What is climate change?

What is climate change?

30-09-2020 what is climate change causes

Climate change is actually known as gradual changes in global climatic conditions. Here we define about the factors affecting climate change and latest climate change news. It is defined as rise in the average surface temperature on earth. Many of the scientific researches states that the climate change happens because of the harmful activities by human beings such as using fossil fuels, plastics and more harmful products which has the tendency of grabbing the heat of atmosphere. Automatically, global warming increases the sea level by melting the glaciers.

What are the effects of climate change?

Sea level increase

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Even a small changes or rise in the earth’s temperature may cause severe effects. Earth’s average temperature has moved up to 1.4° F over the past century and is predictable to be raised as much as 11.5° F over the next century. Here, the serious damage is raising sea level because of the melting of the polar ice caps and this may results in the serious storm damage, flooding, threatens habitats, homes, and lives.

Causing wildfire

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Climate change is one of the key factors for the cause of wildfire. Wildfire is actually depends on number of factors such as soil moisture, availability of trees, shrubs, and other causatives. Actually, in this case, climate change causes the forest fuels to be dried completely and it results in the serious wildfire.

Causes of climate change

The causes of climate change will be categorized into 2 types and they are as follows they are, Natural causes & Human causes There are several kinds of natural factors are playing a vital role in climate change. Here, we have listed some of the main factors and they are Continental drift, Volcanoes, Ocean currents, Earth’s tilt.

What is Continental drift?

The continents were formulated when there was a drifting of landmark began millions of years back. This drift altered the position of water resources of the landmark and the change the ocean flow and wind. Thus it is playing a crucial role in climate change.

Causes from volcanoes

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Normally, if a volcano erupts it is used to release a gas name as sulphur dioxide, and also it releases water vapor, dust, and ash into the atmosphere. But the impact of volcano blow up may last for a few days or a week. But the large volume of gases and other particle have a potential to affect the climatic change very badly for several years by blocking the incoming rays from the sun. The earth is twisted at an angle of 23.5° to the perpendicular plane of its respective orbital path. Alterations in the earth’s tilt influence the severity of the season. More tilt on earth creates warmer summers and colder winters, whereas, lesser tilt causes cooler summers and milder winters.

Human causes

Greenhouse effect

The earth absorbs energy from the sun and that warm up the surface of the earth. When this energy exceeds by the atmosphere, a certain percentage, nearly about 30% gets scattered. Some part of this energy is come back into the atmosphere from the land and ocean surface.

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Some kind of gases in the atmosphere form a sort of blanket around the globe and take up some kind of energy. The following gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide, along with water vapor, entails less than one percent of the atmosphere. They are known as 'greenhouse gases'. It is defined clearly that the ‘gas blanket’ intakes some of the energy released by the earth and maintains temperature levels constantly. Therefore it is known ‘greenhouse effect’.

How these climate changes affect us?

Climate change is actually a major threat to mankind, and the average temperature of the earth is increased by means of 0.3-0.6 0C. Such increase in the earth’s temperature may be diminished but at the same time it can be leads to the serious disasters such as agricultural impact, sea level increase, weather changes, health issues, and more. The increasing population on earth has improved the increased demand for food and other needs. This results in the need of more natural resources and agricultural needs.

Agricultural impact

Climate change will affect agricultural yield and productivity directly due to the changes in temperature and rainfall, and ultimately by means of the alterations in the quality of the soil, pests, and also diseases.


A warmer climate will alter rainfall pattern, directed to increase the droughts and floods, melting of glaciers and polar ice sheets, that results in increased the sea- level.

caused by climate change

An increase in the number of tropical storms and hurricane over the last few years has been recognized to changes in temperature.

Sea level rise

The main outcome of climate change is sea level increase. The melting of glaciers and polar ice cubes.

sea level rise effects

These could adversely have an effect on coastal agriculture, drinking water wealth, fisheries, human settlements, and health.


climate change health effects

Global warming will directly cause severe human health issues by increasing cases of heat-related mortality, malnutrition, dehydration, and also increasing the infectious diseases. There are great chances of spreading of dreadful diseases such as malaria, dengue, cholera, and more. There will be chance of water scarcity and much more long term effects.

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