PhD Stages

Stage: 1

PhD admission and Entrance examination

First, select your University based on domain

  • Apply for the national level exam
  • Sit for the exam
  • Clear the cut-off
  • Enrollment
phd admission
PhD admission and Entrance examination

HIGS will help you in getting admission to highly standardized Universities and we assist you in providing entrance exam details as well.


PhD topic selection

Just select your PhD topic under your favorite domain

  • You must be so interested
  • You must be so motivated
  • It must be Domain based
  • It must be contemporary
phd topic selection
PhD topic selection

HIGS has a wide variety of PhD research topics under almost all disciplines. Our team suggests the best and most contemporary research topic for your research.


PhD research proposal

Your research proposal decides your research journey

  • It must be short and clear
  • It must be error-free
  • Must meet the Domain adherence
  • Concentrate keywords
phd research proposal
PhD research proposal

Our team will help you to write the best research proposal without any errors on it. Our team of well-experienced writers will help you in the same.


Secondary data and primary data

Collect your primary and secondary data

  • Must be reliable
  • Must be suitable
  • Must justify the research query
  • Free from Bias
secondary data
Secondary data and primary data

Our team will undertake primary and secondary data collection in a highly organized method to offer statistically relevant ways.


Write your research paper

Your research paper must be flawless

  • Must meet the journal guidelines
  • 100% domain adherence
  • Free from errors
  • Mention all the key points
write your research paper
Write your research paper

We help you to build your research paper with a high standard level. We present your own interpretation or evaluation in your research paper.


Plagiarism check

Your plagiarism percentage must meet the journal guidelines

  • Must meet Journal guideline
  • Must use standard tools
  • Free from errors
  • Get feedbacks from experts
plagiarism check
Plagiarism check

Our team of research experts will help you in checking plagiarism for your research with the help of highly standardized software tools.


Journal publication

Publish your research paper in a world-famed journal

  • Journal must be suitable
  • Select fast acceptable journals
  • Aim for high-impact journals
  • Journal must match with your domain
journal publication icon
Journal publication

HIGS will help you in this toughest part. Our team will assist you in publishing your research paper in fast accepted journals like Scopus, SCI, IEEE, Springer, Elsevier, and more.


Write your dissertation

Frame the greatest and error-free PhD thesis

  • Error-free writing
  • Free-from grammar error
  • Must have all key words
  • Must justify your research topic
write your dissertation
Write your dissertation

Our team offers an original piece of research work on a clearly defined PhD research topic. Based on our extensive experience as a successful researchers, HIGS shows you the perfect piece of Thesis.


Viva process

Just get the brief explanation of your research work

  • Know about your entire thesis
  • Just frame your own question
  • Understand whole project
  • Plan, prepare and perform your viva
viva process
Viva process

We will explain your in-depth know ledge of your subject area and we will discuss with you the important findings that you have made.