What Is Human Resource Management

What Is Human Resource Management


Human Resource Management and functions of human resource management is actually the practice of recruiting, selecting the employees, providing reference and orientation programs, providing training and developmental classes for employees, evaluating the performance of the employees, keeping proper relationships with employees and with employee unions, assuring about employees safety, welfare in the observance with the labor laws of the Human Resource Management. Human resource management involves management functions such as planning, organizing, directing and controlling and these are all the main objectives of human resource management.

And the importance of human resource management includes, it involves procurement, development, maintenance of human resource. It helps to achieve individual, organizational and social objectives. Human Resource Management is a multidisciplinary subject. It includes the study of management, psychology, communication, economics and sociology. It involves team spirit and team work. It is a continuous process.

Importance of Human resource management

Every great production needs hard work and dedication. Thus, behind every production of every product or service there is a clever human mind, hard work, effort and dedication. No product or service can be produced without any help from the human being.

Man power utilization

Man power is the basic resource for making the formulation and initiation of anything. Every company is always desire is to have skilled and competent people to make their organization competent and best among other competitive companies.

Principles of human resource management

Human resource management is seems to be most essential in today’s world. The main motive of Human resource management is the foundations of every sector must be well organized by man power. For every administration, some necessary aim principles must be followed by the human resources department.

Basic Principles

For instance, the selection of human resource manager must be merit-based, there should be no unfairness or favoritism and every employee should be treated fairly and in a reliable manner. There are so many principles are behind in every business organization to be succeeded. The basic principles of Human Resource management are given, they are as follows. i.e., Human resource manager must be deal with the company employees individually. It makes people feel sensible and related and treat all employees with justice. Human resource management is not individual and it educates all the employees with the appropriate information.

Main goal of Human resource management

Do not underestimate the intelligence of an employee. It will treat all the people with the respect and dignity and offers opportunities for growth of an organization.

Functional goals of HR

There are many core performances being performed by a HR. He/she must perform wide range of services for the development of the company.


HR must perform staffing and it includes the activities of hiring new full-time or part-time employees, hiring contractors, and terminating employee contracts. Staffing activities includes Identifying and satisfying talent needs. Using different employment approaches to attain a high volume of applicant and stopping the employee or any association contracts when needed.


While applying new employees to the company and offering resources for continuous growth of an organization, and HR is an in-charge for maintaining a developmental approach to existing human resources.

Development activities include:

Main developmental duty is to offer guidance and preparing new employees for their respective roles. Have to provide training programs and opportunities to keep employees up-to-date in their relevant fields. Preparing management daily schedule and offers relevant feedbacks for employees and managers. And the main duty is to keep all the ethical hiring practices and aligning them with the regulatory environment


Human resource management controls employee salary and benefits. This salary management is also within the control of human resource officer. This includes identifying suitable compensation based on position, presentation, and legal necessities.

Compensation activities include:

Providing reimbursement levels to match the market strategy, with the help of the specific developmental ideas such as industry standards for a given job purpose.


Discussion must be carried out for the compensation increases and/or decreases with employees in the company. There must be an assurance about the observance with legal and cultural prospect.

Safety and Health

Offering best working practices in multiple industries and it comprises careful consideration of security and health concerns for all the company employees. Safety and health activities include: Accomplishments of novel safety procedures when laws change in a given industry. Should offer the safety and observance on the basis of requirements from the employee unions

Employee and Labor relationships

Protecting and concerning about employee rights, coordinating with the employee unions, and mediating disagreements between the companies. Employee and labor relations activities include:

  • Dealing with the disagreements between employees and employers
  • Considering claims of annoyance and other workplace abuses
  • Talking about employee rights with unions, administration, and stakeholders
  • Performing as the voice of the company and also as the voice of the employees during any broader company issues pertaining to employee welfare.

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