Wireless Communication Research Papers

Wireless Communication Research Papers mainly deals with the process of wireless communications. The design is for individuals working in the communications and networking communities. And also this paper mainly deals with engineering problems using wireless technology such as radio communications and radar.

What do wireless Communications mean?

Wireless communication is a kind of data communication that is carried out for performing wireless delivery. This is a wide term that includes all procedures and methods of joining and communication of two or more devices by using a wireless signal by means of wireless communication technologies and devices. Wireless communication possesses various forms of technology and delivery methodologies that includes,

  • Satellite communication
  • Mobile communication
  • Wireless network communication
  • Infrared communication
  • Bluetooth communication
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Research Paper includes

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodlogy
  • Result
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Reference
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Types of Communication


Advantages of wireless communication

  • Wireless networks are inexpensive to install and maintain
  • High speed of data transfer with high speed.
  • While comparing with other forms of networks, maintenance and installation cost is low.
  • A wireless network can be accessed from anywhere at any time.
  • Working professionals and organizations can access the internet from anywhere without carrying long cables and wires.
  • These Wireless networks permit employees to work from remote areas as well.
  • With the help of a wireless communication network, an emergency situation will get help anytime.

Disadvantages of wireless communication

  • It may give security threats and data exploitation
  • Unreliability
  • Increased chance of jamming
  • Transmission speed is comparably less.
  • More open to interference
  • It is less secure
  • Coverage issues
  • Installation problems
  • Security issues

Applications of the wireless system

  • Cell phones
  • Paging system
  • Satellite system
  • Wi-Max
  • GPS
  • Wi-Fi
  • Television remote control
  • GSM
  • Computer interface devices
  • Bluetooth
  • Security systems
  • Broadcast communication
  • Real time text messaging
  • Infotainment

What are wireless communications?

Wireless communication is actually the transmission of voice and data through a wireless network is done without the use of cables or wires. Data is transmitted over electromagnetic signals that are broadcast from sending facilities to intermediate and end-user devices in place of a physical connection.

The Components of a Wireless Network


The end-user devices are commonly known as ‘clients’. As the reach of Wi-Fi has expanded, a range of devices may be utilizing Wi-Fi to attach to the network, which includes tablets, laptops, phones, desktops, and more. These offer the ability to move the area without sacrificing their bridge to the user network. In some occurrences, movement inside an office, warehouse, or other working area is needed. For instance, if employees have to utilize scanners to register packages because of being shipped, a wireless network offers

Access Point (AP) :

It encompasses a Wi-Fi that is advertising a network name known as a Service Set Identifier. Users who connect to this network will usually recognize their traffic bridged to a local-area network, the wired network for communication to the larger network or even the internet.

PhD in wireless communication

Do you have a PG degree in a relevant field and now planning to do a doctoral research program in wireless communications? Learn about the PhD in wireless communication program here in this page. Just know what PhD in wireless communications is all about.

Course name: PhD in mobile and wireless communication
Category: PhD
Stream: Engineering
Course category: Communication
Duration: 3-5 Years
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Lately, in the whole of the world, mobile communication is a rapidly developing field. Over the years, the number of mobile phone users has increased remarkably and it will be increasing even more during coming years. On the technology front also, there have been rapid advancements. From first-generation wireless networks to fourth generation (4G) networks, we have used all of them. Already there are trials and some kind of inventions are going on for 5G mobile transmission that is probably to hit the market soon. All this kind of wireless networks offers enough scope for research in the field of mobile and wireless communications.

Job prospects and opportunities

Lately, as more companies endure to embrace Wireless LAN, the need for wireless network engineers has grown. The propagation of mobile applications that required to be tested, is also one of the reason why enterprises required their services. By doing PhD in the field of mobile and wireless communications, you will be getting plenty of chances in the mobile telephony sector. Department of Telecommunications (DOT) under the communication ministry offers government jobs for the person who possesses PhD in wireless communication. Then there are many opportunities in research. A career in teaching is also a valuable option.