Green House Management Research Papers

Greenhouse management research papers refer to the heat and mass distributions with a greenhouse that was assumed to be homogenous. It also says the ideas and management issues in greenhouse cultivation. Our efficient team at HIGS will help you in writing your greenhouse management research papers.

For modern plant growers, greenhouses are a boon. With the help of this greenhouse setup, it is possible to yield plant growth throughout this year and they can earn better environmental control. With the high-quality setup, you can run a greenhouse efficiently.

Every greenhouse setup requires the right management. And also every greenhouse setup requires greenhouse environment and growth administration systems to get the finest crop production. There is plenty of advantages are there in greenhouse management and it is highly beneficial for increasing crop yield.

A greenhouse is a permanent climatic controlled system. Greenhouse effect is actually stabilizes the environment by buffering the ambient temperature. It protects the plants from extreme cold.

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The concept of common greenhouse management courses involves,
  • Greenhouse lighting, heating, and cooling systems
  • Crop production in greenhouse
  • Designing and materials required for greenhouse
  • Greenhouse irrigation
  • Fertilizers and pesticides
And there is a scope for the following fields in the future, such,
  • Fundamentals of greenhouse management
  • Nutrient management
  • Insect and disease management
  • Floriculture crops and crops production
  • Agricultural engineering

The way that "greenhouse gases" trap heat near to the Earth's surface is known as the green house effect. It is the most trendy research topic among researchers. You can get your research paper done by writing with the most trendiest topic with the help of experts at HIGS.

greenhouse management in India

Greenhouse farming in India:

In India, Agriculture is referred to as the backbone and it is a combination of art and science. In India, climate change is an important challenge for the farmer. More than 95% of farmers in India practicing only traditional techniques. By adopting modern techniques, we can earn more profit from agriculture, then we have to practice techniques like greenhouse farming.“If farm ecology and economics go wrong, nothing else will go right in Agriculture”

What is a greenhouse?
  • The greenhouse is an enclosed set-up covered with a transparent material and great enough to grow crops under partly or fully controlled environmental surroundings.
  • Greenhouse technology mainly aims to provide favorable environmental conditions to the plants.
  • The greenhouse is mainly centering on the production of seasonal and non-seasonal crops.

Greenhouse manager Career:

Greenhouse managers are responsible for the daily operations involved in the greenhouse nursery. And greenhouse manager must look out the daily operations that occur at a nursery or greenhouse. A greenhouse can be used for commercial plant purposes or in food production. Greenhouse manager can work with a wide varieties of plants including breeding plants, hydroponics, seed companies. Recent surveys saying that the future outlook of greenhouse manager will be good over next five years.

What responsibilities you will have?
  • Supervise the inventory of plants
  • Plan to plant according to the species variety.
  • Provide supervision
  • Have a clear knowledge about the stages of plant life and plant diseases.
  • Effectively manage greenhouse equipment and computer controls
  • Managers have to maintain breeding records.

Greenhouse gases such as Carbon dioxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxide, HydroChloroFluroCarbons, HydroFluroCarbons, and Ozone whose concentrations are rising in the lowest atmosphere.

Where can you work after your project?


Greenhouse managers can work with a variety of plants including breeding plants, hydroponics, seed companies, shrubs, or fresh flowers. Can avail your job opportunity by reaching a greenhouse owner because it can be owned by an independent owner or by a larger company.

Greenhouse technology in agricultural engineering


The present study deals with the scope of greenhouse technology in agricultural engineering. The greenhouse can offer a controlled environment for high-value crops such as medicinal plants, flowers, and more. Crops that grow inside a greenhouse are healthy and provide better results.

History of greenhouse


During Roman times, the idea of growing plants under environmentally controlled areas has occurred. The Roman emperor Tiberius used to have cucumber-like vegetables daily. So, the roman gardeners have handled some artificial methods for growing and making them available daily on his table.

New technologies

The method of modular types directs you to the development of growth technologies suitable for most types of crops. Currently, light-weighted structures with covering made of flexible polyethylene or stiff-flexible polycarbonate are common and widespread than the mythological stiff glass greenhouse.

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Advantages of greenhouse technology

  • Good distribution of light inside the greenhouse
  • Energy efficiency
  • Protection against pests, disease, and others.
  • Ability to grow throughout the year under any climatic change.
  • Optimal sealing against air and rain
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Water requirement for crops is very limited
  • The yield will be 10 times higher than the outdoor cultivation

Disadvantages of greenhouse technology

  • High upfront and operating expenses
  • Lack of pollination
  • Careful measures must be taken while eliminating any pest or disease.
  • Can be expensive to build
  • Can be expensive to be heated
  • It requires continuous monitoring, maintenance, and care.
  • It could increase electrical and water bills
  • Lack of knowledge among farmers and requires training
  • Migration birds can be affected due to greenhouse
  • disadvantages-of-greenhouse