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How to Choose Your PhD Research Topic?

How to Choose Your PhD Research Topic?

30-09-2021 How to choose your PhD research topic

Your research problem must bring out new information about your research topic. Your research topic must address the actual problem in your field of interest.

Develop a Research Topic that will Hold your Interest

  • Find a theoretical basis to support your research topic
  • Only ask answerable questions
  • Ensure flexibility in your research topic

These points should be considered while choosing your PhD dissertation topic.

Just think of WHY, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and WHO Questions.

  • WHY did you choose the research topic?
  • WHAT interests you about it?
  • WHEN is/was your research topic important?
  • WHERE is your topic important? At the national or international level?
  • WHO are the information providers on this topic?


Select a topic that grabs your deep interest

  • Your research topic will take more than months or may be years to complete. So, it is highly important to select a research topic where you are highly interested in.

Choose Something Different

  • Its is important to choose a research topic that is unique. Why don't you look over the previous research subject in a different angle? Yes! Just conclude it in a different way.

Don't be too Vague

  • Your overall work must give out the complete structure of your research work. Be clear about your reserach topic in each and every word you put in your thesis.

Don't be too Narrow

  • Select a topic and explain it briefly as you can. make sure that you have not chosen the research question that can be answered with simple "Yes" or "No" answers.

Just Research!

  • Researching your topic will make sure that you have selected the correct topic for your research.
  • Doing deep research on your research topic will provide some research ideas to keep you more adhere to your chosen subject

Be Objective

  • Make sure that the chosen research topic will not bore you throughout your research period.
  • Just step back on your research topic, and just think from an outsider's perspective


Selecting a wrong research topic will give you a false beginning. So, you need to be very careful while selecting your research topic. You need to have proficient knowledge on the selected research topic. So, to get more research ideas on selection of research topics, HIGS will help you in providing well suitable research topics that matches with your domain. We provide,

  • Domain adherence topics
  • Most contemporary research topics
  • Research topic selection ideas
  • Innovative and contemporary research topics

We have the Ability of..

  • Grabbing a deep interest of researchers towards their selected research topic
  • Making the project stand unique
  • Conducting original research on your research topic
  • Covering your research topic within the specified time
  • Providing sufficient resources needed for the research