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Error: Method not allowed
  • Your manuscript may not fall within the aim & scope of the journal
  • Irrelevant journal selection
  • Incomprehensible research content
  • A manuscript may fail to meet the standards of your journal
  • Violation of research ethics
  • Incorrect research methodology
  • Incorrect content structure
  • Fail to label your tables and figures of the content
  • Imperfect and poor language tone
  • Weak hypothesis
  • Too basic and simple research
  • The paper and subject of the research may be out of the journal’s scope
  • Poor methodology and small sample size
  • Conflict of research interest not declared
  • The targeted research paper may have similar research papers published already.
  • Assumed or confirmed plagiarism
  • Incomplete data and irrelevant research methodology
  • Unexpanded abbreviations
  • Vague research topic and going off-topic
  • Misformatting the research paper
  • Using very complex language
  • Poor editing
  • Ineffective keywords
  • Untranslated contents for non-English papers
  • Poor abstract
  • Not following the Journal guidelines
  • Formation of a weak research question
  • Lack of deep research
  • Lack of having poor research outline
  • Improper referencing and citation
  • Lack of doing plagiarism
  • Unnecessary research background
  • Inaccurate words or phrases
  • Grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Inaccurate sources and missing important references
  • Poor sentence flow and improper paragraphs of the content
  • Figures and charts are too small.
  • Poor reporting and findings
  • Oversimplification of the content
  • Your title may fail to describe the main result of the research paper
  • And also your title may contain too many details of the paper
  • Too long and unspecific title of the research paper
  • Your research paper title may contain question marks, Hyphens, colons, and brackets.
  • Using jargon, acronyms throughout the research paper.
  • The title doesn’t meet the journal guidelines
  • Citation of sources incorrectly
  • Fail to utilize figures and tables
  • Lack of Novelty, originality, and presentation of a research study
  • Insignificant and unrelated subject matter
  • Flaws and mistakes in research methodology
  • The inappropriateness of the journal
  • Inadequate and obsolete literature survey
  • Poor conceptualization of the approach to answering the research question
  • Unsuitable statistical analysis
  • Irrelevant and bore research topic