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The reason behind your thesis rejection! Just know why 90% of your thesis is getting rejected?

reason for thesis rejection
  • Fail to develop an accurate research question
  • Fail to answer a research question
  • Fail to define the terms and scope of the topic
  • You may fail to provide an appropriate review of the literature related to the topic
  • Your thesis may fail to outline the present situation
  • Your proposed research may fail to include the importance of your research
  • Your discussion that only repeats the results of the research and fails to interpret them
  • Insufficient literature review
  • Fails to place the study in a broad context
  • Wordiness and over usage of jargon throughout the thesis.
  • Fail to write your thesis reader-friendly
  • Not doing sufficient research
  • References are given inadequately
  • Bad English or Bad language throughout the thesis.
  • Over-complicating your research
  • Using long and bland sentences in your thesis
  • Writing your thesis without a proper outline
  • Using passive voice in the thesis
  • Lack of structure and transitional phrases
  • Lack of structure and transitional phrases
  • Incorrect title and page formatting
  • Incorrect fonts and size
  • Being disorganized throughout the thesis
  • Providing too much and too low information
  • High plagiarism percentage and lack of originality
  • Choosing the wrong and irrelevant research topic
  • Incorrect placement of references and bibliography.
  • Incorrect margins
  • Fail to exhibit relevant data to support your statements
  • Inability to cite proper source
  • Fail to explain proper images and diagrams
  • Not summarizing your entire project
  • Using grammar, spelling, and pronoun mistakes.
  • Not having a good bibliography
  • Indicating the sources incorrectly
  • Presenting incoherent and unrelated arguments
  • The question behind the research is irrelevant
  • If the thesis is out of guidelines
  • Unclear conclusion
  • Graphs that are too small, blurred, or inadequately labeled.

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