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Get the best PhD assistance and Guidance. HIGS software solutions offers an entire research assistance. We offer PhD dissertation, literature review writing, proposal writing, research paper writing, manuscript editing, paper publication, viva help, and more. HIGS is a complete package for your PhD assistance & support that provides affordable and high-quality guidance in all research topics and domains.

Hire any one writer or research expert among 100+ well-examined and rigorously trained research experts of HIGS. Let HIGS compose your perfect and 100% fully customized research work across all the domains. HIGS has more than 100s experts who holda hand on experience of several years! From the basic step of research that is getting admissions, and topic selection to the thesis writing, paper publication, viva voce, and guideship will be professionally covered by our team of experts.

Whether you are at the initial stage of research or nearing your viva voce, our dedicated experts are here to support you every step of the way. We provide a comprehensive suite of services, from research guidance and data analysis to writing and editing. Our team of experienced and highly qualified professionals is ready to provide you with the necessary assistance and guidance to ensure a successful outcome. We help to refine the research questions, create a plan of action, and ensure that you stay on track. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your PhD journey is guided by the best minds in the field, ensuring success at every stage. Our team of experts is committed to providing you with the highest quality advice and support, ensuring that you complete your PhD with confidence.

90% of Our Clients are Based in India

At HIGS, we cater to the diverse needs of doctoral candidates, assisting clients all across India. With our extensive network of 250+ domain experts, we provide the best PhD assistance services from every corner of the country.

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Our commitment to excellence extends beyond just delivering high-quality research assistance. We prioritize building long-lasting relationships with our clients based on trust, integrity, and mutual respect. We understand the intricate demands of academic research and are dedicated to providing tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements.

With our vast pool of expertise spanning various disciplines, we offer comprehensive support from the initial stages of topic selection to the final stages of thesis defence. With a focus on personalized guidance, we assist every step of your PhD journey with precision and care. Our team remains committed to delivering tailored solutions that exceed expectations and promote academic excellence.


The prime motive of HIGS is to deliver excellence in all our research works. We offer an excellent customer-friendly research approach and smooth workflow that will make you get a “Grade A” . Our skillful native writers will provide plagiarism-free research paper writing or thesis work, unlimited and free revisions, and affordable services, with the aim of reaching our prime motive.

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    To bring inspiration to every master’s degree student to do PhD. We trigger PhD dream!

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    We commit to attaining more novel research work. Our dedication will provide world-standardized research output.





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Getting top-quality research work is not the easiest task. But you will get the best work from us. You no longer have to worry about your grades. Your work will get Grade ‘A’ always!


High confidentiality

Confidentiality is highly important when it comes to research. We know the value of your research, so we never ever share any details of your research withany third-party person.


Value for money

Get reasonably priced services from HIGS. Get high value from your research mentors. You will get a great opportunity to hire the most professional research experts.


Best price guarantee

If you want to achieve high ranks for your research work, you need to get professional help. Our team will give you affordable price quotes. We also give you more offers & discounts.


Unlimited free revisions

We always offer an easy research solutionwith excellent clarity and formatting. But we offer an endless and free revision process to get client satisfaction.


On-time delivery

Our team will provide on-time delivery of your research work. We never ever miss given timelines. We will work during peak times.

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Our Initial Research help

We help you in getting PhD admission process, guide selection, Topic selection, and help you in other initial stage processes.


Journal publication

Our team will help you in journal paper publication under world-standardized journals like SCI, Scopus, Springer, Elsevier, IEEE, Taylor & Francis, and more.


Journal revision

HIGS will also give you a journal revision process. We keep strict guidelines for your chosen journal to meet 100% journal adherence.


Writing Assistance

Our team will provide writing assistance under research proposal writing, review paper writing, research paper writing, thesis writing, and more.


Rewriting service

Our team undergoes Rewriting services for Researchproposals, research papers, review papers, and thesis.


Viva voce &Guideship

Our team HIGS will also help you in viva voce &guideship process. As a whole, we are here to help you in A to Z research process.


Just have a glance at our few photographs Most exciting working environment ! Busiest buddies ! Friendly environment ! And what’s more? Here we introduce our busiest environment for your look.Our team at HIGS is dedicated, professional, motivated, and inspired in all our research works.

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HIGS, always committed to authenticity and curiosity!

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A to Z Guidance for PhD Scholars

We can enable to write a winning research proposal for any project.

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The past many years will say only about the stories of our success with a demonstrated track record of reviews.

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Manage your PhD Degree in 1 place

University Registration, Topic Selection, Research Proposal, Paper Writing, Thesis Writing, Synopsis Writing, Publication.

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Our team runs with the greatest vision of providing 100% satisfaction and high quality to our clients around the world.

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Just grab your Best services from the hands of experts. 150+ domain experts are here!

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Get more benefits and advantages from us. Get the most professional outputs! End-to-End research assistance

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Are you still worrying about your research work? Just reach us! We’ll surely provide a possible research solution for you.

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  • We collaborate with our team and send you a rough draft of your work.
  • HIGS will work with our team and prepare your main work on the basis of your requirements and feedbacks.
  • Finally, after doing all the quality assessments and revision processes, we will deliver your work on time.
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We work with you to prepare high-quality research work for almost all subject areas such as Engineering, technology, management, arts, science, medicine, life science, Finance, business, healthcare, and more.

Our team also works on highly innovative research topics that will meet 100% domain adherence. We are the leading and trustworthy research assistance company in India providing endless support for your research & development process. We aimed to provide the best research assistance for almost all the subject areas and for all the research topics. Our team of experts will travel along with you and fulfill all your requirements during the period of your research.

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