Research topics in Economics

Economics and the research topics in economics are the wide-area that offers such a vibrant environment for all the researchers to look into it. Deep economic research is much needed for undertaking high-risk economic policies. The purpose of this research is mainly focused on the general key ideas of economics to cater to all the future expectations of the research. Research in economics is one of the greatest and most interesting fields in the research arena. Here we have given some of the latest research topics in economics. They are,

Climate change and poverty reduction

Outward forward direct investments

Growth and inequality

Food safety issues and trade

Food processing industry

Labor migration and job matching

Status of health care systems

Low carbon infrastructure

Nature and trends of urban inequality

Health expenditure and vulnerability to poverty

Analysis of media and entertainment sector for the possibility of foreign investments

Informal role of intermediaries in emigration

Energy access issues in India

And more

Here, at this point, our team HIGS will guide you about the excellent and most interesting PhD research topics in economics. You need to focus on the researcher’s point of view whether they have a great interest in economics research or not. In this economics research, there are so many interesting terms to be focused on. So, appropriate guidance for your research is much required. HIGS will be with you at this point to proffer excellent PhD guidance for your research in economics.

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As we teamed up with excellent research experts and domain experts, we can fulfill your entire research dream with a high level of satisfaction. We never make any mistakes, we never think out of your research topic. We provide more than 100 research topics in economics, so you can just pick up the most desired research topic for your research.

  • If you are not sure where to start or don't know what kind of research style is suitable for your research, So HIGS will show you multiple research styles to process the PhD program. Our researcher team will be showing you multiple roadmaps for you to choose an appropriate research project. So you can gain benefits from this resource given by the domain experts available in HIGS.
  • If you have more ideas about your research, you need to seek advice from experts who are highly experienced in this specific research area. You don't want to do more research in the part of selecting your project title. Just hire some professionals and do research.
  • For most of the researchers, choosing the best economics research topics is the main challenge for most researchers pursuing economics studies in the doctoral program. Economics mainly requires the study of how humans use limited resources in the making of valuables. PhD scholars pursuing economics programs have to observe how valuables are dispersed amongst society after the process of production. This practical research enables the researcher to know real-life economies, and also, daily expenses. For the research, while choosing the PhD research topics in economy, researchers should demonstrate their understanding of these problems and how they influence the economy.

  • A researcher must understand the topic and understand whether the research topic is within your research study field and writing capability.
  • Choose a PhD research topic that you find fascinating and suitable for your way of research and domain.
  • Assess the scope of the research topic to make sure that you can get the essential data to write a complete research paper or thesis.
  • Think about the instructions offered by the mentor or professor in the process of PhD topic selection. And think about some general questions to analyze.
  • What do you know about the policy of the economy?
  • Explain the ‘3’ opportunity costs
  • In what way banks set the exchange rate?
  • How profit maximization could be attained?
  • Give details about the main ethical rules of an economy
  • How to carry out a cost-benefit study on your preferred topic
  • Provide some details about why numerous resources are rare
  • Talk about the cons and pros of privatization
  • How do the economies of both sides of a conflict impacted by war?
  • What does economic forecasting involve?
research topics in economics

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Health Economics Research Topics

The health of citizens impacts the country’s economy. Health research topics for economics direct you to the making of papers and essays that are relatively appealing to read. Here are some sample research topics of this type.

Topics under Behavioral Economics

You might have selected the topic from various research fields in Economics. But here at HIGS we will suggest to you the various research topics that exist under behavioral economics. And, some research topics in this category of behavioral economics are somewhat exciting to write about. Here we have given many topics related to behavioral economics research topics that the research scholars in various research categories can do the research under this category.

Microeconomics Topics

Microeconomics signifies as the study revolves across the trade among people. And it covers the basics of demand and supply. This is the type where some learners could recognize easy PhD research topics in economics. Here are some examples of research topics in this category.

Research topics in Cool Environmental Economics

The environment possesses more impacts on an economy more than many people believe. Here are several research topics in economics to explore in this criterion. Research scholars at various research levels have a lot of PhD research topics in economics to choose from. But, the PhD research topic in economics that a learner selects must be appropriate for them centered on their interests and academic goals. They also need wide knowledge and familiarity with diverse economic ideas to come up with a complete document. So, they are perfect for research scholars that are pursuing advanced research programs. Yet, every research topic highlighted here needs deep economics research to arise with a good research paper and research thesis.

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