Easy way to get PhD in India!

Easy way to get PhD in India!

06-03-2020 how-to-do-phd-in-india

Here you will get about how to do PhD in India, easy way to get PhD in India, how to do PhD in India after MBA, how to do PhD in India after M.Tech and much more. PhD is actually the stepping stone for a high-flying career. Education in India is an awesome decision, and for the past several years, India has developed multiple talented personalities for the growth of the nation. Thus, the selection of Indian universities for PhD researches is the ultimate destination. Here you will get the details about easy way to get PhD in India, PhD course fees in India, PhD colleges in India and much more.

In India, PhD program is offered by means of ‘2’ methods, they are part-time and full time. For Indian candidates, whoever applying for PhD should submit the admission form in addition with the required documents. The documents needed for the PhD admission is as follows.

  • Transfer certificate
  • Degree certificate from the last qualified examination
  • Document proof for date of birth
  • Research proposal ( if university ask for it)
  • No objection certificate from the company ( if the applicant is an employee)
  • Mark sheet from the University for the finally appeared Examination.

What are the major principles for the PhD admission process?

Candidate must complete the PG degree under the same discipline and should score high marks with the required CGPA. The research topic should be contemporary and there should not be any work done or is being done related to the topic chosen by the candidate.

And the complete selection for admission is based on the academic proof and also candidates must attend specific entrance exams to get admission for PhD in the reputed Universities of India. Students who have passed the national eligibility entrance exams such as GATE, NET, SET, and JRF examinations are given with the first preference for the PhD admission. The entrance exam is based on 2 papers, each paper occupies 100 marks. The entrance exams are conducted by the relevant Universities. After the entrance examination, the aspirants who have scored well in those examinations will be allowed to attend the local level interviews by the department.

The students, who have passed in entrance exams, as well as local level interviews, will be selected for the next level i.e. medical tests; especially foreign students will be advised to take the medical test as per the norms of the university. And those who have scored in those examinations will be finalized for the PhD course under the desired university.

And finally, the admitted students are allowed to do their course work under the university and the time period of that course work is called as pre-PhD preparation. The simple method to get the PhD admission in India is to approach PhD consultant. For quarries and doubts regards to the admission processes please contact 91 8681018401.

Entrance exams

In India, there are huge options available for to complete the research work. But in India, there are some criteria to complete the PhD degree and the mandatory thing is to complete and score in the entrance exams conducted by the reputed universities. Hereby we have given several entrance exam names for your referral.

  • DBT - JRF biotech entrance test
  • NIPER - National Institute of pharmaceutical education and research
  • NRBC- National brain research
  • TIFR - Entrance test for TIFR deemed University

In India, the entrance exams will be differing based on the University. As per the norms of the University, the date and time for the entrance exams will be notified to the candidate via web or newspaper.

Looking for a part-time PhD courses in India?

PhD is actually known as submission of self-researched thesis or dissertation submitted to the respected universities. Many of the students who after the completion of the Post graduated degree is moving towards jobs but some of the very few students desire to do their regular jobs while simultaneously studying PhD.

For those candidates, the Indian education system is offering part-time PhD programs. But the duration of this part-time study may take a little longer while comparing with the time duration taken for the full-time course. In India, many institutes offering part-time courses with affordable prices and flexible time schedules.

Looking for full-time courses in India?

Almost all the Universities in India which offers PhD programs provide full-time courses for all the students. And there is dissimilarity between the part-time course and full-time course is time duration. The duration of the course will be low while comparing with the time needed for the part-time courses. The actual duration for the PhD full-time program is about 3 years. Thus, choosing India for your doctoral program is an ultimate destination.

For any other enquiries concerning about your application process or admission process we are here to aid you with the same and please contact 91 8681018401.