University of Bristol

University of Bristol announces £ 16.8m investment in 400 new PhD scholarships

Sat, Jan 29 2022 university-of-bristol

The new £4.2m annual investment- totaling £16.8 over the next four years- opens up Bristol’s world-leading research to a global audience and helps to shape the next generation of PG researchers.

The University of Bristol PG research scholarships will be available across the University’s 6 faculties and 25 schools, and creating breadth of new and diverse research.

Professor Robert Brickers, associate pro-vice chancellor for PG research said, the story of research at the University across its history to date has very much been shaped by its PG researchers.

They also added, “We face many challenges globally while looking forward for the post-pandemic world, and these new researchers trained here will be at the forefront in tacking these.”