Computer Security Research Papers

Computer Security Research Papers mainly deals with cyber security. Computer security mainly deals with the protection of computer system and its information from harm, theft, and unauthorized sources.

Nowadays, the internet has changed our life in many good ways. This great network and its associated technologies have brought our life in a trending manner. And at the same time, the increasing growth of technologies has increased the need for so many security threats. So, practicing cybersecurity is the only way of escaping from these threats.

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What is computer security?

The term "computer security" refers to policies and procedures that protect the privacy, accuracy, and accessibility of data that computers handle and store.

Computer security is the protection of computer systems and information from harm, theft, and unofficial use. Actually, it is the process of preventing and noticing unauthorized usage of your computer system.There are various types of computer security systems that are largely utilized to protect the valuable information of an organization.

What are computer security and its types?


There are 5 types of computer security. They are

Information security

It is the process of securing information from unauthorized access, deletion, and modification.

Application security

It is the process of securing an application by formulating security features to prevent Cyber threats likely SQL injection, DoS attacks, data breaches, etc.

Computer security

It is the process of securing a standalone machine by keeping it updated and covered.

Network security

It is the process of securing both the software and hardware technologies.

Cyber security

This process is defined as the process of protecting computer systems that will be communicative over the computer networks.

Components of a computer system


The parts of the computer that has to be protected are,


The physical part of the computer such as the system memory and disk drive.


Permanent software that is fixed into nonvolatile memory of the hardware device and is mostly invisible to the user.


The programming that offers services such as word processors, operating systems, the internet browser to the user.


It is to make sure that the information is available only to the intended audience.


It is to protect information from being modified by unofficial parties.


It is the method of protecting information from being modified by unauthorized parties.

Computer security threats


Computer security threats are possibly harming the functions of the computer. Presently, cyber threats are continually increasing in the digital world. The most harmful type of computer security is:


A computer virus is a malicious program that is loaded into the user's computer with the knowledge of the user. It replicates on its own and infects the programs on the PC of the user.

Computer worm:

A computer worm is a software program that can copy itself from one computer to another without human interaction.


Unfortunately, Phishing is very easy to perform. You are mistaken into thinking it is the real mail and you may enter your personal information.

Computer security practices

Computer security practices are highly important in today’s life. So, we have given some of the computer security practices to be carried out.

    You can secure your computer physically by,

  • Installing reputable, reliable security and anti-virus software.
  • Firewall activation will act as a security guard among the internet and your local area network.
  • Stay up-to-date to know about the latest updates about the software and news surrounding your devices and perform software updates as soon as they become available.
  • Always avoid clicking on email attachments unless you know the source.
  • You can change your password regularly by using unique names, numbers, and case types.
  • Use your internet with much caution and just ignore pop-ups, drive-by downloads while surfing.
  • Just carry out regular system scans and periodic system backup.

PhD in Computer security

PhD in computer security is a doctoral research program that is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary research program that prepares graduates for key positions in academia, in federal, state, and local government agencies, and in business and industry.

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