversity
  • Strategic Human resource management
  • Employee empowerment
  • Robotics in HR

There are some research topics available for your career development. They are,

  • 01. Creating leaders among employees.
  • 02. Why does professional career development matter?
  • 03. How career development helps both employees and organizations.
  • 04. The best approaches to on-the-job training.
  • 05. Should training be prioritized over completed current work?
  • 06. Best practices for training interns.
  • 07. Should interns be paid more?
  • 08. Professional certification training for employees.
  • 09. How does active professional development affect productivity?
  • 10. Is it worth it to help an employee develop if they find a new, better-paid job afterward?
  • 11. Skills that all employees should develop.
  • 12. Must-have training and development for all employees.
  • 13. Advantages and disadvantages of paying for an employee’s professional training.
  • 14. Advantages and disadvantages of leading professional development sessions.
  • 15. How to ensure compliance with workplace safety rules.
  • 16. The consequences of not following workplace safety.
  • 17. Ways to prevent Osha violations.
  • 18. How to ensure all employees follow health and safety protocols?
  • 19. How to ensure all employees get vaccines?
  • 20. Fines and penalties for violating workplace safety rules.
  • 21. Consequences of violating safety rules.
  • 22. Steps to minimize or prevent burnout.

Consider your passions, the difficulties you've faced in the industry, and the subjects that fascinate you in reducing possibilities. This will help you focus your research and choose a topic that is meaningful to you.


  • Methods of determining the needs of the staff
  • Performance appraisal: features and methods
  • Human resources in dealing with occupational stress
  • Ethical issues in human resources systems
  • “Discipline work culture” in the company
  • Human resource consulting industry in the USA
  • Cross-national differences in human resources
  • Politics in human resources decisions
  • Human resources in healthcare
  • Human resources accounting: methods and objectives
  • Employee benefits in the USA
  • Strategies for work design
  • The interconnections between human resources and productivity
  • Application of performance management
  • Validity and reliability of personnel selection
  • Human resources at governmental agencies
  • Social influence processes in human resources
  • Human resources in IT
  • Human resources in tourism
  • Human resources in the hotel business

Tips to select a PhD research topic for HRM

Create a topic that stimulates your interest: Determine your available resources, time, money, and people. Then you can select a topic that doesn’t need much resources. A dissertation (or any significant research project) will require at least a year of your time, so it must be engaging enough to sustain your interest.

Study as much as you can about the topic: You may discover something that aids the development framework for your research if you venture beyond the assigned texts for the class.

Look for a theoretical foundation to back up your subject: Look into hypotheses that would be a good fit for your research.

Find a market niche where you can have an impact: Make sure your contribution to the field is truly novel. A dissertation won't be able to alter the world, so concentrate on the main ideas you wish to investigate and provide something fresh to the area.

Give yourself permission to change gears: As the topic develops, it diverges from what you had originally planned.

Fine-tune your topic based on input from others: Take every opportunity to seek constructive feedback and incorporate advice from experts.

Pro Tips to select your topic in HRM

  • Select a topic based on your areas of interest and subject-matter expertise.
  • Selecting a research topic that is well-versed in is always a good idea because it will save you time and effort.
  • The topic of an HRM research paper should always pique readers' interest and be educational.
  • Selecting a wide is difficult to address all the important elements before the deadline.
  • If the subject is too wide, break it into smaller subtopics and concentrate on those details.
  • The research topic must encourage you to do an in-depth investigation.
  • In order to support your outstanding proposal, the topic should include relevant content from reliable sources.
  • The theme should make sense and assist you in logically arranging the points.
  • Your professor's instructions must be taken and select an original study topic that fits them. Your scores will only increase on such problems.
  • Choose the newest and most popular human resources study topic rather than an unusual or infrequently questioned issue.

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Top 10 recent research topics in HRM

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Risk management
  • Career development
  • Performance management
  • Workplace safety
  • The impact of the non-financial and financial aspects of employees’ rewards.
  • The significance of risk management under the human resource department.
  • Effective employee training strategies for analyzing hard skills and soft skills
  • What are the scopes of long-term employee training courses?
  • Putting into practice efficient incentive strategies to increase staff loyalty.
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