Water Resource Management Research Papers

Water Resource Management is the methodology of planning, developing, and managing water resources, regarding both water quality and quantity. It also deals with the control and movement of water resources to minimize life and property.

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Planning, developing, and managing water resources in terms of both water quantity and quality across all water applications is known as water resources management (WRM).

The technique named "Integrated Water Resources Management" (IWRM) that encourages the coordinated management and development of water, land, and related resources.



Water is one of Earth’s most important and critical resources. Water is essential for every ecosystem and it endures all life, and it helps to sustain the environmental balance of our planet too. Water is also playing an important role in economic and social developments. And Integrated water management is a subdivision of water resources management and it is a complex model of water control and organization. Water of varying quality is required by many sectors and in variable quantities by multiple users in a river basin. Nowadays, Water Management is important because it helps to determine future Irrigation prospects.

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Research Paper includes

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodlogy
  • Result
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Reference
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What is water resource management?

Water resource management is the activity of planning, developing, allocating, and organizing the optimal use of water resources. And mainly, water resource management is focusing on the methods of controlling the flow of water.

What are the techniques of water resource management (WRM)?

Here, in the WRM system, it takes the most advanced and advantageous techniques to resolve the water shortage problem. There are 2 main approaches that are involving in WRM. They are,

  • Top-down planning and management
  • Bottom-up planning and management

Water resource management includes a vast range of disciplines that encompass integrated water resources management, evaluating the need for water for drinking and irrigation purposes, groundwater mapping and monitoring surface water, simulation and modeling of the hydrologic cycle, legislation, river basin management, institutional and capacity building, and water resources protection. A proper water management in your apartment helps to make your layout completely supportable for water without depending on corporation water.

Clean Water Sanitation

  • Clean water sanitation is also an important division in water resource management. It mainly deals with safe and hygienic water production. In order to maintain public health, it is important to offer safe and readily available water for public health.
  • No matter for what it is being used, it might be used for drinking purposes, domestic purposes, food production, or recreational purposes. Managing a high level of water resources will boost up the country’s economic growth.

This picture shows the purpose and needs for water sanitation. There is a chance of transmitting diseases like Cholera, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, hepatitis A, typhoid, and Polio due to poor sanitation, so it is essential to provide clean water to everyone. And water reusing techniques such as Agricultural wastewater reuse, drain water redirecting, recycling dirty aquarium water, collection of shower water, trap rainwater, coarse filtration, reusing unwanted ice and unused drinking water, sink-to-toilet system installation must be taken. And water sanitation has numerous advantages, they are:

  • In this world, Sanitation, Water, and Hygiene are issues that affects the health and safety of every person.
  • Clean water sanitation may help to break the spreading of serious diseases.
  • Rate of death due to unhygienic may get reduced
  • Chance of improving the quality rate of food and other production
  • We can preserve water ecosystem, and its biodiversity and we can take cations on climatic change.
Advantages of water management
  • Improved crop yields
  • Reduce the risk of crop failure
  • Contribute to food security
  • Reduce damages from soil erosion
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Improved year-round access to water for domestic and livestock consumption
Disadvantages of water management
  • Dams are expensive to build and maintain
  • It can be dangerous to build
  • Building big dams might cause earthquakes due to digging
  • Need to get it refilled during the summer seasons.
  • High administrative and operational cost
  • Public water points may get destroyed
  • It needs constant maintenance

Don’t know where to study?

It is one of the most wanted research areas and has high scope in the future. Here we have listed some of the universities as well as colleges names where you can finish up your doctorate degree in water resource management.


Courses Offered

Centurion University of Technology and management- Orissa

PhD (water resource engineering)

Delhi Technological University

PhD (water resource engineering) & M.Tech ( Hydraulics and water resource engineering)

Jaypee University of Information technology- JUIT

PhD (water resource engineering)

National Institute of Technology- Himachal Pradesh

PhD (water resource engineering) & M.Tech (water resource engineering)

SRM Institute of science and technology- Kanchipuram

PhD (water resource engineering) & M.Tech ( Hydraulics and water resource engineering)M.Tech (Water resources development and management)

University of Delhi

PhD (water resource engineering)

Your PhD in water resource engineering (or) water resource management

Water resource management or Hydrology is studying the movement, distribution, and quality of water on the planet. Water management is actually related to the development of policies and regulations. This field of research in hydrology mainly covers hydrogeology, Marine hydrology, drainage basin management, water quality, irrigation, water conservation, and water treatment.

In the past several years, students in water resources engineering have largely taken jobs. Nowadays, there is a growing need for water supplies and flood control in advanced land lead a chance for our students to fulfill their careers.

Importance of water management engineering

Water management is important because it helps to decide future irrigation expectations.Water resource management is the activity of planning, developing, distributing, and managing the optimal utilization of water resources. It is highly important because,

  • Water management addresses complex issues
  • Water management tackles serious challenges
  • Water management and food production are linked
  • Poorly managed water resources can cause severe issues
  • Water management is a local and national issue
  • It is highly important for developing water bodies in future.
  • It is important to design and operate the water system.
  • This study is essential to meet the water requirement of society and the environment.