Organizational Behaviour Research Papers

Organizational Behaviour Research papers involves in the multidisciplinary study of the employee interactions.HIGS professionals will help you in writing your best Organizational Behaviour Research papers without errors.

Organizational behaviour research papers not only shed light on the factors that influence employee attitudes and behaviours but also provide valuable insights for managers and organizations seeking to enhance productivity, foster employee engagement, and create a positive work environment.

Here, you can understand the characteristics, meaning, features, aspects, challenges, need, importance, summary, role, advantages, limitations, and concept of organizational behavior.

What is Organizational Behaviour?

Organizational behavior is the study of how people interact within a group and the characteristics of human behavior in an organization. Here you can get a lot of organizational behavior research topics, and methodologies.

Actually, organizational Behaviour is the study of human behavior, attitudes, and performance in organizations.

Characteristics of Organizational Behaviour:

  • Goal-oriented
  • Levels of analysis
  • Human tool
  • Satisfaction of employees need
  • A total system approach
  • Big data is aims to resolve new or old problems in a better way.

    Decoding the human genome originally took 10 years to be processed, and now it can be achieved in one week.

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    The basic concept of Organizational Behaviour:

    • In an organization, we need to understand, predict, and influence the behavior of others.
    • For applying all concepts associated with other functional areas like marketing, finance, or others on people.
    • To have a better self-understanding
    • To understand group dynamics
    • To enhance leadership and decision-making skills.

    Management functions:


    Important organizational goals, forminga completeplan, developing a completeset of plans


    Designing the structure of work like deciding on who did what? How? And to whom you need to report and all.


    Motivating people, directing, coordinating, resolving conflicts.


    Monitoring, Comparing with goals, correcting

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    Importance of Organizational behavior:

    • Organizational behaviorgives a roadmap to our lives in an organization
    • It helps to influence organizational events
    • It helps a manager to manage human resources effectively.
    • It is also useful in the field of marketing
    importance of organizational behaviour
    Advantages of Organizational Behaviour:

      Organizational Behaviourhelps to manage human resources

      Organizational Behaviour helps to improve the managerial skills

      It helps an organization to form up a team to execute their team goal

      Organizational behavior can also help to improve Creativity and innovation

      It can also helps to improve Job performance

    Limitations of Organizational Behaviour:

    Behavioral Bias: It further causes dependency, dis-contentment, indiscipline, and irresponsibility.

    Law of diminishing returns: It says thatbeyond a specificpoint, there is a decrease in output even after each additional good or positive factor.

    Unethical practices and manipulative managers: Knowledge of motivation and communication can be utilized for exploiting subordinates of an organization.

    Why is Organizational Behaviour important?

      Organizational behaviorexplains how people interact with each other in an organization.Then, these interactions influence the process of how the organization performs and how well it executes. Organizational behavior is utilized to streamline efficiency, improve productivity, and spark innovation tooffer firms anacceptable edge.

    Challenges of Organizational Behaviour

    Globalization to respond

    Managing diversity

    Improving quality and productivity

    Improving customer service

    Improving people skills

    Working in network organization

    Examples of Organizational Behaviour

      Personality plays an important role in the processwhen a person interacts with groups and gives work. Understanding a personality of a candidatethrough tests or through conversation helpsto determine whether they are a good fit for an organization.Next to this leadership is playing an important role.

    Major contributing disciplines for Organisational behavior

  • Psychology How an individual behaves in response to stimulus
  • Sociology How individuals relate to groups and with each other
  • Social psychology How individuals and organizations perceive conflict, threats, and undergo stress.
  • Political Science Will involve in the process of the power authority, and corporate politics
  • Economics Appreciating monetary and non-monetary incentives.

  • PhD in Organizational Behaviour:

    • PhD in Behavioural management is a research degree that comes under the field of management. The duration of the course varies from 3-5 years depending on the institution.
    • The minimum eligibility to apply for PhD in Organizational behavior is a master’s degree or equivalent PG qualification in the relevant discipline with a minimum of 55% marks in a UG degree.
    • The admission process is carried out on the basis of PhD entrance exams such as UGC NET, CET, and NITIE.

    Disadvantages of Big data:

    Despite the applications and advantages of big data, it has several disadvantages as well.

    • Need for talented scientists and experts and highly paid workers in the IT field.
    • Incompatible tools are needed. Hadoop is a highly useful tool in Big data, but the standard version of Hadoop is currently available to handle real-time analysis.
    • Correlation errors- A common methodology that isutilized to analyze Big data. And that is available to draw correlations by connecting one variable to another.
    • Security and privacy concerns: Big Data analytics will allowyou to detect fraudulent attempts.

    Top Universities in India offers PhD in Organisational Behaviour:

    Name of the College Annual fee
    National institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai. Rs. 1,04,000
    Amrita school of Business, Kochi. Rs. 30,000
    Guruvayurappan Institute of management, Tamil Nadu. Rs. 1,20,000
    Shailesh J. Mehta school of management, Mumbai. Rs. 80, 200
    BML Munjal University, Haryana. Rs. 56, 500
    Bharathiyar University Rs. 6,600
    Technology transformation
    Ethical Behaviour
    Managing diversity
    Changing demographics of the workplace
    Changed Employee expectations
    bar-chart for Average annual salary vs Job profile
    Job position Average annual salary
    Business analyst INR 7,57, 500
    Business development manager INR 7,20, 000
    Professor INR 10,00,000
    Business consultant INR 9,80,052
    Associate manager INR 9,58, 823