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Paper Publication is one of the most important steps during the PhD journey. Publishing a research paper may have so many advantages for researchers. It will give you career advancement, professional recognition, opportunities for collaboration, increased visibility, impact on society, and much more. You can publish your papers in reputed journals such as SCI, IEEE, Scopus, Elsevier, Springer, UGC, and Q-ranked journals. Paper publishing and its further success completely depends on the quality of writing a research paper. At HIGS, we will help you to write, edit, and publish your research paper in world-class journals. Publishing a research paper can provide so many advantages for researchers.

How does HIGS help you in PhD research paper publication?

HIGS is the ultimate choice of many research scholars for their PhD research. We provide help from the beginning to the end. We stand with you not only in paper publication, we will provide A-Z research assistance. We will provide help in topic selection, PhD admission, Guide selection, proposal writing/editing, review paper writing/editing, literature review writing/editing, research paper writing/editing, paper publication in reputed journals such as SCI, Scopus, Elsevier, Springer, IEEE, Annexure 1 & 2, Thesis writing/editing, proofreading, PhD viva process, Guideship process, And more.

Importance of Paper Publication

Research papers are an important platform to diffuse a novel finding to a general or focused audience. It helps you to identify novel applications for the finding, etc., and to popularize your research to the world and prevent duplication of the study. Moreover, Your publication will occupy an important space in your resume.

Free & paid journal paper publication

HIGS helps you with free and paid journal publications in well-reputed journals such as SCI, Scopus, Elsevier, Springer, IEEE, Annexure 1 & 2, and more. Every journal holds a free journal list and a paid journal list. You can get the entire list of journals for the year 2024 from HIGS. We help you to write your paper that matches journals such as IEEE research paper, Scopus research paper, Springer research paper, Annexure 1 & 2 research paper, UGC journal paper, and more.

What are all the procedures we follow in writing a PhD research paper?

We help you in selecting a research topic

The first step we follow here is, coming up with the topic you want to research. We will consult with you to ensure that it has met the personal requirements, domain adherence or not. We also check whether the topic has sufficient sources or not.

We prepare a rough draft of your research

We will prepare your rough draft of the research work. We will implement all the customized requirements in the research paper. After preparing your rough draft, we will give you a space to check the document whether we have met all the requirements or not. If not done, we will make all the necessary corrections for the research paper.

Paper rewriting

We will analyze your research paper quality to check whether it matches the journal’s metrics. We will get your permission to rewrite your paper and work on it. Our team of writers at HIGS is ready to rewrite your paper if it lacks quality originality, novelty, and more. We will take your suggestions and rewrite your paper.

Paper proofreading

Our team will also carry out the paper proofreading process once it is completed from the writing process. We will do paper proofreading to avoid minor or major errors.

Our unique working strategies

Here are some important points we follow that will increase your paper ranking.

Create an outline for your research paper:

Creating an outline to write your research paper is an important method of writing an organized research paper. We give you a clear outline of your work by keeping all your research requirements in mind. Your prepared outline of the research helps in planning your work, managing your time, and making the actual writing much easier.

Follow university guidelines:

We assure you that your research work is prepared with all your university guidelines. These guidelines include from topic selection to structuring your paper. Following your university guidelines is extremely good if you want to make an error-free research paper.

Section order:

We people at HIGS know the sections & chapters of the research document. We organize your research document based on the format with title page, Abstract, Introduction, Methodology, Result, Discussion, Conclusion, and References. So, you need not worry about the paper formatting.

Work completely with us:

Our research mentors from HIGS are not your project supervisors. For every research work, you can contact your assigned supervisors. We provide A-Z research guidance for your research work.

Avoid plagiarism:

The paper publication gives you success only if you submit the original papers. If the paper lacks originality, then your paper will be rejected. At HIGS, we undergo Turnitin plagiarism checking. So, we assure you that you will have the lowest plagiarism percentage.

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We have mentioned several mistakes you should avoid while publishing a research paper in a journal. Here, we have listed some mistakes you could make while writing or publishing a paper.

  • You should strictly avoid language errors such as word choice, phrasing, etc.
  • Using poor grammar such as tenses, punctuation, and more.
  • Reputation of ideas
  • Weak introduction & abstract
  • Neglecting recommended guidelines
  • Failed to check plagiarism
  • Insufficient research planning
  • Avoid using contractions
  • Avoid confusing statements in the research paper
  • Avoid wrong synonyms
  • Lack of ethical considerations