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Hi there, welcome to our site, we are your complete phd guidance spot, where you can expect a high quality work. Your work will be secured since we neither have tie-up with any university nor outsource your work. We don’t share your details with other clients. The person next to you might also be our client, but you may not know… we are that confidential. And our employees are full-time workers.



HIGS software solution is one of the reputed and leading PhD assistance and guidance company in India. We people at HIGS will provide you world-class PhD guidance in various parts across the country such as PhD assistance in Nagercoil, PhD assistance in Coimbatore, PhD guidance in Chennai, PhD assistance in Hyderabad, PhD guidance in Mumbai, PhD assistance in Delhi, PhD guidance in Kerala and more. We hold up your hands from the time of getting PhD admissions in well reputed Universities across India and also we will aid you in an effective PhD topic selection. Our efficient team will give you clear thesis writing guidance and services, journal publication services, viva process and guideship and more. We are dedicated to give our best in each project and we strive to achieve 100% client gratification and quality of work and the best world class research guidance. As we offer the best PhD guidance across India, we are highly offered by the world reputed Universities and eminent scientists. We will be with you until you bestowed with your prestigious degree of doctorate.

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About Us

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The best PhD guidance

HIGS software solution is an organization with a worldwide impression in the field of PhD assistance and guidance and thesis writing and guidance services. For years, we have persistently served more than thousands of PhD scholars around the globe. We offer end-to-end services from topic selection, thesis writing, paper publication in international/local journals, viva process, guideship and more.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to inspire and offer our clients with cost-effective, unique and high valued research manuscripts and journals. Furthermore, to provide the work with integrity, confidentiality, high quality, and plagiarism free content, and on-time delivery.

  • Our Vision

    Our vision is to become the world’s most customer-oriented organization and to be the first choice for the PhD scholars in the research and development industry.

Our PhD assistance

phd admission

PhD admission

You can do your PhD research work in any universities based on your wish. But each university has a different registration process, which might confuse you and will be difficult for you to register. Thus we offer our the best PhD guidance in India, we help you in registering in world class universities, such as IIT, Anna University, Amity University, and etc.
base paper & topic selection

Base Paper Selection

Selecting the base paper correctly will assure you a blooming research work. But there is a big chance that it may be difficult for you to select a base paper with an excellent concept which is relevant to your domain. But not to worry, our PhD guidance team will aid you in the process of selecting and finalizing the base paper according to your domain area correctly.
research paper identification

Research Problem Identification

A problem should be identified clearly in order to propose a research paper. Our PhD assistance team will assist you in identifying the problem easily, since, they have expert knowledge and experience in that particular domain. They will think outside the box in order to find an appropriate solution to that identified problem and can give justification for its contributions as well.
phd assistance in problem identification

PhD assistance in problem Implementation

In research, it is hard to make an innovative breakthrough without implementing your work practically in software tools. But, there is a possibility of confronting more problems in the process of implementation. Thus, we HIGS software solution, the best Ph.D. guidance in India, we are here to help you get through the research work effortlessly.

research paper writing services

Research Paper Writing and guidance

Doing hours and hour of research will never be enough. Actually, the difficult task begins only after finishing the PhD research part, i.e., writing the research paper yourself. Managing your time as well as the confidence to write a research paper becomes a bitter pill. So are there any other options? Yes, that’s where HIGS, the best PhD assistance and thesis writing service and guidance in India, comes into play. By keeping in mind all the guidelines, we will help you to make your PhD research paper work up to the mark.
journal paper publication

Journal Paper Publications

Our foremost focal point is to give a great guidance in high-quality Paper publication. In HIGS, the best PhD guidance in India, we offer journal publication services and to help you with the publication in the best international journals in your respective fields. We provide our journal publication assistance in many popular international publications such as Elsevier, IEEE, Springer, SCI journals and conferences.

thesis writing service

Thesis & synopsis writing guidance and services

Thesis and synopsis writing is a tedious process, thus, you will require Thesis writing service/Synopsis writing guidance from experts to guide you through it. We people at HIGS simplify the process and provide secure and confidential thesis writing guidance for the PhD research scholars to finish their thesis successfully, and there won’t be any setbacks.

phd assistance plagiarism checking

Plagiarism checking service

Before publishing or submitting research your paper or thesis, it is essential to check plagiarism several times in order to avoid any embarrassment. It is a norm to submit a plagiarism free content. Thus, our language polishers in HIGS will give the great guidance through the plagiarism checking and will check the percentage of plagiarism available in the document using standard licensed software like urkund, turnitin etc., and based upon the university norms, we will provide the plagiarism free contents for your thesis as well as journal paper publications..
phd viva voce

Viva process

After thesis writing process, you will have one more hurdle to cross, i.e., viva, where you are required to defend your work. For which we will give great assistance in preparing a power-point presentation by highlighting all the important characteristics of your research work.
phd guideship

Guide-ship Help

After completing your PhD, the next big step is to take a PhD guide ship, which requires you to fulfill numerous criteria provided by the universities. Each university has its own guidelines. We will help you to fulfill all those criteria and get Guide-ship in Top Universities in INDIA.

Service Guarantees

What does HIGS mean 100% satisfaction guarantees?

Our each and every project will give you the 100% satisfaction and you are guaranteed about the following features such as paper originality, on-time delivery, security and confidentiality, paper novelty, and 24/7 assistance.

  • 100% originality

    Our team of Indian writers will work on your paper and each one of our writers is degree personals and highly experienced and trained personals. Eventually, our advisory board will assess your paper for originality and paper novelty.

  • Security and confidentiality

    We won’t share your unique information and data with third-parties and we implement highly secured practices in order to maintain your data safe.

  • 24/7 service guidance

    Our clients can contact us anytime. Our team will work around the clock to give you support via phone calls, or online. Our experts will be available in whatsapp, facebook all the time to clarify your queries.

  • Satisfaction assurance

    If you are not satisfied and then we won’t be satisfied, thus we offer the best work for our clients. If you are not satisfied we arrange a reassignment of your work until you get 100% satisfaction on it.

    Free inclusions
  • Re-assignment process
  • Professional writers
  • On-time delivery
  • 24/7 support
  • Work novelty
  • World-standardized work
  • Advisory board review
  • Fast and easy publication support
  • Accurate PhD guidance
  • Highly secured

How We Work

We are not busy, we are just productive!! Passionate! And accurate!!

Our highly skilled Indian writers and our professional experts will handle thousands of works. Here, we have given the work flow of HIGS and how we make sure that your works are customized and unique.

Send requirements

Send us your requirements

Share your needs and ideas with us.

Connecting to experts

We analyze your details and we look for a correct guide

We connect you to the experts of your domain


Once we allotted the correct mentor for you and it will be followed by a technical discussion.

Our experts will be with you to hear your requirements and will work on it.

Draft preparation

Based on the discussion, we prepare a draft for your work.

Draft preparation will be based on your requirements.

Draft submission

We provide timely demo by remote method (through team viewer or Any desk)

Our local area clients can directly visit our place and get it verified.

Client’s satisfaction

Once your work got verified, our team will proceed with it for further process.

If our clients are not satisfied with our work, we hold on in step 5 and develop it based on your requirement until you get satisfied.

Way of execution

We combine your individual dreams with our teamwork to give an assured success

We, people, are here to contribute our dedication and innovations for your research program. We thrive on the basis of trust, hard work, novelty, and foundation of good working flow.

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What Our People Says

  • Ganesan

    High quality IEEE paper writing

    I am a PhD candidate with computer science background from chennai; I contacted this site to complete IEEE paper writing and assignment writing in data mining. However their professional research paper writers fulfilled my requirement and i received the paper within specified deadline. I appreciate the excellent PhD assistance received from the technical paper writing team. Go ahead ! with the excellent paper writing with the deserved technical writers.

  • surendra verma(Hyderabad)

    Excellent Coding Team

    I did my PhD research on computer networking in India with the help of HIGS software solution. As a research candidate, I will be thankful to the software development team for their coding work on java platform. Now I’m referring 4 more candidates for the same for the great coding work delivered to me.

  • Yughandar reddy

    Full-Fledged Support for Thesis

    I tried to complete my thesis writing in networking domain, but unfortunately it was delayed due to some guidance issue, so recently I contacted HIGS software solutions and from there I received full-fledged PhD guidance and support as well as thesis papers on time, thanks for that.

  • Ranjeet Yadhav(Bangalore, karnataka)

    Spontaneous Publication

    For the past 2 years I tried to publish my paper on Annexure 1, but it was postponed due to publication issue and recently I came to know about PhD research guidance and paper publication offering by HIGS consultancy service and I contacted them, as a result within 6 months my paper got published with the help of list of journals they have referred. Now I’m happy, I do refer my friends as well for the same.

  • Jayeshnirmal

    Help with Phd

    I came across this website while searching for research paper writing software and plagiarism corrector. After enquiring with them, I gave my phd paper work to them. I had no idea about phd but they provided some samples, ppt and helped me throughout the course of phd even with phd viva voce presentation and seminar paper presentation. They are the best project centre with professional writers.

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