Finance Research Papers

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What is Finance?

Finance definition is actually defines as the study of money, currency, and capital assets. Borrowing, lending, investing, raising funds, and selling and trading securities are all aspects of finance. Marketing finance definition is the area where the buying and selling of financial assets.

Finance is actually explained as the “management of money” and it encompasses all the activities like investing, budgeting, borrowing, offering, saving, and calculating. There are 3 main types of finance. They are:

  • Personal
  • Corporate
  • Public/ government
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Research Paper includes

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodlogy
  • Result
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Reference
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Finance in management

Examples of finance

The easiest way of defining Finance is by providing examples of the activities. There are many career paths and jobs performing a various range of financial activities. Here on this page, we have provided some of the most common examples of Finance.

  • Spending personal money on bonds, stocks, or guaranteed investment certificates.
  • Money borrowing from institutional investors by issuing bonds in the best interests of a public company.
  • Giving money to people by offering them a loan to buy a house.
  • The process of saving personal money in a high-interest savings account.

Categories of finance:

Finance can be categorized into ‘3’ various sub-types: They are as follows,

  • public finance
  • corporate finance &
  • personal finance

Public Finance:

Public Finance is a part of the study in Economics. It limits the fields of government and political science. The process of studying the financial activities of government and public authorities is known as Public finance. Public finance explains finance associated with sovereign states and sub-national units and associated public entities or agencies. It defines and examines the expenses of governments and the methods utilized by governments to finance these expenses. It is associated with the identification of the essential expenditure of a public entity and causes of revenue and the process of budgeting. Public finance study helps us to realize why certain services have come to be supplied by the government, and why governments have come to depend on certain taxes types.

Corporate Finance:

Corporate finance is the task of providing the funds for the activities of a corporation by raising and managing funds. Corporate finance targets studying the funding of assets from numerous sources such as the market, the general public, or several financial institutions. In this method, this type of finance is intended to balance profitability and risk, while endeavoring to maximize the wealth of an entity and the stock value. The importance of corporate finance is highlighted by economic and social significance with an increase of public concern.

Personal Finance:

It refers to the financial decisions that an individual must create a strategy for his/her future. These decisions may include attaining financial possessions, planning application of budgeting, income, deciding about savings and methodologies of saving, and decisions around spending monetary resources over time. During this process, an individual is expected to take numerous financial risks.

Aims of Financial Management

Financial management is concerned with obtaining, allocating, and controlling the financial resources of a concern. The aims can be,

  • To confirm adequate and regular funds supply to the concern.
  • To ensure adequate returns to the shareholders that will be relying on the market price of the share, earning ability, opportunities of the shareholders.
  • To ensure the utilization of optimum funds. Once the funds are acquired, they must be utilized in a maximum promising way with a minimal cost.
  • To ensure investment safety, i.e., funds must be invested in safe ventures so that a sufficient rate of return can be accomplished.

PhD in Finance


Here, HIGS has listed some of the most trending research topics in Finance. They are:

  • PhD in Financial management
  • PhD in Quantitative finance
  • PhD in Accounting and finance
  • PhD in Computational finance
  • PhD in Financial economics
  • PhD in Banking and finance
  • PhD in Accounting and financial management
  • PhD in Financial engineering
  • PhD in Financial markets
  • PhD in Behavioural finance
  • PhD in corporate finance And more on

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