Biosensor Research Papers

Biosensor Research papers actually deal with Biosensors that are composed of a combination of a specific biological element and a transducer. Your paper must discuss the major difficulties of the biosensor that the research communities normally encounter.

What is Biosensor?

  • A biosensor is an analytical device, used to detect an analyte that combines a biological component with a physicochemical detector.
  • An analyte might be a biological analyte that includes biomolecules, biological structure, or a microorganism.
  • Every biosensor comprises a biological sensor that acts as a sensor.
  • And also it has an electronic component that detects and transmits the signal.

Biosensor- The transducer transforms the biological response from the bioelement's interaction with the test analyte into an electrical signal. Bio sensor types includes enzyme based, tissue based, immunesensor, DNA biosensors, thermal, and piezoelectric biosensors.

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Research Paper includes

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodlogy
  • Result
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Reference
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History of biosensors

The first experiment was carried out to spot the source of biosensors and it was done by Leland C. Clark. For his experiment, Clark utilized platinum electrodes for detecting oxygen. He located the enzyme glucose oxidase (GOD) nearer to the platinum surface by trapping it against the electrodes along with a portion of the dialysis membrane.

The activity of enzymes was modified based on the nearby oxygen concentration. Glucose responds with GOD to provide gluconic acid and gives ‘2’ electrons and ‘2’ protons by reducing GOD. The increased level of the glucose content, the more oxygen is consumed and the lower level of the glucose content, the more hydrogen peroxide is formed. This means either a rise in hydrogen peroxide or a reduction in oxygen could be measured to provide a sign of the glucose concentration.

history of biosensors

Areas of applications in biosensors

Areas of applications mainly involves, they are:

  • Applications in Medicine and Health
  • Applications in Industry
  • Applications in pollution control
  • Applications in Military
  • Agriculture and veterinary
  • Environmental research
  • Robotics and others
  • Defence

In recent years, Biosensors have become very popular and they are broadly utilized in various fields. Biosensors used to be smaller in size and it can be easily handled. They are specific and sensitive and it is capable of working in a profitable manner. Nowadays, Biosensors are highly involving in the following areas likely,

  • Medical and health
  • Agriculture and veterinary
  • Defence
  • Environmental research
  • Robotics and others

A biosensor is an analytical tool that combines to form a biological element with a physicochemical detector and is used to identify chemicals. A biosensor and its devices are largely used in various ways. Here, we are at HIGS to give you an excellent research guidance under Biosensors. We have highly talented paper writers who came for them well qualified educational backgrounds especially in Biosensor topic.

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Application of Biosensors

biosensore in medical science

in Medical and Health

Biosensors are highly used in quantitative estimation of some biologically important substances in body fluids such as Glucose, Cholesterol, Urea. Glucose biosensor is a boon for diabetic patients. It helps to monitor their blood glucose level regularly.

application of biosensors in agriculture

in Agriculture

In the last 5 to 10 years, AI becoming more beneficial for the healthcare industry and going to have a significant impact on this industry.

what is biosensor

in Defence

In the future, Military funded biosensors could be useful to detect pandemic situations. In defence, biosensors are highly useful in explosives, chemical warfare, biological weapons, biological warfare, terrorism, land mines, public safety, airport security, mass transportation, and more.

scope of biosensors

in Environmental research

Biosensors are involving in environmental monitoring, food safety, drug development, and medical diagnosis. Nanomaterials such as quantum dots, graphene, Nano gold particles, carbon nanotubes, and magnetic nanoparticles will be used for environmental research.

application of robotics

in Robotics and others

Nowadays, Robots are widely applied in various areas such as Industry, Agriculture, Medicine, Transportation, Social service, Military, Space exploration, and undersea exploitation. Whereas, in Robotics, robot sensors are playing an important role as a key component.

And biosensors are broadly used in many other fields such as the food industry, food processing, quality control process, food production, used to detect plant nutrients, protein engineering, drug delivery, and wastewater treatment, and more.

Advantages of Biosensors
  • Rapid and persistent measurement
  • High specificity
  • Very less usage of reagents necessary for calibration
  • It develops the ability to measure nonpolar molecules that can’t be assessed by other conventional devices.

advantages of biosensors

Disadvantages of Biosensor
  • Relatively poor sensitivity
  • Health and Safety issues
  • Social and political issues
  • Untraceable destructive weapons of mass destruction
  • Carbon nanotubes can cause lungs infection
  • Loss of jobs

Future of Biosensors
  • The need for biosensors is growing at an incredible rate.
  • These technologies will reach up a highly advanced level
  • It will develop broadly in the future in the medical field to perform major or minor operations.

wearable biosensors

Current developments
  • One of the major applications and development of biosensors is wearable biosensors in medical care.
  • Wearable biosensors are completely focused on providing vital signs monitoring and send feedback to the user.