Biomolecular science

Biomolecular science and engineering

28-03-2020 biomolecular science

Bio molecular engineering is defined as an important application of the engineering principles and practices in order to get the useful management of a molecule from the biological background.

In today’s world, bio molecular engineers put together the complete knowledge of science and researches with the collaboration of the core knowledge of chemical engineering to focus on molecular level solutions and problems in the field of life science such as in environmental science, agriculture, food science, chemical industry, in the field of biotechnology and medicine.

Bio molecular engineers

Bio molecular engineers persistently utilize carbohydrates, proteins, nucleic acid, and lipids to know about the structural framework. And also it is utilized to know the relationship between the nucleic acid structure, carbohydrate chemistry, and also the protein structure.

biomolecular compounds

This bio molecular technology actually utilized to know about the protein function and their properties in the process of environmental remediation, crop and livestock production, bio-fuel and bio-molecular methodologies. In the field of thermodynamics, kinetic technology, and enzyme technology production and involves in the form of antibodies production, Hybridization technology, bio-conjugation methods, and bio-separation methodology are clearly investigated in the field of molecular technology.

Bio molecular science in today’s world

Bio molecular engineering occupies a molecular-level method to offer novel methodologies and solutions in the field of life sciences. For instance, chemical engineers are forming lab-on-a-chip devices in order to carry out genetic analysis and bio molecule synthesis.

organic and biomolecular chemistry

Currently, bio-molecular technology is highly improving drug delivery and medical imaging by investigating the molecules movement and share out throughout the body. And this bio molecular technology and its research are used for studying how proteins interact with DNA and how ligand molecules are interacting with cellular receptors.

Applications of bio molecular engineering

Bio molecules and bio molecular engineering is playing an important role in all our life processes and occupy a crucial role in our day-today life. Bio molecular engineering and recent researches including disease development, and they are therapeutically involves in the accurate detection of bio molecules in the disease diagnosis and therapy.

The graphene-based materials are used to build a variety of biosensors based on various sensing mechanisms and it includes optical and electrochemical signaling. Due to the high sensitivity, low cost, quick response, and easy operation, the electrochemical methodology is known to be an important technique for bio molecule detection. The excellent electrochemical property of graphene makes it a hopeful electrode material to get better the detection of bio molecules.

Types of bio molecules

There are four major type of bio molecules involves in the bio molecular researches and in bio molecular engineering. The main types of bio molecules are named as carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acid.


Mostly, lipids such as plant lipids are highly used in the industrial production of aromatic and hydro-carbon compounds. Plant oil and lipids are used in the industrial applications of coating process, printing inks, lubricants, cosmetics, leather manufacturing.


Proteins are highly used in food industry such as in the production of animal feed, protein oil, pulp and paper production, leather manufacturing, powder manufacturing and more. Protein playing an role as the crucial bio molecule in the bio molecular industry for the production of many day-today life products.

Nucleic acids

Nucleic acids are the bio polymers and most importantly peptic nucleic acid similar to the DNA and RNA. The functional features of nucleic acids are involves in the field of biotechnology. It is highly used in the field of biotechnology for the production of medically used products. This nucleic acids are also plays a crucial role in the bio molecular engineering for the production of medical products.

Relatively these bio molecules and the process of production are highly related with many process such as molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics.

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